Sir Sean Connery? 

YES!! SIR!!!
My favorite Agent 007 just got Knighted New Year's Eve! Two years ago, he 
was denied this knighthood, because of his Scottish National Party affiliation.  
This party is interested in a "Free Scotland", which was at that time, ruled
under English Sovereignty.  Recently, Scotland was allowed to set up its own
parliament; perhaps this cleared the way to allow Sean to be conferred the award.  

Anyway, Congratulations go out to Sir Sean Connery!!

The following information came in as part of a Reuters News Flash:

"Sean Connery Gets Knighthood Dec-31-1999 02:35:00 AM"

"LONDON (Reuters) - Former James Bond star Sean Connery, who was reportedly
denied a knighthood two years ago because of his passionate Scottish nationalism,
won the honor on Friday in Britain`s traditional New Year`s Honors list.  Connery
and other icons from the world of film, stage and sports joined politicians, 
businessmen and lower profile public servants honored in the specially expanded
millennium honors list prepared by Prime Minister Tony Blair. "

"Veteran actor Connery, 69, who shot to stardom nearly 40 years ago as 
the dashing British agent 007 in the first Bond film ``Dr No,`` will be known
as Sir Sean after his award. "

"'Sean Connery certainly is an icon'", Blair`s spokesman said, ducking the
controversy over why one of Britain`s favorite actors had not been honored
earlier.  Two years ago Connery was at the center of a bitter political row
after it was widely reported that Labor had blocked plans to award him a 
knighthood.  Connery is a high-profile supporter of the Scottish National 
Party, now the official opposition in the Scottish parliament, and a campaigner
for an independent Scotland."

Neat Huh?? How fitting! Step aside Obi-Wan Kenobe! A new Force is with you!
(Reference is made to former knight honoree Sir Alec Guinness).

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