Three Yoda Scripts
Containing "Sagacious nuggets of Yoda-isms"

I.     Yoda's Episode 1 Script
           Yoda statements made in Episode 1, in meetings of the 12 Jedi Councilmen

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1. "The very Republic is threatened, if involved the Sith are."

2. "Hard to see, the dark side is. Discover who this assasin is, we must."

3. "With this Naboo Queen you must stay, Qui-Gon. Protect her."

4. "Master Qui-Gon, more to say have you?"

5. "A Vengeance, you say?"

6. "But you do!...Revealed, your opinion is!"

7. "Trained as a Jedi, you request for him?"

8. "Tested, he will be."

9. "Good, good, young one. How feel you?"

10. "Afraid, are you?"

11. "See through you, we can."

12. "Afraid to lose her, I think."

13. "Everything....Fear is the path to the dark side, Fear leads to anger,
       Anger leads to hate. Hate...leads to suffering."

14. "A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.
        Much fear in you. I sense, young one."

15. "Then continue, we will."

16. "Finished, we are, of the examination of the boy".

17. "Correct you were, Qui-Gon."

18. "Clouded, this boy's future is. Masked by his youth."

19. "An apprentice, you have, Qui-Gon." Impossible, to take on a second."

20. "Ready so early, are you? What know you of ready?"

21. "Our own counsel will we keep on who is ready; more to learn, he has."

22. "Drawn out of hiding, her attackers will be."

23. "Decided later, young Skywalker's fate will be."

24. "But train him not; take him with you, but train him not!"

25. "May the Force be with you."

26. "Always two there are. No more, no less. A master and an apprentice."

27. "Confer on you the level of Jedi Knight, the council does. Decided about
        the boy, the Council is, ObiWan."

28. "So impatient, you are. So sure of what has been decided?".

29. "A great warrior, was Qui-Gon Jinn. But so much more he could have been,
        if not so fast he had run. More slowly you must proceed, Obi-Wan."

30. "Be not so quick to judge. Not everything is understanding. Not all at once,
        is it revealed. Years, it takes, to be a Jedi Knight. Years more, to become
        one with the force."

31. "Decided, the Council is. Trained, the boy shall be."

32. "Pleased, you are? So certain this is right?"

33. "Clouded, this boy's future remains, Obi-Wan. A mistake to train him, it is."

34. "Yes, decided. Disagree with that decision, I must."

35. "Your promise then, remember well, young Jedi. Sufficient it is, if you do."

36. " But agree with your taking this boy as your Padawan learner, I do not."

37. "The chosen one, the boy may be. Nevertheless, grave danger I fear in
        his training."

38. "Qui-Gon's defiance I sense in you. Need that, you do not! Agree, the
        council does. Your apprentice, the young Skywalker will be."

39. "Not so sure of this one as of Qui-Gon, do I feel. Troubled, he is.
        Wrapped in shadows and difficult choices."

40. "Ready this time, he was. Ready to train the boy, he may not be."  

If You have seen the movie and want to read the script now, here's ALL of Episode 1Script!

II.  Yoda's Empire Strikes Back Script

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BEN:           You will go to the Dagobah system.
LUKE:         Dagobah system?
BEN:           There you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me.
LUKE:         Dagobah system...Yoda...
LUKE:         (into comlink)  We're going to the Dagobah system.


