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Last Updated on September 13, 2000
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:) Smiling, happy faces; don't take me too seriously


Midget smiley

Cheshire cat smile



User is a midget

Smilie without a nose

Normal face


:-) Smiling, happy faces; don't take me too seriously

<smile> or <grin>

Your basic smiley

Ha ha


Willie Shoemaker

"We are all, each of us, alone"



Smiley standard

The normal smiling face

User is an orator

Happy user

Just kidding or happy

I'm a gentleman

User is nosy

:> Smiling, happy faces; don't take me too seriously

Midget smiley

Hmm, let me think...

User is a midget

Devilish Grin

Sharp smile

;) Winking happy faces (something said tongue-in-cheek)

Midget Wink


;-) Winking happy faces (something said tongue-in-cheek)

Wink (or wink and a smile)

Winking smiley

"If you touch my daughter again, they won't be blanks"

A practical joker who played one too many and got beat up

Beaten up

Could be pirate smiling face??

Crying with happiness

Getting fresh

Sardonic incredulity

Smiling face gets his lights punched out

User is making a flirtatious and/or sarcastic remark


;> Winking happy faces (something said tongue-in-cheek)

Midget wink

Saucy wink

B-) Smiling face from a person wearing glasses

Smiling and wearing glasses or sunglasses

Message from Batman

User wears horn-rimmed glasses


"Holy trichinosis!"

"I pray daily for death"

"Let's do the beach, man!"

User is ready for the beach

Cool or sunglasses

Ski glasses

8-) Smiling face with a wide-eyed look

Smile with glasses

Smiling and wearing glasses

Wide-eyed look

User is wearing sunglasses

Smiley swimmer

Smiley with big eyes...perhaps wearing contact lenses

"I was the second gunman"


Bug-eyed smilie

Eight!?! (happy)


8-( Unhappy smiley

Wide-eyed unhappy smiley

Eight!?! (unhappy)


:D Wider happy face (or Minstrel singers)


Big smile

:-D Wider happy face (or Minstrel singers)

Big mouth

User is laughing (at you!)

Big smile

Said with a smile

Talking too much

User is a blabber mouth

Laugh-happy user


:-o "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)

User singing national anthem

Uh oh!

Surprise / shocker

"Oh, the humanity!"

Mr. Bill





More versions of shouting


:-( Sad or disappointed face


Frowning smilie.

Boo hoo


"I will start with those you love most"

Has read too many 'smiley' articles


Sad face, 'that comment makes me sad (mad)'



Sad user

Depressed of frowning

"Have an ordinary day"

:-P Tongue stuck out

Wider happy face (or Minstrel singers)


Nyah nyah

"I have a longer tongue than Gene Simmons"

Has a secret to tell you

Telling secrets

Tongue hanging out in anticipation

User is wanting to lick your neck

Keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)

:-J Tongue in cheek

Tongue-in-cheek comments


:-# Message concerning something that shouldn't have been said


User wears braces


"My lips are sealed"

Mouth zipped

Punched in the mouth

Talking with Braces

Blowing a kiss


:-$ Message indicating person is ill

Put your money where your mouth is

Smiley face with it's mouth wired shut

"These braces sure do hurt!"

Mouth wired shut

Sellout (does NOT rhyme with zealot!)


Jewish user

:-& Message indicating person is angry

User is tongue tied

Smiley which is tongue-tied


User eating spaghetti

:-* Kiss...

Oooops (covering mouth with hand)

User just ate a sour pickle

User just ate something sour

Smiley after eating something bitter

After eating something bitter or sour


Blowing a kiss

:-x Kiss kiss

"My lips are sealed" smiley

"My lips are sealed"

Not telling any secrets

User kissing

Blowing a kiss

:-(=) Message from a person with big teeth.

Message about people with big teeth

Bucktooth smiley

Big teeth

<:-) Dumb questions

For dumb questions

User is Vietnamese peasant

Hero user




|-( Late night messages


Smiley lost his contact lenses

Asleep with nightmares


:^) From a person with a large nose

Messages teasing people about their noses

User has a broken nose

Smiley with pointy nose (righty)

Smiley with a personality

3/4 view of person with elf-type sharp nose

Broken nose


:*) Clowning around

Smile with moustache

I'm drunk

User is drunk

Ed McMahon

Drunk smiling face


Smilie with the nose of a clown


:-{#} From a person with braces

Messages teasing people about their braces

User is sick of messages teasing people about their braces

&:-) From a person with curly hair

Messages from people with curly hair

Curly hair

User is Guinan

Wig II

@:-) From a person with wavy hair

User is wearing a turban

Smiley wearing a turban

Indian (East/Asian)


A turban

#:-) From a person with matted hair

Done by someone with sort of matted hair

"Everything you know is wrong"

For people whose hair is in a mess

User has a crewcut

Smilie with a fur hat

Happy with Hair

O:-) Angel

For those innocent souls

Angel smiley

Acting very innocent (halo)

With halo

C=:-) Chef

User is a chef

Chef smiley

Galloping Gourmet

;-)}<////> Corporate-type guy (see the necktie?)

:-) )-: Masking theatrical comments

:-|K- Formal message

User is formally attired

Evening dress

<:>== A turkey

A turkey emoticon

...---... S.O.S.

OO A guy is mooning you

O:O A girl is mooning you

@*&$!% You know what that means...

2B|^2B Message about Shakespeare

"Forty Seconal should suffice"

(O--< A fishy message...

User suspects something fishy is going on

@}->-- A rose.

@>+-+-- A rose.

@>-->-- A rose.

---<---@ A rose.

@}-,-'-- A rose.

@}-;--`--- A rose.

@>--->---- A rose.

@}--;---`---- A rose.

@}`,---------- A rose.

@}-^---,------ A rose.

@}-->---->---- A rose.

@}--)----)---- A rose.

@)--`---,----- A rose.

@}--<---<----- A rose.

@}--`----,---- A rose.

@}----`----^-- A rose.

@}----->------ A rose.

@(---`--`------ A rose.

@},`----------- A rose.

@}--,--`------- A rose.

@--^--^--^--^------ A rose.

(-_-) Secret smile

User is happy (sideways)

(.)(.) Ms. Dos

User has big boobs

:/) Not funny

:-))) Reeeel happy, big smile

I'm overweight

William Conrad

:-> Alternate happy face

User just made a really biting sarcastic remark.

Hey hey

Sarcastic smiley

Biting sarcastic face

Deformed lips


Yet another smiley


User just made a really devilish remark

Very Glad/Pleased/Very Happy



Smiley walrus

:-c Real unhappy

Bummed out smiley

:-C Unbelieving (jaw dropped)

User is really bummed

Real unhappy smiley

Dracula user

Count Dracula

:-< Forlorn

Real sad smiley

Walrus smiley







;-C Sardonic incredulity

:-} Crooked Smile

Smiley variation on a theme


"Thish wine tashted pretty good"

Fiendish grin


Normal smiling face with pretty lips

Wears lipstick or some other lip appearance improving device

User has had a little too much to drink

Smilie with a curly smile

User happy Matthew

Ironic Smile

User is leering

:-i Semi-Smiley

User is half smiling


:-7 User after a wry statement

User just made a wry statement

Smiley after a wry statement

Smirking smiley

Smokes a pipe

Talking out of side of mouth

Wry face

(@ @) You're kidding!

:-" Pursing lips

Whistling smiley

Heavy smoker

:-v Just another face (speaking) profiled from the side

Talking head smiley



:-V Shout

Shouting smiley

:-O Shout

Uh oh

Talkaktive smiley

Mr. Bill



Ohh, big mouth, Mick Jagger


Shocked user


:-w Speak with forked tongue

:-W Shout with forked tongue

Speak with forked tongue

:-r Bleahhh (sticking tongue out)

Smiley raspberry

Sticking tongue out

:-f Bleahhh (sticking tongue out)

Sticking tongue out

:-p Bleahhh (sticking tongue out)

Smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)

User is talking, talking, talking

:-1 Smirks

Smiley bland face

Bland face

:-, Smirks



Blank with cigarette or cigar

<:-O Eeek!

User just saw a mouse, Eeek!

:-T Keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)

:-y Wider happy face (or Minstrel singers)

Said with a smile

Keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)

Speaking doubtfully

:-| Disgusted

Man playing an harmonica

"Have an ordinary day" smiley

User is having an ordinary day


No expression

No expression face, 'that comment doesn't phase me'

Dead face

Blank look

Smiley monkey

:'-( Shedding a tear

User is crying



:~-( Shedding a tear


Bawling/Really Crying and Upset

:~(~~~ Crying

:-).... Drool

:-)~~~ Another drool

|-) Getting tired

A good dream! Or a face looking into bright sunlight.

Lt. LaForge


Hee hee


Same as :-) but poster is Oriental

Asleep (boredom)

Nip user

Dreaming Pleasently/Sleeping



User is sniggering

:~) Yummee - lick lips

Peter Ubberoth

Needs a nosejob

Pointy nose (righty)

Smiling face needs a nosejob, no explanation necessary

Ugly nose

Ill with a cold

I might sneeze

:-? Licking your lips

User smokes a pipe

Smiley smoking a pipe

Smoking a pipe

Tongue in cheek

User with a fetish for Blue Oyster Cult


Jean Chretien's face

Speaks like a politician

"Mais que voulez-vous?" (I can't help)

:-8 Talking out both sides of your mouth

I just ate a pickle

o= A burning candle for flames

-= A doused candle to end a flame

8 Infinity

.-) User has one eye

User is Sammy Davis, Jr.

:-: User is mutant

Mutant smiley




The invisible smilie

Smiley invisible man

Ghost smiley in invisible state

Here's the boat I lost

:<) For those with hairy lips

User is from an Ivy League School

User is a blabber mouth

:^{ For those with mustaches

8*) Smile with glasses and moustache

Glasses and a moustache

B*) Smile with Moustache and Designer Sunglasses!

:<)= For those with beards too

:-=) Older user with mustache

Older smiley with mustache

Adolph Hitler

:-#| User with bushy mustache

Smiley face with bushy mustache

Bushy mustache

::-) User wears glasses

User wears normal glasses

User has four eyes


8:-) Glasses on forehead

From a little girl

User is a little girl

Little girl smiley


Spectacles on their forehead

B-| User is wearing cheap sunglasses

Cheap sunglasses

Batman (as played by Michael Keaton)

P-) Pirate

Colonel Klink (Hogan's Heroes)

Getting fresh

:-{ Count Dracula

Smiley variation on a theme


User sad Matthew

Alternate sad face

=|:-)= Uncle Sam

Abe Lincoln

7:) Ronald Reagan


:~i Smoking

:~j Smoking and smiling

:/i No smoking

:-I Indifferent smilie.




Poker face

It's something, but I don't know what...

