Murphy's Law Links
Here are some appropriate sources of various compendiums of
Murphy's Law, some are very extensive and are neatly categorized!
Anyone want to start a complete canonical list on Murphy's Law?

(Note: No site found yet for the original compilation of Murphy's Laws by Arthur Bloch)

My Favorite (No attribution yet): 

"The moment you try to present your website to a potential client, you are immediately
precluded from proceeding - for any combination of the following difficulties(s): The
computer you are using either crashes, the ISP service you have connected to has shut
down, you were disconnected for non-payment of either internet service billing or phone
line service, or your site was accidently wiped by an ISP web server maintenance activity".

A companion Law: "The frequency of the above failures rises logarithmically with one of
these two variables: Number of people in the room attending your website presentation;
and/or the importance of the clients to whom the material is being presented."

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