LUKE:          (sighs) Now all I have to do is find this Yoda... if he even exists.
STRANGE VOICE:  Feel like what?
LUKE:           jumps out of his skin. Artoo screeches in terror. The young warrior grabs
                       for his lightsaber as he spins around, looking for the speaker.
                       Mysteriously standing right in front of Luke is a strange, bluish creature,
                       not more than two feet tall. The wizened little thing (Yoda)is dressed in rags.
                       It motions toward Luke's sword.
LUKE:           (looking at the creature)    Like we're being watched!
CREATURE: Away with your weapon! I mean you no harm.  I am wondering,
                       why are you here?
LUKE:            I'm looking for someone.
CREATURE: Looking? Found someone, you have, I would say, hmmm?
                        Little creature laughs.
LUKE:           (Trying to keep from smiling) Right.
CREATURE: Help you I can. Yes, mmmm.
LUKE:            I don't think so. I'm looking for a great warrior.
CREATURE : Ahhh! A great warrior. (laughs and shakes his head)
                         Wars not make one great!
                         The creature, with the aid of a walking stick, the tiny stranger moves
                         over to one of the cases of supplies. He begins to rummage around.
                         He moves to the edge of the case - standing almost eye level to the
                         creature who is carelessly handling the supplies - and squeaks his
                         disapproval.   The tiny visitor picks up the container of food Luke
                         was eating from and takes a bite.
LUKE:             Put that down. Hey! That's my dinner!
CREATURE:  How you get so big, eating food of this kind?
LUKE:             Listen, friend, we didn't mean to land in that puddle, and if we could
                         get our ship out, we would, but we can't, so why don't you just...
CREATURE:  (teasing) Aww, cannot get your ship out?  The creature spots something of
                         interest in Luke's case. Luke loses patience and grabs the case away.
                        The creature retains his prize - a tiny power lamp and examines it with
LUKE :            Hey, you could have broken this. Don't do that. Ohhh... you're making a
                        mess.   Hey, give me that!
CREATURE: (retreating with the lamp) Mine! Or I will help you not.  With its treasure, the
                        creature backs away from Luke, drawing closer to Artoo. As Luke and the
                        creature argue, one of Artoo's little arms slowly moves out toward the
                        power lamp, completely unnoticed by the creature.
LUKE:            I don't want your help. I want my lamp back. I'll need it to get out of this slimy
CREATURE: Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is. Yoda the creature grabs hold of the lamp
                        and the two little figures are immediately engaged in a tug-of-war over it.
                        Artoo beeps a few angry, "Give me thats."
CREATURE: Ah, ah, ah!
LUKE:            Oh, Artoo, let him have it!
CREATURE: Mine! Mine!
LUKE:            Artoo!
CREATURE: Mine! The creature lets go with one hand and pokes Artoo lightly with
                        one finger.  Artoo reacts with a startled squeal, and lets go.
LUKE:            (fed up) Now will you move along, little fella? We're got a lot of work to do. CREATURE: No! No, no! Stay and help you, I will. (laughs)Find your friend, hmm?
LUKE:            I'm not looking for a friend. I'm looking for a Jedi Master.
CREATURE: Oohhh. Jedi Master. Yoda. You seek Yoda.
LUKE:            You know him?
CREATURE: Mmm. Take you to him, I will. (laughs) Yes, yes.
                        But now, we must eat. Come.  Good food. Come!.  With that, the
                        creature scurries out of the clearing, laughing  merrily. Luke stares
                        after him. All he sees is the faint light from the small power lamp moving
                        through the fog. Luke makes his decision and starts after the creature. CREATURE: (in the distance) Come, come.(Artoo is very upset, whistles a blue streak
                         of protest).
LUKE:            Stay here and watch after the camp, Artoo. Artoo beeps even more
                        frantically.   But as Luke disappears from view, the worried little droid
                        grows quieter, and utters a soft electronic sigh..


There is a heavy downpour of rain pounding through the gnarled trees. A strange baroque
mud house sits on a moss-covered knoll on the edge of a small lagoon. The small, gnomish
structure radiates a warm glow from its thick glass windows. As rain tap-dances a merry
tune on Artoo's head, the stubby little droid rises up on his tip-toes to peek into one of the
glowing portals..


Artoo, peeking in the window, sees the inside of the house - a very plain, but cozy dwelling.
Everything is in the same small scale as the creature. The only thing out of place in the
miniature room is Luke, whose height makes the four-foot ceiling seem even lower. He sits
cross-legged on the floor of the living room. Creature is in an adjoining area - his little
kitchen - cooking up an incredible meal. The stove is a steaming hodgepodge of pots and
pans. The wizened little host scurries about chopping this, shredding that, and showering
everything with exotic herbs and spices. He rushes back and forth putting platters on the table in front of Luke, who watches the creature impatiently.