User without a sense of humor


:-B Drooling (or overbite)

User is David Letterman (gap-toothed smile)

Buttmouth user

):-) :-) :-) Loud guffaw

(:-) Msgs dealing with bicycle helmets

Captain Picard

Smiley big-face

"I never sang for my grandfather"


No hair


User is bald

Wearing bicycle helmet

Smilie wearing skull cap


@= Warning about nuclear war

User is pro-nuclear war

"Kafka was a momma's boy"

Flame about nuclear war, power or weapons follows

Pro-nuclear activist

OO Headlights on msg

:_) I used to be a boxer, but it really got my nose out of joint

User's nose is sliding off of his face

After a fight where his nose was smashed in

Viet Nam vet user (with nose broken out of joint by some VC)

Tongue in cheek



#:-o "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)

"Jesus built my hotrod"

Smiley done by someone with matted hair

Mr. Bill

(:-$ Message indicating person is ill


Ill-informed about the Renaissance

(:-& Message indicating person is angry



(:-( Message indicating person is VERY sad

Unsmiley frowning

Very unhappy smiley

The saddest smiley



(:^( Message concerning people with broken noses

Jack Nicholson in Chinatown

Broken nose

(:<) Message concerning blabber mouths


Blabber mouth

?-( Message about people with a black eye

Black eye

*:* Message about fuzzy things


*:** Message about fuzzy things with fuzzy mustaches

Fuzzy with a fuzzy mustache

%-) Message about people with broken glasses

User is cross-eyed

User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours straight

Elephant man

After staring at the terminal for 36 hours

Broken glasses

Drunk with laughter

Long bangs

+<:-| Message from a monk/nun

The Pope

{0-) Message from cyclops

Hair-parted-in-the-middle-scuba-diver user smiling

(:-|K- Formal message

Formally attired

A suit and tie

@%&$%& You know what that means

N.W.A. fan

User is swearing up a storm

||*( Handshake offered (giving)

||*) Handshake accepted (taking)

<&&> Message concerning rubber chickens

>< >< Message about/to someone wearing argyle socks

<{:-)} Message in a bottle

In a bottle

<:-)<<| Message from a space rocket

In a space rocket

(:-... Heart-breaking message


<<<<(:-) Message from a hat sales-man

(:>-< Message from a thief: hands up! (mini whole body)

<I==I) A message on four wheels

User is on four wheels

{ Alfred Hitchcock

A psycho


..|._ Opposite of a rose

&;-P A suave guy on the make, who keeps advertising...just in case.

*;-~i A lady replying to the guy by closing both eyes & puffing

nonchalantly on her cigarette.

>:-) Devil

Nasty user

A little devil

>;-) Devilish Wink

:-)## Guy with a Beard

@:-)## Guruka Singh Khalsa

&:-] Overly Handsome Self-Portrait of the Uploader w/Square Jaw

&8-] Overly Handsome Self-Portrait of the Uploader w/Square Jaw

@@B-) Bouffant Woman with Catseye Frame Glasses

(8-} Percy Dovetonsils

>-) Oriental Smiling Face

An alien

&B-]}<////> Another corporate-type with aviator glasses, wavy hair & tie.

O!O A MALE moon


;|8-) Hagar caught lying

7:^] I resemble Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

*<|:-) I'm Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)

)-:|<* Sanity Clause

[:-) I'm wearing a walkman

Smiley wearing a walkman

Listening to walkman

User has a flattop

Frankenstein user

Garibaldi from Babylon 5 (author says note the flat top)

User is wearing a hard-hat

A personal stereo

Frankenstein's monster

d:-) I'm a Braves fan

Message about baseball

Baseball smiley

Baseball player

Smilie with a cap


A baseball cap

:-\ Popeye smiling face

Undecided smiley

User is VERY sad



;-\ Popeye gets his lights punched out

Popeye beaten up

:-s User after a BIZARRE comment

Smiley after a BIZARRE comment


-:-) User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T

User is a punk rocker

Has mohawk

:%)% User has acne

:n) User with funny-looking right nose

Smiley with funny-looking right nose

:u) User with funny-looking left nose

Smiley with funny-looking left nose

'-) User only has a left eye, which is closed

Winking smiley

One eyed man

(-: User is left-handed


Don Ellis from Tektronix


(-) User needs a haircut

(:I Egghead

User is an egghead

{:-) Smiley with its hair parted in the middle


User wears a toupee

Smiley wears a toupee

New hair style


+:-) Smiley priest

Priest smiley


=:-) Smiley punk-rocker

From a hosehead

Smiley is a punk

Punk rocker

User is a dickhead

%-^ User is Picasso


User was painted by Picaso

@:I Turban

(><) Anally retentive

:-! Foot in mouth

Smiley bland face

Bland face

Malcom McUser


#-) Partied all night

Lt. LaForge


:-(*) About to vomit

That comment made me sick

Sick of netnews articles, about to vomit

%-\ Hungover

:-)8 Well dressed

Man with bowtie


:-)-{8 From a big girl

User is a big girl

:x( Habe a code in by dose

8:] From a gorilla


(:)-) Scuba diver

Likes to scuba dive

Scuba diving

(-:|:-) Siamese twins

{:V Sounds like a duck

%+{ From the loser of a fight

Lost a fight

d :-) Hats off to your great idea

q:-) For those who wear their caps backwards

Wearing baseball cap backwards

User is a baseball player

Baseball catcher


>:-| Spock


:-/ McCoy

User is skeptical

Lefty undecided smiley

Retarded user


:-{)} Commander Riker

<>:{(} Lt. Worf

**:-) Counsellor Troi

]) Lt. LaForge

[:-| Data

{(:-) I am William Shatner

Wearing toupee

} (:-( I am William Shatner in a high wind

8(:-) Zippy

Mickey Mouse


Walt Disney

******:-) Marge Simpson

^^ Happiness (Japanese symbol)

^^; Embarrasment (Japanese symbol)

;; Sadness (Japanese symbol)

-- When it's the occasion to bow (Japanese symbol)

>:-> User just made a really devilish remark.

Devilish smiley


User is leering

>;-> Winky and devil combined.

A very lewd remark was just made

[:] User is a robot

Robot smiley


B:-) Sunglasses on head

User has glasses on forehead

:-)-8 User is a big girl (partial body)

:-{) User has a mustache


Normal smiling face with a moustache

Happy with Mustache

:-{} User wears lipstick

Smiley wears lipstick

Heavy lipstick

Mick Jagger

Big mouth

}:-( Toupee in an updraft

Bull headed

:-[ User is a Vampire

Un-smiley blockhead

Vampire smiley

Biting criticism




Count Dracula

Bad Mood/Grumpy

Severe Displeasure


:-E Bucktoothed vampire

Has major dental problems

:-F Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing

:-)~ User drools


:-~) User has a cold

:'-) User is so happy, s/he is crying

Crying with happiness

:-@ User is screaming

Smiley face screaming

User is saying, "It's true, I swear"

Beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso.

Extremely angry


User about to barf

Barking/Tounge Lashing

Tongue ring

:v) User has a broken nose

Left-pointing nose smiley

Left-pointing broken nose

Big nose

-:-( Punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)

:=) User has two noses

Orangutan smiley

+-:-) User is the Pope or holds some other religious office


`:-) Shaved his right eyebrow off this morning

,:-) David Ogden Stiers' toupee

Shaved his left eyebrow off this morning

|-I User is asleep


|-O User is yawning/snoring



User is bored by the article you submitted

:-Q User is a smoker


Smoking smiley

User smoking a bud

Talking or Shouting with cigarette or cigar

O-) Message from cyclops

Smiley after smoking a banana

Megaton Man, on patrol!

Scuba diver


A Martian (happy)

O :-) User is an angel (at heart, at least)


:-S User just made an incoherent statement

What you say makes no sense

Sick smilie


:-X User's lips are sealed

Bow tie

A big wet kiss

User with taped-up mouth

User is swearing

<|-) User is Chinese

Rickshaw driver

A Vietnamese peasant

<|-( User is Chinese and doesn't like these kind of jokes/fortunes

*<:-) User is wearing a Santa Claus Hat

Santa Claus

Smilie with hat and pompom (cold weather smilie)

(8-o It's Mr. Bill!

*:o) It's Bozo the Clown!

User is a bozo


3:] Pet smilie

3:[ Mean Pet smilie

Pit bull smiley

d8= Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat

E-:-) User is a Ham radio operator

TV detector van operator

:-9 User is licking his/her lips

Smiley licking it's lips

%-6 User is braindead

<:-I User is a dunce

K:P User is a little kid with a propeller beenie

:-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)


Smiley orator

User can't find shift key

..-) User only has one eye

,-) User only has one eye

Winking happy smiley

One eye ... and winking

Sammy Davis, Jr.

X-( User just died


You are brain dead

Dead user

8 :-) User is a wizard

C=}>;*{)) Mega-Smilie... A drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an

updraft, a mustache, and a double chin

:] Gleep...a friendly midget smilie who will gladly be your friend

=) Variation on a theme

Chinese smiley

Interested smiley (big eyes)

The "cute" smiley

A different smiley

:} What should we call these? (what?)

The Grinch

If the user is a frenchmen and he has a curly mustache

:@ Screaming

:I Hmmm...

Hmmm, not funny!


Cute guy


Bad joke, but since I like you, I'll try to smile


:( Sad

Sad-turtle smiley


:[ Real Downer

A vampire

Very unhappy

:< Midget unsmiley

What pretences!

Sad boy

:{ Oh boy, the headmaster!

:O Yelling


Feed me smileys

Big gob

:C Bummed

:Q Smoking

Split/chapped lip

:,( Crying

Crying smiley

[] Hugs

:* Kisses

Blowing kisses

|I Asleep

|^o Snoring


:-` Smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco

Spitting out chewing tobacco

:-% Smiley banker



Talking out of both sides of mouth

:-6 Smiley after eating something sour

Smiley after eating something spicy

):-) Smiley big-face

Impish smiley

):-( Unsmiley big-face

Nordic smiley

)8-) Scuba smiley big-face

=:-( Real punks never smile

Punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)

:-q Smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose

Trying to touch tongue to nose

:-e Disappointed smiley


:-t Cross smiley

Pouting smiley

:-] Smiley blockhead

Biting sarcasm



Smilie with straight smile

Obnoxious user

Good Mood/Grinning

Grim Smile

}:-) Hair parted in the middle in an updraft

Wearing toupee in an updraft

I have a bull head


:-a Lefty smilely touching tongue to nose

:-d Lefty smiley razzing you

Said with a smile

User is making razzbery Ththtpppttt

User is sticking out their tongue

g-) Wearing pince-nez glasses

:-j Left smiling smilely

User has a crooked smile

Smoking and smiling

:-k User is biting his/her lip

:-l Yet another smiley

User is almost smiling

:-z Yet another cross smiley

:-b Left-pointing tongue smiley

"I have a longer tongue than Gene Simmons, only it is cloven"

User is sticking out tongue

.-] One-eyed smilely

,-} Wry and winking

0-) Smiley cyclops (scuba diver?)



Scuba diver

User wears a scuba mask

Happy invader from Mars

Cross eyed

}:^#}) Mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley

with a double-chin

|-D Ho ho

Laughing out loud, HO HO

~~:-( Net.flame

O |-) Net.religion

8 :-I Net.unix-wizards

E-:-I Net.ham-radio

>:-I Net.startrek


3:o[ Net.pets

|-P Yuk!

Reaction to unusually ugly C code

<:I Dunce

:-8( Condescending stare

>:-< Mad

Angrily Mad/P'edoff

I'm getting angry!

8-| Suspense / thriller

Eyes wide with surprise

:- Male

Prolog programmer

>- Female

8-# Death

Dead smiley

User is dead

8-O "Omigod!!"

