Veterinary Medicine
Care for Pets: American Veterinary Medical Association
Univ Washington: Virtual Veterinary Library: Many Vet Links!!
Vet Centric
Vet-On-Line: International Journal of Veterinary Medicine
Journal Of Veterinary Medical Education
WWW Veterinary Medicine Links (Copy & Paste to URL slot)
Animal Telepathic Communications
How Vets Perform A Reptile Medical Check-Up!
Ken Ladd's Veterinary Medicine Libraries
Feldman's EMT And Veterinary Medicine Links Page
FDA's Center For Veterinary Medicine
Tufts Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Nursing Of Small Mammals
Fluotech Mark III Vaporizer Wanted by Vet-on-Line!
American Academy of Veterinary Informatics
Veterinary Informatics Links: Many!!
Net Vet Resources On Line!
Australian Veterinary Association
NetVet List Of Veterinary Education Resources
Net Vet Electronic Zoo
Equinet Veterinary Medicine Links
Advanced Veterinary Systems Software
The Electronic Zoo
Bird Poop-ology: Reading Defecates Is Part Of Health Assessment!
Canine Surgery Manual for Dog Owners
Cycle Custom Fitness: A Dog Owner's All Purpose Site!
Pet City
Pet Diabetes

Resources Are Available On Wildlife Rehabilitation! 
Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory
A Vet With Web & Professional Credentials: Ken Boschert DVM
Client Remind! Tool For Veterinarians' Offices!
Back to the Wild

An Example of
Veterinary Teamwork!


A First: Major Vet Work For Broken Leg of Lioness

Well, You Don't Need A Vet To Go Virtual With Pets!:
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Can't Find Your Pet? Here's A Great Resource:
Missing Pet Network
911 for pets (Many Other Resources also :)))

On Muffin: A Diabetic Dog Diabetes in Dogs IS Treatable!
Other Links on Pet Diabetes Resources

Calendar Kitties

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A Good Vet in NW Ohio