LUKE:            Look, I'm sure it's delicious. I just don't understand why we can't see
                        Yoda now.
CREATURE: Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as well. Eat, eat. Hot. Good food, hm?
                        Good, hmm? with some difficulty in the cramped quarters, Luke sits down
                        near the fire and serves himself from the pot. Tasting the unfamiliar
                        concoction, he is pleasantly surprised.
LUKE:            How far away is Yoda? Will it take us long to get there?
CREATURE: Not far. Yoda not far. Patience. Soon you will be with him. (tasting food
                        from the pot) Rootleaf, I cook. Why wish you become Jedi? Hm?
LUKE:            Mostly because of my father, I guess.
CREATURE: Ah, your father. Powerful Jedi was he, powerful Jedi, mmm.
LUKE:            (a little angry) Oh, come on. How could you know my father?
                        You don't even know who I am. (fed up) Oh, I don't know what I'm doing here.
                        We're wasting our time. creature turns away from Luke and speaks to a third
                        party, Obi-Wan's Ghost.(Ben)
CREATURE: (irritated) I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience. Luke's head spins in
                        the direction the creature faces. But there is no one there.  The boy is
                        bewildered, but it gradually dawns on him that the little creature is Yoda,
                        the Jedi Master, and that he is speaking with Ben.
BEN'S VOICE: He will learn patience.
YODA:            Hmmm. Much anger in him, like his father.
BEN'S VOICE: Was I any different when you taught me?
YODA:            Hah. He is not ready.
LUKE:            Yoda! I am ready. I... Ben! I can be a Jedi. Ben, tell him I'm ready. Wanting
                        to see Ben, Luke starts to get up but hits his head on the low ceiling.
YODA:            Ready, are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I
                         trained Jedi.  My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained!
                         A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.
                         (yoda now refers to the invisible Ben, indicating Luke)
                         This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked the
                         future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was
                         doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A Jedi craves not these
                         things. (turning to Luke) You are reckless! Luke looks down.
                         He knows it is true.
BEN'S VOICE: So was I, if you'll remember.
YODA:              He is too old. Yes, too old to begin the training.
LUKE:               (thinking he detects a subtle softening in Yoda's voice. But I've learned so
YODA:              (turning his piercing gaze on Luke, as though the Jedi Master's huge eyes
                          could somehow determine how much the boy had learned. After a long
                          moment, the little Jedi turns toward where he alone sees Ben.
YODA:             (sighs) Will he finished what he begins?
LUKE:              I won't fail you - I'm not afraid.
YODA:              (turns slowly toward Luke) Oh, you will be. You will be..


Yoda strapped to his back, Luke climbs up one of the many thick vines that grow in the swamp. Panting heavily, he continues his course - climbing, flipping through the air,
jumping over roots, and racing in and out of the heavy ground fog.

YODA:                Run! Yes. A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the
                            dark side.  Anger... fear...aggression. The dark side are they. Easily
                            they flow, quick to join  you in a fight. If once you start down the dark
                            path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did
                            Obi-Wan's apprentice.
LUKE:                 Vader. Is the dark side stronger?
YODA:                 No... no... no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.
LUKE:                 But how am I to know the good side from the bad?
YODA:                 You will know. When you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses
                            the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
LUKE:                 But tell me why I can't...
YODA:                (interrupting) No, no, there is no why. Nothing more will I teach you today.
                            Clear your mind of questions. Mmm. Mmmmmmmm.

Artoo beeps in the distance as Luke lets Yoda down to the ground. Breathing heavily,
Luke takes his shirt from a nearby tree branch and pulls it on. turns to see a huge,
dead, black tree, its base surrounded by a few feet of water. Giant, twisted roots form a
dark and sinister cave on one side. Luke stares at the tree, trembling.

LUKE:                  There's something not right here.
YODA:                  Is sitting on a large root, poking his Gimer Stick into the dirt.
LUKE:                   I feel cold, death.
YODA:                  That place... is strong with the dark side of the Force.
                              A domain of evil it is.  In it you must go.
LUKE:                   What's in there?
YODA:                  Only what you take with you.
LUKE:                   looks warily between the tree and Yoda. He starts to strap on his
                               weapon belt.
YODA:                  Your weapons... you will not need them.
LUKE:                   gives the tree a long look, than shakes his head "no."  Yoda shrugs.
                               Luke reaches up to brush aside some hanging vines and enters the tree..