Took too many nodoz to work on thesis

User just before doubling over with pain

;-( Crying smiley

'That makes me so mad that if I ever see you I'll punch your

lights out'

Beaten up

Sad face gets his lights punched out

Sad or mad and got beat up

;^) Smirking smiley

:-)8< Big girl smiley

User is a big girl

:-}X Bow tie-wearing smiley

<:-l Dunce smiley

>:-l Klingon smiley

@:-} Smiley just back from the hairdresser

X:-) Little kid with a propeller beanie

User is Aunt Jemima

l^o Hepcat smiley

}:^#) Pointy nosed smiley

:-3 Handlebar mustache smiley

: = Beaver smiley

P-( Pirate smiley

:8) Pigish smiley


:/\) Extremely bignosed smiley

([( Robocop

&-l That made me cry

l-O Smiley is yawning

l:-O Flattop loudmouth smiley

$-) Yuppie smiley

Alex P. Keaton (from "Family Ties")

Won big at Las Vegas

Won the lottery

:----} You lie like pinnochio


8<:-) Smiley is a wizard

:#) Drunk smiley

H-) Cross-eyed smiley

User is Geordie LaForge

]-I Smiley wearing sunglasses

Very cool sunglasses (so smirks)

V^J Smiley with glasses, seen from left side (portrait, talking)

+-( Smiley, shot between the eyes

~:-P Smiley, thinking and steaming

Having only one single hair

`' Cat's eyes in the night

L-P Totally scrambled smiley

BI A frog

-( Always should wear safety glasses, especially in the laser

burn-in room

User with gouged-out eyes

!-( Black eye

!-| "I-am-a-Cylon-Centurian-with-one-red-eye-bouncing-back-


Cyclon Centurian

Popeye User

!.'v Flat top (profile)

!|:-( ) Being brained by a baseball bat

#(,'%/) Slept too long on one side and didn't have time to wash hair

#:o+= Betty Boop

&:-o-8-< Betty Boop

$$ For academic jobs

$$$ For industrial jobs

$$$$ For people starting up their own company

% For bike accidents

%') After drinking a fifth for lunch

%*@:-( Hung over

%*} Very drunk

%-( Confusion

%-(I) Laughing out loud

%-<I> Drunk with laughter

%-{ Sad variation

%-| Been working all night

I've been on the computer all night

%-} Humor variation

%-~ Picasso

User was painted by Picaso

%\v Picasso

User was painted by Picaso

&-| Tearful

&.(.. Crying

':-) Accidentally shaved off one of his eyebrows this morning

One eyebrow

'~;E Unspecified 4-legged critter


( Unhappy Cheshire cat

(!) Reference to non-Vanderbilt SEC football

A tight ass

($) Speculation on why Vanderbilt is in the SEC

() Reference to football

(,'%/) Slept too long on one side

(-.-)Zzz... Sleeping (sideways)

(-::-) Siamese twins

Putting heads together

(-E: Wearing bifocals

(-o-) Imperial Tie Fighter ("Star Wars")

(00) Mooning you

(8-) Wears glasses

Homer Simpson

I'm an Owl


(8-{)} Glasses, moustache and a beard

(: (=| Wearing a ghost costume (mini whole body)

(:+) Big nose

(:- Unsmiley frowning

(:-# I am smiling and I have braces (watch out for the glare!)

Said something he shouldn't have

(:-* Kissing

(:-D Blabber mouth

(:-I Egghead

(:-\ VERY sad

(:-{~ Bearded

(:=) TWO noses (?)

(H f Robocop in a hydraulic press

(V)=| Pacman champion

(X0||) Double hamburger with lettuce and tomato

(^^)y-~~~ Smoking (sideways)

(x) Reference to Vanderbilt football

(|-| F Robocop

(}-8] Left-handed bearded smiley with glasses and headphones

) Cheshire cat

*!#*!^*&:-) A schizophrenic

** For winter sports generally

**-( Too many shocks

*-( Cyclops got poked in the eye

Cyclops after meeting Odysseus

*-) Shot dead

User was shot for the last posting

Cross-eyed smiley

*8-) Beaker (the Muppet lab assistant)

*<.'v Wearing snow cap (profile)

*<8-)X Party outfit with hat and bow-tie

*<|:-)) Santa Claus

*L* User is blotto (sideways)

*| For "oh what a beautiful sunset"

User is commenting on the sunset

+-(:-) Religious leader

The Pope

+<.'v Knight (profile)

+<:-) "Peace be upon you, my children..."

User is a bishop


+<||-) Knight

+O:-) The Pope

,.'v Has short hair (profile)

- Helen Keller

- @= Messages about nuclear war

- -:-( Punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)

- -:-) Punk rocker

-) Jose Feliciano

---... SOS (variant)

---...--- SOS (really OSO, but retained anyway)

-/- Stirring up trouble

-:) Has mohawk

-=#:-) Wizard

->- For airline tickets going cheap

->=:-)X Zippy the Pinhead

'! Grim (profile)

'" Pursing lips (profile)

'J Smiling (profile)

'P Sticking tongue out (profile)

'T Keeping a straight face (profile)

'U Yawning (profile)

'V Shouting (profile)

'Y Whistling (profile)

'\ Frowning (profile)

'r Sticking tongue out (profile)

'v Talking (profile)

'w Speaking with forked tongue (profile)

-( Always should wear safety glasses

-] One eye

.---... ABBA fan


...( Wile E. Coyote after attempt on Road Runner's life

\/ Duck variation

^v Pointy nose (profile)

_) Suffering from Lorentz contraction (they're coming every

ten minutes now)

Suffering from Lorentz contractions

/8^{~ User has a lopsided hair line, glasses, moustache, and goatee

/:-| Mr. Spock

/;-) Has one big thick cockeyed eyebrow

/\ For camping and backpacking

0-( Scuba diver with a broken mask

0:-) Angel

3 :-) Bart Simpson

3:*> Rudolph the reindeer

3:-o Cow


4:-) George Washington


5:-) Elvis Presley

6\/) Elephant

7:-) Fred Flintstone

8) Frog

Wearing shades

Real cross eyed

User wears glasses

8-* Just ate a hot pepper

8-O --* Just before doubling over with pain

8-P Reaction to College Cafeteria Coffee

8-S Sees all evil

8-] "Wow, maaan"

User is FDR

8-o Mr. Bill


8:) Pig

8=:-) Galloping Gourmet


8P Bullfrog in mating season

8^ Chicken

8_) Don't get your nose out of joint

User has his nose out of joint

8b Bullfrog in mating season

: ) Leper

Happy face

:###) Jimmy Durante

:$) Donald Trump

:%) An accountant

:'( Crying

:'O Bob Hope

:'} Richard Nixon

:(=) Jimmy Carter

:+( Punched nose, hurt

:+) Carl Friedrich Gauss

User has big nose

Teddy bear smiley

:-' Smoker

Chewing tobacco

User is spitting out chewing tobacco

:-'| Has a cold

:-( ) You backed your car over my toe

:-( :-( :-( :-! Taylor Caldwell

:-() User has stubbed toe

Negro user


"I stubbed my toe"

:-(0) Yelling

:-(>~ "I just washed my goatee, and I can't do nuthin' with it."

:-(O) Yelling

Mick Jagger

:-) , Outie belly button

:-) . Innie belly button

:-) 8 Dolly Parton

:-) ... :-( ... :-) ... :-( ... Manic depressive

:-) :-( :-| :-? Edgar Cayce

:-) :-) :-) Loud guffaw

:-) :-) :-) :-) Shirley MacLaine

:-)!!! Sam Kinnison

:-)' Drooling

:-)) Double chin

Very happy

Al Jolson

:-)* Speaks Esperanto

User is man with a bowtie

:-)-- 98-pound weakling (showing partial body)

:-)-O Smiling doctor with stethoscope

:-)== Arnold Schwarzenegger

:-)X Wearing a bowtie

Sen. Paul Simon

:-)} Has goatee/beard

:--) Jamie Farr (Klinger from M*A*S*H)

:------------) Big liar

:-.) Madonna

Marilyn Monroe

Cindy Crawford

:->X==| Smiley formal wear

Formal wear

:-G- Smoking cigarettes

:-M Speaking no evil

:-O>-o Smiley American tourist (with camera)

:-Q~ Smoking

:-R Has the flu

:-Y A quiet aside

User is talking after the no yelling smiley

:-bill Zydeco Bill, with harmonica in mouth and washboard on chest

:-d~ Smokes heavily

:-p~ Smokes heavily

:-{ -__-: After slamming the toilet seat

:-{~ User has read too many toilet paper articles previous to lunch

:-| :-| Deja' vu

:-|| Angry

:/7) Cyrano de Bergerac

:3-< Dog

::=)) Double vision or needs new shocks

:<() African tribesman

:<= Walrus

:<| Attends an Ivy League school

:= | Baboon

:=8) Baboon

:>) Big nose

:?) Philosopher

:@) Pig

Smilie with a pig nose

:P Sticking out tongue

Blowing a raspberry

:Q) John Q. Public

:Ui Smoking

:Uj Smoking and smiling

:V Woodpecker

:V) Woodpecker

:X Lips are sealed

Sworn to secrecy

:X) Hearing no evil

:^( Has had his nose put out of joint

User has a broken nose

:^D "Great! I like it!"

:^{)> Moustache and beard

:b Sticking out tongue

:c) Big nose variant

:c< Big nose variant

:d Stick out your tongue

Licking lips

:o) Stimpy (of Ren & Stimpy)

Smiley with a round nose

W.C. Fields

User has a pig nose

User has a cold

:q Vi user saying, "How do I get out of this damn emacs editor?"

:~( Nose put out of joint

:~-) So happy, s/he is crying

:~/ Really mixed up

; Cheshire cat with gingivitis

;( Crying

;-? Wry tongue in cheek


;-D A friendly, winking, laughing smile

;-| Beaten up but silent

No expression face gets his lights punched out

Says nothing but still gets beat up

;-} Leer? (terminal dependent)

User is wry and winking

User is leering

;:-) Really bad toupee

;^? Punched out

User was punched out for submitting sexist articles

<*:oDX Clown with bowtie and dunce

<:-( Disappointed


<= For messages about housing in the Snow Belt

<@:{(>X Mustached chinese man with a toupee, goatee, bow tie

<|-(= Chinese and doesn't like this article

Chinese and unhappy

<|-)= Chinese

Chinese with a beard

=):-) Uncle Sam

Happy in Cowboy Hat or Yippee

=-O The Enterprise

=-O * * * The Enterprise firing photon torpedoes

=-O~~~ The Enterprise firing phasers

=.'v Has mohawk (profile)

=0== Mexican on a railroad!

=8') Smiley with glasses and a mohawk (?)

=8-> A nerd smiley that's unbearably pleased with itself

=:-#} Punk rocker with a mustache

Smiley punk with a mustache

=:-H Football player

==#== Railroad crossings

===:[OO']>:=== Has been railroaded

=====:} Snake

=^) Open minded smiley

=t== Mexican run over by train

=|:-) Abe Lincoln

A top hat

>%) Wile E. Coyote

>-< Absolutely livid!!

>-> China man



>-^);> Fish

>8o!... Bugs Bunny with carrot

>:) A little devil

>:*) Bozo the Clown

>:-( Mad, annoyed

Sick and tired of reading this nonsense

>:-b Left-pointing tongue smiley

>:^( Headhunter (Amazon style)

>>-O-> General Custer

>[I Television

>w Nose-thumbing gesture

>|( Robocop: "Thank you for your co-operation."

>|-> Chinese

?:) Single curl of hair

@%&$%&$\&*@%$#@ You know what that means

@-( "Ulysses! Bring me Ulysses!"

@-) Cyclops

Space... The Final Frontier

Seeing stars


@.'v Has curly hair (profile)

@l@ Too many hours at terminal

B) Frog wearing sunglasses

B-(8 Sir Robin Day

B-D "Serves you right, dummy!!"

B^) Hornrimmed glasses

C:# Football player

C:-) Large brain capacity

I'm an Egghead

"Bonjour, Monsieur..."

C=>8*) Devilish chef with glasses and a moustache

C=}>;*{O) Mega-smiley... a drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an

updraft, a mustache, and a double chin

C|:-= Charlie Chaplin

EK( Frankenstien

Ic:() Pygmy with bone in hair

L:-) Just graduated

M-) Sees no evil

M-),:X),:-M Sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil

M.^.M Nirvana or the failure of a chiropracter

M:-) Saluting

O 8-) The angelic halo look

O+ Appropriate for women's messages, surely?

O-&-< Doing nothing (has arms crossed) (mini whole body)

O-(==< Chastised and/or chagrined, or is merely asleep.

O-G-< Pointing to self (mini whole body)

O-S-< In a hurry (mini whole body)

O-Z-< In a big hurry (mini whole body)

O>-<|= Of interest to women

Q:-) New graduate

R-) Broken glasses

[8-{) Bearded smiley with glasses and headphones

[:-] Square head


[:|] Robot (or other AI project)

[= For messages about housing in Arizona

\.^./ Lotus position, seen from above

\/\/\/\,8-O Really should fix frayed line cord on terminal

\:-) French hat

A beret

\:^) Gumby smiley

User is gumby

\o/ PTL (praise the lord, or pass the loot?) (sideways)

]:-) The Devil

Smilie with a nurse hat

Member of the Royal Family

]:-> The Devil

User is devilish

^(^ Happy variation (sideways)

^)^ ^(^ Two people talking (sideways)

^L^ Happy (sideways)

^v^v^ Mountains

User is near the mountains

_:^) American Indian

_\\// Vulcan salute

__! Enough for now

__. Properly chastised and/or chagrined, or is merely asleep

__/~`-'~\_/ Line of thought isn't quite a line

__Q~`__ Cat on a wall

Q~` Cat

_______ Wile E. Coyote under rock

A He-Ne laser line

Student EEG on Saturday night

`-_-' Have you hugged your wolf today?

