Spider Crafts - Making their Amazing Webs!   

Photo of a great example!!
 Credit: Thanks to "Sandy" for taking this picture in the back yard!
Nightscribe's Comments :)
The simple eloquence of nature is captured in the above picture!
A simple creature made this web you see here.  A lonely spider
needs a place to gather supper,  a sort of "trap" made for holding
in place small hapless insects happening to travel across the web.
This web was hung off someone's clothesline, and anchored to trees
and the ground.  This creation was the result of some marvelous
work!  This kind of home construction project that is inherent in
spider life does not require an architect to design, or a contractor 
to set up, nor is it necessary to get a building permit, property
easement, etc!!  :)  All it took was a set of spinnarets in the spider's
abdomen to distribute the silken thread,  and some special " spit" to
cement the silken web attachments and components at all the right
places in the "home".   To make it all happen as a "choreographed
natural whole", each spider has been equipped - even from birth -
with wonderful "software" programming "code pre-installed" into
the creature's tiny "Silk installing chipset" segment of the arachnoid
CPU" unit to create these web spun masterpiece again and again! 
The results are amazingly consistent!
The web pictured had to go down after the photoshoot, as it
interfered with some human functionality, re the clothesline..
What is neat about the spiders is this:  that if they are allowed to go
about their lives, after their webs are de-constructed with the sweep
of a broom, they proceed to create the same homes again, with some
customized anchorages depending on where the webs are started. 
The pattern of spokes and anchorages repeat their design, depending
on  the type of spider(s) that made the web(s)!! Simply awesome !!!!
                                     Enjoy :)   
Ok anyone...have you an image of real spider webs "against" 
a sunset or sunrise background??  Please provide me an URL to
which I may apply a link!  Thanks :)
Text by "Nightscribe" : An "appreciant" of the wonders of creations
on, in, under, and above our earth! :)      
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Spider Silk and Making Webs!
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