Yoda Discussing Fear
With Anakin Skywalker





The Episode 1 Fear Discussion is as follows:

YODA : "Good, good, young one. How feel you?

ANAKIN : Cold, sir.

YODA : Afraid are you?

ANAKIN : No, sir.

MACE WINDU : Afraid to give up your life?

ANAKIN : I don't think so.

ANAKIN hesitates for a moment.

YODA : See through you, we can.

MACE WINDU : Be mindful of your feelings...

KI-ADI : YOur thoughts dwell on your mother.

ANAKIN : I miss her.

YODA : Afraid to lose her..I think.

ANAKIN : (a little angry) What's that got to do with anything?

YODA : Everything. Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger...
              anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering.

ANAKIN : (angrily) I am not afraid!

YODA : A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.
              I sense much fear in you."

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