`^J Smiley

d :-o Hats off to your great idea

d.'v Wearing hard hat (profile)

i-=<*** __. CAUTION: has flame thrower and uses it!

i-=<****** o-(==< CAUTION: has flame thrower and uses it!

i-=<***i CAUTION: has flame thrower

o-) Cyclops

o-<:-{{{ Santa

o/ Raised hand

oO:-)*** Santa Claus

oo "It's cold out"

Somebody's head-lights are on

A cups

oo- Puzzled, confused

pp# Cow (sideways)

pq`#' Bull (sideways)

r:-) Wearing ponytail

y:-) Bad toupee

{ :-) Marge Simpson (Homer's wife)

{8-} Grinning mischievously (or just charmingly)

{:-{)} New hair style, mustache and beard

{:\/ Sounds like a duck

{:^=( Adolph Hitler

{= For messages about housing

{{-}}} Refugee from the '60's


{} 'No comment'


| For bike fleet messages

|) Salamander

|-<> Kissy face

Blowing a kiss

|-{ "Good Grief!" (Charlie Brown)

|:-) Heavy eyebrows

User has the one eyebrow syndrome


|:-O Open mouth smiley (?)

|:-| Excessively rigid

|:[' Groucho Marx

|| For messages about cars or other four-wheeled vehicles

|~( "Someone just busted my nose"

User just had nose busted

}(:-( Wearing toupee in wind

A Viking

}-) A wry grin

}:-< Cat

}:~#}) Mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached ugly nosed smiley

with a double-chin

~:-( Net.flame

User is being flamed

User is particularly angry (steamed)

~\8-O Needs to fix frayed cord on terminal

~~\8-O Zapped by frayed cord on terminal

~~c___ Beach

~~~8} Snake

~~~~8} Snake

~~~~:> Person in a transporter beam

~~~~> Photon

|-( ) Yawning smiley

|-(= =) Yawning smiley from Vietnam

IIII8^)X Cat in the Hat

: .) Cindy Crawford

((: =)X Charlie Chaplin

: =) Adolf Hitler

<+-< : ) Pope

C:\> MS-DOS Programmer

^_^ Basic smilie (Japanese symbol)

;_; Crying smilie (Japanese symbol)

@_@ Boggled eyes smilie, or glasses (Japanese symbol)

(_o_) Kowtowing (bowing) person (Japanese symbol)

An ass that's been around

This ass costs you a lot less

~\\ (^o^) /~/~ Octopus (Japanese symbol)

(o|o) Ultraman (Japanese symbol)

(Y)oYo(Y) Barutan, a monster from "Ultraman" (Japanese symbol)

*^_^* Blushing smilie (Japanese symbol)

Cute little girl

^_^;;; Embarassed smilie; cold sweat (Japanese symbol)

^^;;; Embarassed smilie; cold sweat (Japanese symbol)

|-| User is asleep (boredom)

:-)x User wears a bow tie

=:=| User is a priest

*) Mutant smiley

Here's Thor Hi-y'all.

]B=8} Dragon smiley

User is a dragon

`@_____ User is writing about snail mail

`\=o-o=/' User wears eye glasses

())=( User is drinking wine

<0__/\__/\_ User is a worm

( o ) ( o ) User has big hooters

(o)(o) User has big boobs


Perfect breasts

>[]I User is watching television

:^X^C User is an emacs user saying "How do I get out of this damn

vi editor?"

(OO) User is mooning you (sideways)

)*( User is an asshole (sideways)

oo---oo-Bo User is a truck driver

i-=<*** User is applying flame thrower

~~~c___ User is at the beach


,,,^..^,,, User is a cat peeking over a fence (sideways)

~M`'~ User is camel (sideways)

`AR~ Baby elephant (sideways)

(^o^) User is joyously singing (sideways)

(^.^)/ User is waving hello (sideways, Japanese style)

(;.;)/~ User is waving goodbye (sideways, Japanese style)

(>_<) User is furious (sideways)

User is hurt (Japanese style)

(=_=)~ User is sleepy (sideways, Japanese style)

{{(>_<)}} User is cold (sideways, Japanese style)

@L@ User has spent too many hours at terminal

` ' User is a cat (at night) (sideways)

(*_*) User is in love (sideways)

($_$) User is being greedy (sideways)


(x_x) User is dead (sideways)

(u_u) User is sleeping (sideways)

(OvO) User is an owl (sideways)

(g_g) User is sleepy

#!^~/ User is kissing and wears shades (profile)

*<o'v User is wearing snow cap (profile)

!o'v User has a flat top (profile)

!o'v User is a dealer in Vegas

+<#^v User is knight (profile)

,o'v User is has short hair (profile)

o'! User is grim (profile)

o'" User is pursing lips (profile)

o'J User is smiling (profile)

o'P User is sticking tongue out (profile)

o'T User is keeping a straight face (profile)

o'U User is yawning (profile)

o'V User is shouting (profile)

o'Y User is whistling (profile)

o'\ User is frowning (profile)

o'r User is sticking tongue out (profile)

o'v User is talking (profile)

o'w User is speaking with forked tongue (profile)

o^v User is pointy nose (profile)

=o'v User is has mohawk (profile)

@o'v User is has curly hair (profile)

do'v User is wearing hard hat (profile)

~o'v User is has long bangs (profile)

_o^v User is an American Indian (profile)

,o^y User is smiling while talking (profile)

7=^> User is happy (3/4 view)

/\/:/\ User is the Mummy

(Z(:^P User is Napoleon

:-8p User is Dizzy Gillespie (puffed cheeks and trumpet)

IIIIII8^)X User is The Cat in the Hat

`,`,`,`,`:| User is a Mrs. Frankenstein

(:-O ==> User is Rush Limbaugh (note loud tie)

=[8]-O User is Spaceman Spiff preparing to land

C8<] User is Darth Vader

[:=I] User is Frankenstein

(>:^F) User is Count Dracula

=|B-{|### User is from ZZ Top

(8=X User is Death (Mr. Death to you) (skull & X bones)

(|-( User is "Good Grief!"

User is Charlie Brown

(|-| F User is Robocop

*:O) User is Bozo the Clown

*<|:-)> User is Santa Claus

3:-) User is Bart Simpson

User has curly hair

Smiley cow

7:^) User is Ronald Reagan

7:u) User is Fred Flintstone

:##) User is Jimmy Durante

:-) 8 User is Dolly Parton (partial body)

;-p User is Popeye

]:-)} User is the Devil

]B-) User is Batman

C|:-=) User is Charlie Chaplin

(:-| User is Captain Jean Luc Picard


}}:-( User is Worf

=:) User is a bunny

Smiley with raised eyebrows


=:x User is a bunny

{:<> User is Daffy Duck

>>>>>:============ User is a vegetable (asparagus)

(:= User is a beaver


:=8| User is a baboon

>:-3= User is Bugs Bunny

(:<> User is a duck

:8] User is a gorilla

.\/ User is a duck (profile)

#B<> User is a duck, with a spike haircut & Ray-Bans, quacking.


) User is the Cheshire cat

(:-) : 8- User is a male

{:-} 8 > User is a female

(:-) : ==8 User is a male on the make


:-o : ^^: User is a male after zipping up fly too fast

{:-} 8 X User is a female wearing chastity belt

$:-) : 8- User is a male prostitute

$:-} B > User is a female prostitute

(8-( : -8 User is a masked rapist

(:-) ? User is having a sex change

(:-) : 8=== User is John Holmes

*:-} 8 8- User is a transvestite

[:-) 8 > User is a gay female (butch)

{:-( : > User is a female with small breasts

*:-} : 8- User is a gay male (fem)


:-( : :~ User is an impotent male


:-) : , 8- User has an outie belly button


:-) : 8-^- User is in need of some corrective surgery


:-) : 8-... User is taking a leak


:-\ : 8o User after a cold shower

{:-| 8( )> User is a pregnant female


:-} : =M8 User is taking matters into his own hand

>:-( 8 > User is a female after reading sexist opinions on feminists

{:-) 8 > < User is a mermaid

{:-) 8 >d-: Users are engaged in cuninlingus (showing body)

@O=E<= User is a woman in skirt wearing turtleneck sweater

(mini whole body)

B-)-[< User is wearing sunglasses and swimming trunk (mini whole body)

O>--< User is dead on pavement (mini whole body)

o>8<|= User is writing messages about interesting women

(mini whole body)

oO:)& User is a grandmother

*-=|8-D User is a clown

#:o\:o/:o\:o/:o|| User is a totem pole

>[:^) User watches too much TV

[]:-{o User is a Barbershop quartet singer

<*(:-? User is a Wizard who doesn't know the answer

::-b|d-:: User is has glasses and is sticking out tongue at mirror

(P-| User is a Borg

X^o User is trying to focus on ASCII random dot stereograms

K%*} User is very drunk with lampshade on head

{-) User is needs a haircut

(:-)>+ User is a Monk

:-... User is heart-broken

(:-)} User is bald and bearded

(D:-] User is a General

*!#*!^*&~ >:-( User is very angry after losing hours of work

*(H-) User is a downhill skier

*8=(: User is a blubbering idiot

.-( User should have worn safety glasses

._) User is suffering from Lorentz contractions

G-( User is a scuba diver with a broken mask

8-{) User is has glasses and a moustache

8===> User is a dickhead

: ( User is a leper

:-( ) User has had toes stepped on


"You stepped on my toe"


:-(= User has buck teeth

:-) :-( :-) :-( Manic depressive

:-)>-o User is a doctor with stethoscope

:-)K- User is wearing shirt and tie

>:-@ User is extremely angry

:-@%$# User is swearing

:-G-~ User is smoking cigarettes

:-O>-[o] User is an American tourist (note big mouth and camera)

:-P* User is spitting out its chewing tobacco

>:-t User is cross

>;-(' User is is so mad that s/he is spitting

%-( User is a practical joker who played one too many and got

beat up

Broken glasses

={:-)] User is in a bottle

=:-#( User is punk rocker with a mustache

(:-H User is football player

==:%(== User is has been railroaded

=>B=) User is a punk rocker

>:w) User is making the nose-thumbing gesture

?:-) User has wavy hair, parted on right

C:H User is a football player

I8${} User is a Ubangi (bone in nose)

K:-) User is a little kid with a propeller beenie

Smiley with a graduation hat

A propeller hat/beanie

R-( User has broken glasses

@@@@@@:-) User is Marge Simpson (Homer's wife)

~(:-) User is Homer Simpson


:-. User has 'no comment'

Wispering/Talking Quietly.

~:o User is a baby


~:@ User is a baby with a pacifier

:-C===8 User is giving or receiving a blowjob

:-) (-: + :-o o-: + :-Pd-: Users in a kissing sequence

=-) Sideways smily face

:-o zz z z Z Z Bored

:^U Turned face

:^Y Turned poker face

:^r Bleahhh (sticking tongue out)

:^y Turned smiling face

:^W Turned face with tongue out

:^" Pursing lips

:-[] Robot face

:-[#] Smilie with braces


%) Artistic face

Here's a racing yacht


C|:-) Smilie with a bowler hat

:-)= Smilie with beard

|-Q Smoking and yelling chinese

!8-) Nerd with combed hair

B-] Batman smiley

K-[ Batman with eyes poked out

=^-^= Cat smile

[:~~~~>)##### Jewish guy smiling

[:~~~~>o##### Jewish guy reading tora

|:/ Constipated

:-+ User with too much lipstick


:-*| User with moustache

:-=( Hitler user

8-(:-} Matt user with propeller beanie

:-h User with forked tongue

:-)B User with large breasts

User is a big girl

(*): I Cyclops user

*8-I Nerd user

*X-I Dead nerd user

=(:-) Punk user

:::-) ElephantmanUser

The Elephant Man

._/ Squashed user

-: User up-side down with a brick in his mouth

:-)I User on the town

8-)*--- Miami Vice user

{{:-) Klingon warrior smiling after victory

}}:-) Klingon warrior smiling after victory

@:-\ Elvis

___m_oo_m___ Spying at the wall


___m_OO_m___ REALLY spying at the wall


___m_+o+_m___ Clown spying at the wall


^^m^^oo^^m^^^ Spying at the wall with nails


__mmmm_oo_mmmm__ Octopus spying at the wall


__\/_oo_\/__ Crab spying at the wall


____V@_____ Snail spying at the wall


__m_(-O-)_m__ Koala spying at the wall


__m_.(%)._m__ Yet another pig spying at the wall


______,________ Yet another ant spying at the wall


_____,P________ Ant with banner spying


___,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,___ Ants marching and spying at the wall


___,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,P,___ Ant Platoon marching and spying at the wall


____________ Invisible Man spying at the wall


__m__(((..)__m__ "Monica" spying at the wall


___m_--_m___ Chinese spying at the wall


__m____m___ Dwarf spying at the wall


___m_O_m___ Cyclops spying at the wall


___m_@^@_m___ Man with glasses spying at the wall


_m_oo_m_m_oo_m_ Twins spying at the wall


_m_oo_mm_oo_m_ Siamese Twins spying at the wall


--m--xx--m-- Dead cartoon spying at the wall


__m_oo_?__ Cap. Hook spying at the wall


__m_oo__ One-handed spying at the wall

<B-v User using glasses and speaking

@&o/ Tearful-skeptical user wearing a turban

~~:I User burning

{|^x~ Hair-parted-in-the-middle user kissing and drooling

*!#^!*:@) Pig-nose-schizophrenic user smiling

<|*} Chinese-drunk-happy user

OOOOX-~( Dead-Marge Simpson-sad user with a cold

<X Crazy user giving a wet kiss

+-::(@) Religious user using normal glasses and shouting

[0-\ Cyclops-undecided user using a walkman

<,-? One-winking-eye-only user smoking a pipe

<&*c Tearful-drunk-unhappy user

>&-r Tearful user sticking tongue out

<8-* Surprised user eating something bitter

(Bo/ Egg-head-skeptical user using glasses

{:0 Orator user wearing a toupee

}::-? User wearing a toupee in a updraft, using normal glasses

and smoking a pipe

B:*/ Drunk-undecided user with sunglasses on head

*^O Crazy-big-mouth user

OOOO-{I Marge Simpson-crazy user using a mustache

<:@0 Pig-nose-orator user.

<8-~) Swimmer user with a cold and smiling

>|*b Drunk user pointing the tongue out

@0-( Scuba-diver-sad user wearing a turban

(:-~I Egg-head user with a cold

(B:o# Egg-head user with sunglasses on head and wearing braces

*.-) One-eye-only user smiling

~~0{ Scuba-diver user using a mustache and burning

<:-} Happy user

OOOOBc~ Marge Simpson-unhappy user using glasses and drooling

OOOO:@[ Pig-nose-Marge Simpson-vampire user

(8*< Egg-head-swimmer-drunk-mad user

O 8) Angel user wearing sunglasses and smiling

<;-{( Sad user crying and using a mustache

*!#^!*|o# Schizophrenic user wearing braces

<0*c Cyclops-drunk-unhappy user

~~:-w User burning and speaking with forked tongue

+-8-( Religious-sad user wearing sunglasses

<:-@ 8- Male user screaming

[B-~[ Vampire user using a walkman, using glasses and with a cold

*!#^!*,-{\ Schizophrenic-one-winking-eye-only-undecided user

using a mustache

<:-) >- Female user smiling

*( Crazy user frowning

>8-< Devilish-surprised-mad user

::-{} User using normal glasses and wearing lipstick

+-B:p Religious user with sunglasses on head and pointing

the tongue out

}0*O Cyclops-drunk-big-mouth user wearing a toupee in a updraft

+-:-/ Religious-undecided user

@::-x User wearing a turban, using normal glasses and kissing

3:) Pet user smiling

*!#^!*:@[ Pig-nose-schizoprenic-vampire user

@,^V One-winking-eye-only user wearing a turban and shouting

:*(@) Drunk user shouting

<.(@) One-eye-only user shouting

<8-{D Happy user wearing sunglasses and using a mustache

|-~b User with a cold and pointing the tongue out

*!#^!*|oO Schizophrenic-big-mouth user snoring

@8[ Surprised-vampire user wearing a turban

<:) User smiling

A dunce (or fresher)

<&-I Fool-tearful user

<B:-/~ Uundecided user with sunglasses on head and drooling

(Bow Egg-head user using glasses and speaking with forked tongue

[8*| Drunk user using a walkman and wearing sunglasses

<|-| Chinese user

@:-v User wearing a turban and speaking

<B-~D Happy user using glasses and with a cold

<8*p Surprised-drunk user pointing the tongue out

<8-{* User wearing sunglasses, using a mustache and arroughting

<8-{I Fool-swimmer user using a mustache

8:-T Little girl-incredule user

*<:{ User using a mustache and wearing a Santa Claus hat

@:*& Drunk-tongue-tied user wearing a turban

+-X-( Dead-religious user frowning

}0) Cyclops user wearing a toupee in a updraft and smiling

@.-(@) One-eye-only user wearing a turban and shouting

@B-O~ Big-mouth user wearing a turban, using glasses and drooling

*!#^!*:-) Schizophrenic user smiling

<B:^b User with sunglasses on head and pointing the tongue out

<:-@ User screaming

<0-) Scuba-diver user smiling

{B-\ Hair-parted-in-the-middle-skeptical user using glasses

*:-{Q User using a mustache and smoking

OOOO:@< Pig-nose-Marge Simpson-mad user

<8r User wearing sunglasses and sticking tongue out

{|oX Lips-sealed user wearing a toupee

<8^) Swimmer user smiling

<:r User sticking tongue out

<;-Q User smoking

*!#^!*0-v~ Schizophrenic-cyclops user speaking and drooling

<3 A heart

/\!/\ A male lying on his back with legs spread

/\*/\ A female lying on her back with legs spread

]=8) Happy cow smilie

*:|) Bimbo (no offense!)

@;^[) Elvis

*<(;') Frosty the Snowman

/:-) Gumby

A beret

User is a Frenchman

@@@@@@@@:) Marge Simpson

[8-] Frankenstein

===:-D Don King

{:-D Big Cheesy Grin Smiley

+_+ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

o_o Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

'o` Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

`o' Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

`_' Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

'_` Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

"._." Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~v~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~_~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

^v^ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~!~ Koala smiley

~V~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

^V^ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

"v" Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

"V" Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~u~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~=~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

^=^ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~U~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~n~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~O~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~o~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

~x~ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)

><FISH> A fish (?)


>-",",","-)D> A fish (?)


__/\o_ A swimmer (?)

A caterpiller (?)

/\o/\ A spider (?)


/\_/\ A mountain range (?)


^+^ Sideways Smiley Variation (?)


\,/ A grin (?)


/'\ A mountain (?)


/~'v'~\ Girl with pigtails (?)


(~v~) Sideways Smiley Variation (?)


=^.^= A cat smiley (?)

Callsign of KingKat


-,- Sleepy smiley (?)


-.- Sleepy smiley (?)


\/ A grin (?)


(^_^) Ear to ear smile

Asian smiley

~=o oOo oOo o@=< (?)

ooo O\O ooo KILROY!


ooo *\* ooo Maybe; (probably needs a wall)


__m_(OuO)_m__ With a wall. (some tty has nice 0's)


--ooo-------ooo-- Hanged at the other side of the wall ...

c=: Phallus


C===: XXL size

c=. Phallus of a Cyclop


=: Eunuch's phallus

c=; Eunuch's phallus with a crushed testicle

c=//=: Bobbit Phallus

c=#=: Bobbit Phallus after operation.

c=:: Four-engined

~: Child

,: Powerless

|I| Frontside

|.| Powerless in frontside

c=3 In abstinence for a while

c=B Clergyman

(y) Pubis


8x Scissors

(8x) Bobbit`s wife

{y} Old pubis

[y] Military pubis

((Y)) Fat lady

(((Y))) Very fat lady

(..(Y)..) More fat isn`t possible

(x(Y)) X weighted lady (in Kg)

(x) Gay

=r) Big nose smiley

=o) Big nose smiley

(==) Kosh from Babylon 5

Cotton reel

[-:-) Garibaldi from Babylon 5 ("Male pattern baldness")

(o:-) Sinclair from Babylon 5 ("hole in your mind")

{ :-) Minbari from Babylon 5

&:-)> Narn from Babylon 5

{8-> Bart Simpson

{8-* Maggie Simpson

{8-) Lisa Simpson

=O) Stimpy

>>>>X-O>>>> Roadkill Smiley

///:-) "Nest" haircut

<:3 )~~~~ Mouse/rat

<:3 Rat/Mouse/Ferret

:I) Smiley with septum pierce (flesh of nose between nostrils)

(^-^) Smile

<^O^> Laughing loudly

(@_@) Stunned


(o_o) Shocked


m(_ _)m Deep bow used for apologizing or expressing thanks

O_O Shocked (Japanese style)

^_- Winking (Japanese style)

^_~ Winking 2 (Japanese style)

\ ^_^ / Joyful! (Japanese style)

\(^o^\)(/^.^)/ Happy! (Japanese style)

(*^_^*) Shy! (Japanese style)

/.#( Adolf Hitler

:-) >=> Smiley reading a book

vH) Here's a drakkar (Viking longboat?).

v##) Here's a largish boat with more sails than a schooner.

v+)____, Here's a boat weighing anchor. Hmmm... .5 tons.

<) Here's a house boat.

v-| Here's my life raft.

*<|<|<|= A Christmas tree.

*%) A punk after the big booze.

*8D A punk wearing glasses.

______2_2222_________ Ducks spying at the wall.

_________@@__________ Imperial AT-AT spying over the wall of the

Hoth rebel base (pun intended).


_________0-n_________________ Key forgotten for someone that was

spying at this wall.


__________p^o_________ One-armed person using a binocular for

spying at the wall, being far away.

<+|:') The pope

<+|:'@=== The vomiting pope

/:-=( Adolf Hitler

(=(:->* Uncle Sam

((:- =)X Charlie Chaplin

: - = Hitler

(-|---( : - ) The Pope

[ : ] Frankenstien

\|:// George Bush

]:)|--< I am the king

*|:^)(.)(...) Snowman

:-) -: Smilie with an erection.


:-) 8 - Female.


:-| 8( )- Pregnant Female.


:-( :- Impotent (Or let down).


:-) -8 Blue balls.


;-) o===8 Braggart.


:-\ 8o After a cold shower.


;-) ===8 Circumcised.


:-) -^-: In need of some corrective surgery.


:-) :-... Taking a leak.


:-} -oo-: Taking matters into hand.


:-o ^^^^: After zipping up fly too fast.


:-( : - You call those breasts? I've seen bigger lumps in oatmeal!

:-0===8 Oh yeah? I bet that you...

>]} A dragon wearing sunglasses

87) Cartoon character with a long nose and happy..

~87( Cartoon character unhappy that he has only one hair on

his head

%87) Cartoon character happy he has his curly hair

87D Cartoon character with a long nose.. and VERY happy

87P O>w Cartoon character enjoying eating his ice cream cone

87P`` O>w Cartoon character REALLY enjoying eating his ice cream

cone with drops of saliva dripping *smile*..

<:-EXB Vampirella

:p :q :d :b :D User is licking his lips (sequence)

|^) Chink smiley face

(oj Smiley scuba diver with snorkel

q;| Mean baseball-cap wearing Smiley

x:<> Smiley Edd the Duck

#/\/:) Smiley with cantilevered toupe

}:8 Far Side cow smiley

~(:) Smiley playing at being an Indian

<|) Chinese smiley

#(: Left-handed user wearing a goatee

Left-handed user has a really bad tie on


:)> Basic goatee smiley

<(: Basic goatee smiley (left-handed)

:))) User is real fat

:-)<////> A guy with a bad tie on

<\\\\>(-: A left-handed guy with a bad tie on

>-COD User is "floundering" for something to say

___(member '(A B C D 1 (A B)) A)___ LISP code spying at the wall.

(but it returns `t')

*<|B-3D>---|E Santa Claus (?)

=B-) User with spiked hair and sunglasses, smiling

=B-( User with spiked hair and sunglasses, frowning

)-: Bass-Ackwards smiley.

Left-handed frowning smiley.

o:-) Smiley with bullet hole in head (a.k.a. Dain-Bramaged Smiley)

[*>-] Philippine Flag

o>-<|= For messages of interest only to women.

~= A candle, to annotate flaming messages.

>:-* Angry

@=) Dan Quayle smiley

@@@:) Marge Simpson smiley

:| Data Smiley


v) Star Trek "The Traveler" Smiley

@:O Mr. Bill smiley

-(:-) German soldier from WWI

|^j Profile, smiling, wearing those long, rectangular

sunglasses thingies.

/O\ User is ducking.

/oo\ Male user cringing from an (expected) below the belt blow.

.^, Looking Sideways/Happy

:-L Blank with cigarette or pipe

=-o Surprised

<=-O Frightened/Scared

=-<> Mouth Gaped Open/Awe Struck

)|-[ Tired and Grumpy and Very Unhappy.

(]:-) Happy in Soldier Hat or Gung Ho

$-> Happily Excited or With Greedy Selfish Tone

|-o Squinting while Talking

:-|, Quiet/Hushed/Not Talking/Zipped Shut

%+\ Messed Up/Spaced Out/Effected/Scrambled/Out-To-Lunch

|-.zzzzzzzzzz Snoozing/Snorring/Sleeping Deeply/Knocked-Out

(c: Smiley with big nose, seen from left (?)

(c:) Bald smiley with big nose, seen from left (?)

>^..^< Kitten

_./// Echinda

<-) Sail boat

===========:::? A cigarette

=<:o) Bert from Sesame Street

{=:{) A chef

==== > Pencil

(]====[) Dumb-bell

====[] Mallet

.,*~`~*,..,*~`~*,..@ Worm

. . . @ Snail

o-(:-) A Moogle's head

|=====(MHV)=====| A Pro-Wrestling Title

>P-( Angry cyclops

<(|-B Silly!

0))__)> Pencil

^^^^^U^^^U^=___ Alligator

8//=/\-, Two people having sex

8//=\/-' Two people having sex

/\^.^/\ Woman lying on her back

@:-7 Elvis

5:-7 Elvis

&:-? Elvis

_\|/_ Sunset

~Y~ ^Y^ `Y' Trees

_/^\/^\_ Mountains

_/^\/^\__`Y'_~Y~_iii.._\|/_..iii_~Y~_`Y'__/^\/^\_ Sunset in the mountains

_/^\/^\`Y'~Y~iii.._\|/_..iii~Y~`Y'/^\/^\_ Sunset in the mountains

_/\, Inch worm

):8 A longhorn

|-o| Tie Bomber

|o| Tie Fighter

(o) Tie Interceptor

T_,--- Starship

(-|-) Terrok Nor (DS9)

</-o Klingon Battle Cruiser

v-o Klingon Bird of Prey

I-O Starship (top)

(.)_(.) Eyes looking down

:-)/ Licking Smiley

:-)\ Licking Smiley (alternate for tongue action)

:-)/ >-<-0 Licking Smiley with partner

:-)/ >0<0 Licking Smiley with fat partner

:-)/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Smiley with extendo froggie tongue for long distance


:-)/\/\/\/\/\/\/>-<-0 Smiley licking a partner who is far away

:-)/\(-: Two people swapping spit (tongue wrestling)

:-}====8 User is giving or receiving oral sex

(: Smile

_--_ Hat

_/\_ Another hat

/. .\ A person looking the edge

-|------- Sword

-------|- Sword

-+ Small sword

+- Small sword

__~~~~~~__ Another hat

(_|_) An ass

(:> Smiling

',:@ ) Dog

Harold the not-pig

}"{ Butterfly

& Duck

< > < Fish

hTd Chairs and table

:O) User has a really big nose

:o)_~~ User smoking a cigarette

:OXO: Big red kiss, never separated

3=8 A BF'ing

=:-)= Punk rocker with a goatee

;-'] Cold

[(:-)](:-( A toupee and it's windy

=]:-)= Uncle Sam

:' ( Crying

-) Cross-eyed

Jose Feliciano

====|:-)= Abe Lincoln

------(:-) Really tall mohawk

#-| Dazed and confused

:-<) Happy moustache man

..-] One-eyed smiley

:-)... Drool

:-*) Mustache variation

B-)** Wearing glasses and a beard

B-C==< Playing clarinet

ooP< Bull Dossier

HHooHHHooHH-oob Mack Truck

(\):-) Turbine

O=8-) Baker

O:) Angel

]:> Devil

}:> Devil

Devilish grin

=:-() Scared

[:-|] I'm a robot

(:\/ I'm a duck

:-)=== I'm a giraffe

Arnold Schwarzenegger

:-} -oo-: User is taking matters into hand

;-) ===8 User is circumcised

__m_oooo_m__ Yet another Siamese Twins spying at the wall

(~)3 Beer

7:)+)3 Man with hair, sparkling smile, and chin

\_/ Mixed drink

:)_______O Drooling man

=> Interested smiley

=8-O Frightened smiley

:{ Mustache smiley

==|:-) Abraham Lincoln

>:} Evil smiley

}:K Vampire smiley

}:( The devil

:T Depressed smiley

S:>B Preppy smiley

SB-) Elvis with his hair and shades

d:) Little boy with his little hat

:// Smiley with its mouth taped shut

O?? Boxer

I challenge you!

[O] Macho man

{O} Old macho man

}:-> Devilish grin

@@@@@@@@@@:) Marge Simpson

&:; Elvis

==:< Rabbit

O-|-< Person ready for a hug (mini whole body)

>B-{ Dr. Clayton Forrester (from MST3K)

@:o TV's Frank (from MST3K)

,[]= Cambot, front view (from MST3K)

O^=| Tom Servo (from MST3K)

*;-o Joel Robinson (from MST3K)

}8^) Mike Nelson (from MST3K)

#8() Crow T. Robot (from MST3K)

o()= Gypsy (from MST3K)

}B-D Really Cool kid with shades and big smile

=)--- Sword

-|---- Sword

o=|=====> Sword

o==|======- Sword

====K------- Sword

==)---------- Sword

>;< Butterfly

>; Butterfly from the left side

>Q< Fat butterfly

>[]< "Butter"-fly

];[ Al Gore

=;= Butterfly disguised as a dragonfly


+;+ Butterfly with propellors

o;o "Jet" butterfly

><; Confused butterfly

*;* Butterfly with turbo propellors

_._ Butterfly lying real still

^;^ Butterfly trying to be a bat

Y;Y Butterfly with split ends

&; Butterfly playing in yarn

};{ Latest butterfly fashion (furled wings)

*** Caterpillar

O Cocoon

`@;;;;;;;;;;; Caterpillar

,*' Bee

-O Blackjack

-|--- Dagger


--=<> Club

----- Quarterstaff

--------- Bo staff

===...=== Nunchuku

-|===- Short sword

-|====- Sword

-|=====- Long sword

---|=== Bastard sword

----)==== Great sword

.--^--. Short bow

.---^---. Long bow

>>----> Arrow/Dart

-==|)- Crossbow

----> Bolts

----## Mace

----* Morning star

==...* Mace and chain

----][ War hammer

--==8 Battle axe

---v Throwing axe

--------{} Pole arm

------> Spear

==----------- Whip

[*] Lantern

====**:. Torch

[#] Mirror

---9 Small hammer

[0] Tinder box

.....+ Holy symbol

%^) Goofy grin or smile (profile)

%-) Someone slightly stunned and smiling

The Elephant Man

]:( Spanish Civil Guard

<)OO__ Mouse

__(2,C> Mouse

<:3 )-- Mouse

----{,_,"> Mouse

<",_,}-._ Mouse

=8-@ Horrified smilie

|-X Ex-smilie or dead smilie

=:~) Boxer smilie (or Peloduro)

-): Le smilie d'Avignon

) Cheshire smilie

('v') Smiley (?)

\`v'/ Smiley (?)

<~_~> Smiley (?)

<-_-> Sleepy smiley (?)

<-.-> Sleepy smiley (?)

<-.~> Winking smiley (?)

[^_^] Smiley (?)


<^_^> Chinese smiley (?)


(^.^) Smiley (?)

(^v^) Smiley (?)

(^|^) Smiley (?)

---(8:> Mouse

--(_~:> Mouse

<:~_)-- Mouse

B}:3 Bunny smiley

[:) Frankenstein

#:) Matted hair 1

X:) Matted hair 2

H:) Matted hair 3

/:> Punk

(:->) Really posh

@:) Turban

:0 Baby's first two teeth

Wesley smiley (screaming as he finally gets killed off)

D-) Cyclops

<-:p Kid wearing baseball cap

{:) Man with pimple on head

(:0) Baby with first two teeth

(:=FE) Man sticking out tongue

[:>) Frankenstein

(:>} Man with pointy chin

(%_%) Acne

(`.') Angry

(-oo-) Baboon

Tie Bomber (star wars, seen from front)

(o_)~ Baseball cap

(-y-) Beard

~{+.+}~ Bull

(*_*} Chewing tobacco

( 8 ) Cyclops

(@g@) Drool

(^.`') Elvis

{a_6} Glasses

:-)>- Goatee

A tie

(^y^) Goatee

(-@-) Heavy lipstick

(@u@) Laugh

(^=^) Lips sealed

(^#^) Mustache

(^*^) Pig

('n`) Pouting

("_") Punk rocker

('.`) Sad

(`o') Screaming

C=>:*')) Sick chef

(ojo) Smoking

(oLo) Smoking pipe

(@.@) Surprised

(*,*) Tongue out

(^>&) Tongue in cheek

(?:?) Undecided

]^>^[ Walkman

(-_o) Wink

(#.#) Zombie

[<(=)>] Brazil

[<O>] Brazil

[ |*| ] Canada

[|*|] Canada

[* ] China

[* ] China

[-+---] Denmark





[+--] Denmark





[--+--] England

[-+-] England

[ | | ] France



[| |] France



[=====] Germany




[===] Germany




[ o ] Japan

[ o ] Japan

[>====] Kuwait

[>==] Kuwait

[-----] Poland

[---] Poland

[> <] Scotland

[ + ] Switzerland

[ + ] Switzerland

[>----] Czech Republic

[>--] Czech Republic

[->|<-] United Kingdom (UK)

[>|<] United Kingdom (UK)

[ * ] Vietnam

[ * ] Vietnam

. Particle Man

--. Particle Man running

: Particle Man jumping up and down really fast

\. Particle Man playing baseball

! Particle Man gets a bright idea

? Particle Man sliding down a water slide

% Particle Man looking in the mirror

* Particle Man discovers the pool is empty

./\. Particle Man swordfighting with a flea

o Particle Man after seeing very sexy water molecule

Very bored smiley

.) Sammy Davis Jr.

A Cyclops

.oooO Left foot

Oooo. Right foot

.ooo0 Left foot

0ooo. Right foot

<@_@> Bixie

<x_x> Dead

<$_$> Rich!

<*_*> Love

<u_u> Zzzz

<+_+> Uhhh

<g_g> Tired

>>-----> Arrow

<'___)~ Mouse

O//////])============================== Light sabre

*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~* Ascii waves

=\\\\\\\(============================- Foil

||||||[::]||||||||||||| Belt

__/\o_ Swimming

__/\o_ o Water polo

|==|iiii|>----- Needle

c[] Cup of tea

|==[)XXXX>--- Different needle

<(O)> An eye

/\_i\o Guy dead from a sword wound

///\oo/\\\ Spider (or some kind of bug)

<')))))>< Fish

oxx)=---------- Sword

<:~__)- Mouse

. Flea


@(_)~~~ Hot coffee

__@/ Snail

{>:| User is a Klingon

::--)) Bad vertical hold

X-O Sat on a pin

:E Spider

8< Scissors

>8 Scissors

@/ Snail

\@ Snail

"@ Snail

8//=/\-. Sex

(#)---== Badminton racket

,---'---'---'---=@=== Fishing rod

j Hook

W Tooth

,=;=;=;=;=;=;=O~ Centipede

=8>-()< Chicken

(:O:) Handiplus

'Oqqqqqqqqqqqqo- Centipede

[{-_-}] ZZZzz zz z... A sleeping baby (pillow included)

:<3o~ A mouse

^..^__)~ A piggie (in the mud)

&8) Smiley wearing a hairpiece

::::::========------= ( ) (8) Playing pool


Sea with: island, island with palmtree, shark chasing man to

boat, far away island with palmtree, sundown, far away island

with two palmtrees, shark chasing man closer, man being pulled

under by seamonster coming from right while causing waves.

--=\=---=\=--- Barbwire

3#` Scorpion

-=:\:=- Kayak

[:-)I Frankenstein smiley

>8=[.. User is an alien or Martian

>8=[~ User is an alien or Martian

==(:o3) The Easter Bunny smiley

{:^>) Grinning man with curly hair (and chin)

:)3 Counselor Troi smiley (the 3 are her boobs)


:{} Riker smiley (with moustache and beard)

Wearing lipstick

8{0} Riker smiley (observing Troi's 3's)

{{{ : } Worf smiley (note wrinkled forehead and smile)

:)\[-8 Smiley beating off with his left hand

1-) One!?! (happy)

1-( One!?! (unhappy)

2-) Two!?! (happy)

2-( Two!?! (unhappy)

3-) Three!?! (happy)

Odd look (happy)

3-( Three!?! (unhappy)

Odd look (unhappy)

4-) Four!?! (happy)

4-( Four!?! (unhappy)

5-) Five!?! (happy)

5-( Five!?! (unhappy)

6-) Six!?! (happy)

6-( Six!?! (unhappy)

7-) Seven!?! (happy)

7-( Seven!?! (unhappy)

9-) Nine!?! (happy)

9-( Nine!?! (unhappy)

69-) Cancer


Happy Moon Child

(^)_(^) Basic smilie (Japanese symbol) wearing glasses

- -- --- === --- -- - ASCII dividing line

(= Smiling

[-: Happy face

<-| Cool guy smiling

}~; Bruto with mustache

<^: Smiling, profile

{-% Drunk

]:) Goat

^_+ Sees a good thing

+_^ Sees a good thing

(XXXXX];;;;;;;;;;> Knife or Sword

/*^_^*\ Sailor Moon

'ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo Millipede

oOoOoOoO_OoOoOoOo Severe distress

[b-] <(RESISTANCE IS FUTILE) Borg smiley saying Borg catch-phrase before

assimilating a new species

(_!_) A regular ass

(__!__) A fat ass

(_._) A flat ass

(_^_) A bubble ass

(_^^_) A bubble ass

(_*_) A sore ass

A French ass

Tongue in cheek

(_!__) A lop-sided ass

{_!_} A swishy ass

(_O_) An ass that's been around even more

(_$_) This ass will cost you

Money coming out of his ass

(_/_) An asian ass

(_~_) A latin ass

(_x_) Kiss my ass

(_X_) Leave my ass alone

(_#_) Pound my ass

(_##_) Pound my ass even harder

(_zzz_) A tired ass

(_oo_) An ass built for two

(_o^o_) A wise ass

(_o^^o_) A wise ass

(_13_) An unlucky ass

(_Y_) An ass that can't say No

(_?_) A dumb ass

(88888:-) Marge Simpson

|#|[:](|) Crow T. Robot, long view (from MST3K)

^_^ Smile (Japanese symbol)

(@@) "You're kidding!" (Japanese symbol)

m(_)m Humble bow of thanks or apology (Japanese symbol)

@|@ User has spent too long looking at the terminal

d:-p Adolescent

V(8-| Air Force pilot

(|:-# American footballer

_(D) Astronaut

(O)-<-< Astronaut

~:-o Baby (crying)

(: )t Bankrobber


C):-O Barbershop quartet member

<>:-) Bishop

X-# Boxer

Q=:-) Chef (graduated)

*:-)) Clown

<*:oDX Clown

::(:-) Cosmonaut

C):-) Cowboy

c|:-O Cowboy

~(O)| Deep sea diver

(O)| Deep sea diver

:-L] Dentist

)X-> Devil

=|:-)X Diplomat

::--(( Earthquake victim

((cc-- Fractal geometrist

]:-] Gaelic musician

A Celt

~(:-| General or marshal

|<:-) Graduate

<|## Hangman

<:<)} Hippie

(##] Hockey player

[8-F Hockey player

<*:-) Magician

(#-[ Marine

>X#-[ Marines never die, they just regroup in Hell

*(:-| Military officer

MP(:-[ Military Policeman

o(:-) Miner

(B-I= Modern art critic

@*~ Pink Floyd fan

oX) Pirate

+(:-| Priest (orthodox)

@-D Psychologist

=[O-)] Racing driver

E:-) Radio ham

:--] Robot

*#*!^*&:-) Schizophrenic

O-( Scuba diver with a broken mask

(B^| Secret agent

=(#-I Sepultura fan

C):-|* Sheriff

:)% Skateboarder

$(:-| Soldier (dog-soldier)

(:-)" Soldier with medals / officer

_(:-| Soldier from the communications corps

|-(:-| Soldier from the radar division

$:-$ Stockbroker

(:=< Stormtrooper (Star Wars)

<:|-|)< Student of physics

S:-) Superuser

:-)J Surfer

-=*:-) TeX wizard

:->-< Thief -- hands up!

(D) Welder

<:-D Witch

:-)(-: Just married!

)-::-( Married

:-|:-| Deja' vu

o>8<(= Message about interesting women

%~v "God I hate line noise!"

,`:-C "Huh? What's the matter?" / "What's wrong?"

,':-) "That's a really interesting idea!"

;-S "I kind of like it"

I-8)~V-|! A left-handed general of an AF Apache radar section

~8-| An alien

!:-| An Apache

\%*} An Apache after too much fire water

=|:-)~D An Englishman (with cup of tea)

@:] A goblin

Wearing a turban

_:-) An Indian (American)

-(8-:): An Indian (American)

:^$ Jewish

>>:-1 A Klingon

*):-) A Muslim

*):|| A Muslim woman

H=D A Negro

3:o] Pet smiley

>:-o Smiley antelope

:=| Smiley baboon

3:-] Smiley bullock

:@| Smiley bull terrier

3:o Smiley calf

.V Smiley duck

B| Smiley frog

><:>== Smiley turkey

(:[ Smiley worm (or ant)

=:7)~~ Rat/mouse (the 7 is its nose)

=;7)~~ Winky rat, sarcastic as ever

=:7(~~ Sad rat

=:7>~~ Sarcastic rat (the default)

>;7)~~ Winky and devil combined

~~(*:= Left-handed mouse (drunk?)

=%7)~~ Rat that has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours

=87)~~ Rat with eyeglasses

O=:--~~ Holy Rat in punker look

=^..^= CyberKat

/\oo/\ Spider or bat

:o User is shocked

[:) Wearing a Walkman

:? Smoking a pipe

:& Tongue-tied

:{) Moustachioed

:)= A vampire

:)) Double-chinned

Cheshire Cat

xd:) Wearing a propeller hat

:/ Crying

:)~ Drooling

:# Screaming

%6 Brain dead

(I Asleep

:') Crying

X) Dead

An alien

>:> Devilish

|O Yawning

P) A pirate

:)8- Male

(: ) A balaclava

D) A crash helmet

G:-) A football helmet

*/:-) A tam o'shanter

*\:-) A tam o'shanter

c):-) A bowler hat

@}:-) A gardening hat

(|:-) A helmet

o<:-) A bobble hat

<|:-) A party hat

{|:-) A Mao suit

:-)o- A tie

:-)x===> A tie

:-)8> A tuxedo

:-)x> A tuxedo

:-)8--- A tuxedo

:-)o-> A suit and tie

(: (=| A ghost costume

B-)[< Sunglasses and swimming trunks

(:-) : 8- User is male

(:-) : -8 User is male and on the make

*:-} 8 * User is female

*:-} 8 O User is female and on the make

(:-[ : 8- User is a male sadist

(:/] > 8- User is a male masochist

B-o User is a bondage fetishest

(8-( : -8 User is a masked rapist

*:-} 8 8- User is a transvestite

{8:|| User is a transsexual

;-)o===8 User is a braggart

:-\ 8o User after a cold shower

:-o ^^^^: User after zipping up fly too fast

:-{ -__-: User after slamming the toilet seat

:-) < User is a slut

$:-} 8 * User is a prostitute

$:-) : 8- User is a gigolo

*:-} : 8- User is a gay male

[:-) : * User is a gay female

(:-) ? User has had a sex-change

:-) > User is celibate

:-( :- User is impotent (or let down)

:-) -8 User has blue balls

:-) -: User has an erection

:-) -^-: User is masturbating

:-):-*8(-: User is having sex

:-) :-... User is taking a leak

8-O --* User just before doubling over with pain

>:-( 8 \*>-< User has disparaging opinion of feminists

@:-X@ User enjoys bondage

<=8:-) User is a dickhead

:-)3 User is a big girl

:-)-}8 User is a big girl

;-)-8 User is a big girl winking at you

:-)O User is a very messed up girl

:-{8 User is very unhappy with the results of her breast implant


:-O= User is showing their tongue to the doctor

>8-0 User is in the throes of composition

:-)| User is out on the town

|-[#] User is about to explode

|[*] User is exploding NOW!

-: User is upside down with a brick in their mouth

:::) User is smiling despite being riddled by bullets

:-D* User is lughing so much they don't realize that there's a

spider hanging from their lip

:*D User is drunk and laughing in church for no good reason

;>) User is smirking

:,-( User is crying

:~(~~ User is crying

3-O User is snoring

I-) User is sniggering

%-(|) User is laughing out loud

:'-D User is laughing so much that they're crying

:,-D User is laughing so much that they're crying

:-):-):-) User is guffawing loudly

]:-} =]]]]> King Arthur

=|:=) Charlie Chaplin

*<:-)> Santa Claus

o-<:-}}} Santa Claus

*<(:-) Santa Claus

o-(:-{o{{{{ Santa Claus

o<:-}} Santa Claus

=:o] Bill Clinton

(*): I Cyclops

(O-) Cyclops

:-[x> Count Dracula

:g) The Elephant Man

[:-|I Frankenstein's monster

}:-{| Clark Gable

Snidley Whiplash

:=( Adolf Hitler

:-=( Adolf Hitler

:-) --- John Holmes

(:-) : 8=== John Holmes

:-) ===8 John Holmes

(8 ) The Invisible Man

?8-o Elton John

:-(( Al Jolson

C)B-) The Lone Ranger

}B-i Groucho Marx

:-) 8 Dolly Parton

+<(:-) The Pope

@:-() Elvis Presley

|:] Robocop

c)P-( Long John Silver

:8-1 Bart Simpson

3 :-) Bart Simpson

****:-) Marge Simpson

Q:-o William Tell, Jr.

(8<| Darth Vader

=)||) Zorro

8===8 Satellite Of Love (from MST3K)

>----(^_^)----< A hug

(|) E-moon

You are being mooned

~===[] A candle

--------8<----m-oo--m--------- Cut here in order to spy at the wall

_________8______________ Snowman spying at the wall (too small?)

X-) An alien

>) An alien

>{|> An alien

Geordi with his visor

@_0 User is having a stroke (one pupil smaller than other)

0_@ User is having a stroke (one pupil smaller than other)

@_O User is having a stroke (one pupil smaller than other)

O_@ User is having a stroke (one pupil smaller than other)

(_<>_) An ass ready for action!


(_^?_) Neat shaven ass

(_@_) Buck ass

(_+_) A boinker (never stand behind one)

(1+1=2) A smart ass

(2+2=3) A dumb ass

`o._.o' A head with eyes and a nose

\-(o)-(o)-/ Pair of glasses and eyes

.-=-. UFO

.-=o=-. UFO

.-~-.-~-.-~ Waves

/)/)/)/)/)/) Waves

c^o-o^ Putting glasses on

|-o-| Small Tie Fighter

`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~' Wave or banner decor

|><| Hour glass on side

^*_*^ Forward facing smiley

//O\\ Spider

'==xx\0 Dead guy

'==>x\9 Dead girl

'-=,o Dead child

.....`=o=^o> <o^=o'..... 2 cars fixing to crash

.......`o=^o> '-=,o Car about to run over dead child

@[O],[O] Dude with glasses

@(o),(o) Dude with glasses

O==I======> Small sword

xxx--------> Arrow

..'...-=...,.o......`o=^o> Car ran over dead child

--~~~=:>[XXXXXXXXX]> Rocket

Y-Y^y^-/|\--Y^y^yY Looking ahead on a desert highway

``'//^\=Z -=O Turtle after a tadpole

___/<^>\___ Front view of a stealth bomber

& & >^\\\<| Big fish going after little ones

~^~^~'====>`~^~^~^~^~ Torpedo in water

(<>..<>) Alien Grey

_."._."._."._."._."._."._ Another waveform

<'>< Mini-fish

><`> Mini-fish

db db db Big dots

-<=+ Mini-plane

[`.`.`.`] Data plug

<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> Head-band

>< >< >< >< >< >< >< Big Xs

<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>: Head-Band

|/|\|/|\|/|\|/|\| Another bar

)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)( Border

\__o- \__o- \__o- \__o- Duckies

>(((((*. Fishy

/^(o.o)^\ Bug

--=============)@@@@@@-o Sword

[-oo-] Tie Bomber

3:-) Bull or Cow

*<:O) Bozo the Clown

*<( :-)}}}} Santa

(8) Yo mamma's ass

>:O)~ Wicked Clown

[-o-] Darth Vader's Tie Fighter

<-o-> Tie interceptor (star wars, seen from front)

{-o-} Darth Vader's tie fighter (star wars, seen from front)

>::< X wing (star wars, seen from behind)

<-E Y wing (star wars, seen from above)

<Q) Mini-Millenium falcon (star wars, seen from above)

<[=][ A-wing (star wars, seen from above)

(*)--(*) Besbin twin cloud car (star wars, seen from front)

::E--= E-wing (star wars, seen from above)

<<<|->[ Victory star destroyer (star wars, seen from above)

C(((((cc- Rebel transport (star wars, seen from above)

=[<={[ Rebel snowspeeder (star wars, seen from above)

<-E=-> Star cruiser (star wars, seen from above)

,,,^._.^,,, Cat

oK Someone walking

O> A birdie

^?-) Anonymous smiley

:-=| Adolf Hitler smiley

(:-))-|-< Ever thought how Smiley's body looks like?

X=(;-))-|8-<= Ever thought how Smiley's girlfriend looks like?

0=]:-) Smiley with a top (silk) hat

:s A tounge tied person

00 An Oreo being opened which resembles that you're going to

to take a snack break

C= Lightbulb resembling you have an idea

= :> Devil

:B Buck tooth boy

Person who needs braces

What's up doc?

o_06 Face with a big drop of sweat

<>< Ichtus, a.k.a. Jesus fish

@(^_^)@ Princess Leia from Star Wars

8===8<0>8===8 X-wing from Star Wars

^.~ User is winking (Japanese symbol)

n.n User is smiling

User is happy (Japanese-style symbol)

^_^x Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin

User has a sweatdrop (Japanese symbol)

*(^-^)* Sailor Moon from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

/*-_-*\ Sailor Moon from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

'-'--<3 Chibiusa's Time Key from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

o^o-o|_ Forklift

o^o-o{ Bulldozer

:-p*d-: People French kissing

(o ) (o ) Headlights

:-)` Smiley with a dimple

---[ #] Mouse

---( o) Another mouse

---( 8) Two-button mouse

(O)---- Trackball

E==)--- Joystick

[#]| Computer

[ ]| Computer with blank screen

_-~-_-~-* Bouncy

+ Bouncy with a mohawk

@ Bouncy on a bad hair day

# Bouncy with a fancy hairdo

*- Bouncy with a tie

*- # + . Bouncy family: father, mother, teenage son, and baby

%*%== Bouncy in a tree

-,O,'* Hippo or cow

/|**|`= Mooo

`:-| Spock

:-<> McCoy

>;<*>-|--< Person eating bouncy

:)-8--<d: Guess (?)

Woman performing oral sex on man

:9 Happy face sticking its tongue out

:6 Unhappy face with tongue out

Talking out of the side of the mouth

<*,^^,-- It's a dragon!

~~~<*,^^,-- It's a fire-breathing dragon!

-+#:|-|-< <*,^^,-- Dragon vs. wizard

-+#:)->-< <* `vv`-- The wizard won

-+# ~~XO-!-( `<*,^^,-- And sometimes the dragon wins.

8--- Male

(0) Female

8---(0) Having sex

=^V Surprised (in profile)

o{||?:^D Mike Nesmith from The Monkees (hat and wavy hair)

( :o) Happy Bill Clinton

( :o| Serious Bill Clinton

( :'o( Sad Bill Clinton

( :op Exhausted Bill Clinton

( 8o) Bill Clinton checking out the new sexy interns

Bill Clinton jogging past a McDonalds


( :oF Bill Clinton enjoying some French fries

( :o)- Bill Clinton enjoying a cigar

{:B Walrus

<3~~~<3~~~<3 Hearts, love

o^~^o Pikachu from Pokemon

=^~^= RyoOhki from Tenchi Muyo

^~^ Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth

:oj Smile with a dimple.

<^/O\~ Rodent

"You Dirty Rat!"

;o) Just kidding

Winking Bozo the Clown variant

*<|:o)X Clown in full costume including hat and bow tie

:)~>-8-(: Man performing oral sex on woman

@%<}) Smiley with thinning hair and offset glasses

}87(= Vampire

:-) (-: Twins

-Z-O-O-M-> |=====> The BRB Rocket

*.| / Indian (India)

*.|... India

O<--- Sex

O+O= Love

$$$ Money

<:3)~~~~~ Mouse

) ; ( Male torso with erection

>^ -.- ^< Cat

:)~~(: Kiss

{:)>~~ Smiley (?)

['j'] Elephant

['.'] Smiley (?)

['-'] Smiley (?)

())CRAYOLA()> Crayon

(__TNT__)~ TNT

~~~~\0/~~~~ Can't swim (drowning)

(>'.'<) Cat

[ ((*) ] Tunisia

(./\.) Saggy boobs

( 8^(l) Homer Simpson

@@@@@@@= ) Marge Simpson

( o Y o ) Big boobs

Playboy model breasts

}8}! > Devil

80) Clinton happy face

:G Gag/ralf

':/ Raised eyebrow, not funny

>:D Evil grin

|-/ Asleep/closing eyes

';/ Been clobbered (for crashes/reboots)

;P Playfully poking out tongue

~_^ Japanese style wink

(_8^(|) Homer Simpson

| \|/ | Shaved girl


Double bladed light saber

:o( W.C. Fields

User has a pig-nose

User has a cold

{=*} A hug and kiss

( ((x)(x)) ) Oh my god they killed kenny!

{{{{{>-o Bride of Frankenstein

(c8) Bald man with a big nose

") Smile

8 ) Glasses

"< Feeling surprised or really stupid (quack, quack)

* Kiss

{*} Hugs and kisses

(----> Umbrella

<*-) Drunk wearing traffic cone

<%-) Very drunk wearing traffing cone

))))8>o Don King

^5 High five

<|<|= Tree

<XXXXXXXXX####### Smoking a joint

=-)) Very happy

=-D Big smile

=-} Grin

=-)*** Smiling with drool

=-P**** Tongue hanging out with drool

AlA Madonna's cleavage

( + )( + ) Fake silicone breasts

(*)(*) High nipple breasts

(@)(@) Big nipple breasts

{ O }{ O } D cups

(oYo) Wonder bra breasts

( ^ )( ^ ) Cold breasts

< o < o Electric shock breasts

(/)(o) Scratched breasts (ouch)

(%)(o) Extra nipple breasts

(^o)(o) Zit on your breast

(o)(O) Lopsided breasts

(Q)(O) Pierced breasts

(p)(p) Hanging tassels breasts

\o/\o/ Grandma's breasts

( - )( - ) Flat against the shower door breasts

|o||o| Android breasts

($)($) Jenny McCarthy's breasts

[::( )::] Band Aid

[ ]=====================D A penis

=0) Happy

=0P Making fun of

=0x Without words

@...@ Two hearts loving from a distance

( o )( o ) Boobs

{____Y____} Ass

:-0_ Dr. Evil (from Austin Powers)

XP French kiss

(______(_____________()~~~~~~~~~ Taking a smoke break

(-: :-) Happy dancers

Happy dancing

:)->()<]: Ninja turtle on a skateboard




Some of the original compilers, collectors, contributors, artists, etc. of smileys and other 1-line symbols include: Josh Mandel, James Bach, Joan Friedman, Sally Neuman, Neil Rubenking, Orville Fudpucker, Dave Konkel, David W. Sanderson, Kevin Johnson, Reinder Verlinde, Craig H. Rettig, Joshua Bell, Corwyn Miyagishima, Paal D. Ekran, Ric Hotchkiss, Conrad Knauer, Matthew Marshall, Klaus Steding-Jessen, Dan Gervais, Li Sun, Sean Lambert, Lorenzo Patocchi, Michael Zecca, J.T. Barber, Rod Cox, Robert Brandon, W. Bumgardner, Blukmar, Lisa Jenkins, John Shull, John Garwood, Richard Gosnay, Vasos-Peter John Panagiotopoulos II, Ivandro, Jay Thaler, Herman Hiddema, Pastmaster, Emily Sanchez, Derek Breitbard, Dan Century, Manik Roy, April Lynn, KingKat, David Wilhelm, Wilson Logon, David Sheen, Guido Janssens, and the many, many others who have undoubtedly contributed to the lists of smileys and other 1-line symbols that have gone into this compilation. Many thanks to all of you without whom this file wouldn't exist.

Disclaimer: from compiler James Marshall:
"Please note that I am only the compiler of this list, NOT the creator. I merely compiled all of the available smileys and other 1-line symbols together without changing the drawings or descriptions. (Well, I made the Christmas tree and the person ready for a hug.) I am not responsible for the accuracy of the drawings or the appropriateness of their interpretations. If you find any of the material contained here offensive or inappropriate, do not blame me -- none of it is my creation (except for the Christmas tree and hugging person mentioned before). Find the person who created it and blame them, not me. However, there have been some cases where a smiley has come without a definition, so for them I added one that seemed appropriate. But, since I did not create the smileys, I don't know if the descriptions I have added are accurate. My added descriptions are designated with a (?) after it and are somewhere around a couple hundered smileys or more from the end of the list; I lost count some time ago. You'll also notice that some smileys only have definitions of "what?" or something similar. I just haven't thought up something to go with them yet. If you do, let me know."

James Marshall <>
This page (not necessarily the list) was last updated on September 13, 2000.