LUKE:                   moves into the almost total darkness of the wet and slimy cave.
                              The youth can barely make out the edge of the passage. Holding his
                              lit saber before  him, he sees a lizard crawling up the side of the cave,
                              and a snake wrapped around the branches of a tree. Luke draws a deep
                              breath, then pushes deeper into the cave.  The space widens around him,
                              but he feels that rather than sees it. His sword casts the only light as he
                              peers into the darkness. It is very quiet here., a loud HISS! Darth Vader
                              appears across the blackness, illuminated by his own just-ignited laser
                              sword. Immediately, he charges Luke, saber held high. He is upon the
                              youth in seconds, but Luke sidesteps perfectly and slashes at Vader
                              with his sword. Vader is decapitated.  His helmet-encased head flies
                              from his shoulders as his body disappears into the darkness. The metallic
                              banging of the helmet fills the cave as Vader's head spins and bounces,
                              smashes on the floor, and finally stops.  For an instant it rests on the floor,
                              then it cracks vertically. The black helmet and breath mask fall away
                              to reveal... Luke's head. Seeing this in the space, the standing Luke gasps
                              at the sight, wide-eyed in terror.decapitated head fades away, as in a


Yoda sits on the root, calmly leaning on his Gimer Stick..


Luke's face is upside-down and showing enormous strain. He stands on his hands, with
Yoda perched on his feet. Opposite Luke and Yoda are two rocks the size of bowling balls.
Luke stares at the rocks and concentrates. One of the rocks lifts from the ground and
floats up to rest on the other.

YODA:                Use the Force. Yes...(taps Luke's leg).

Quickly, Luke lifts one hand from the ground. His body wavers, but he maintains his
balance. Artoo, standing nearby, is whistling and beeping frantically.

YODA:                 Now... the stone. Feel it.

Luke concentrates on trying to lift the top rock. It rises a few feet, shaking under the strain.
But, distracted by Artoo's frantic beeping, Luke loses his balance and finally collapses.

YODA:                (Yoda jumps clear). Concentrate!

Luke; Reacting to the disturbance, he looks over at Artoo, who is rocking urgently back
and forth in front of him.waddles closer to Luke, chirping wildly, then scoots over the edge
of the swamp.  Catching on, Luke rushes to the water's edge. The X-wing fighter has sunk,
and only the tip of its nose shows above the lake's surface.

LUKE:                 Oh, no. We'll never get it out now.
YODA:                 (stamps his foot in irritation). So certain are you. Always with you it cannot
                             be done.  Hear you nothing that I say?
LUKE:                  (Looks uncertainly out at the ship). Master, moving stones around is one
                              thing. This is totally different.
YODA:                  No! No different! Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you
                              have learned.
LUKE:                  (focusing, quietly) All right, I'll give it a try.
YODA:                  No! Try not.   Do.    Or do not.   There is no try.

Luke (closes his eyes and concentrates on thinking the ship out., the X-wing's nose begins
to rise above the water. It hovers for a moment and then slides back, disappearing once

LUKE:                (panting heavily) I can't. It's too big.
YODA:                Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?
                             Hm? Mmmm. (shakes his head).  The force is everywhere.. And well you
                             should not. For my ally in the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates
                             it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous
                             beings are we...(Yoda pinches Luke's shoulder) ... not this crude matter.
                             (a sweeping gesture). You must feel the Force around you. (gesturing)
                             Here, between you... me... the tree... the rock ..everywhere! Yes, even
                             between this land and that ship!
LUKE:                 (discouraged) You want the impossible.

Yoda turns toward the X-wing fighter. With his eyes closed and his head bowed, he raises
his arm and points at the ship., the fighter rises above the water and moves forward as
Artoo beeps in terror and scoots away. The entire X-wing moves majestically, surely,
toward the shore. Yoda stands on a tree root and guides the fighter carefully down toward
the beach. Luke (stares in astonishment as the fighter settles down onto the shore. He
walks toward Yoda).

LUKE:                    I don't... I don't believe it.
YODA:                   That is why you fail.

Luke shakes his head, bewildered..


In the clearing behind Yoda's house, Luke again stands upside-down, but his face shows
less strain and more concentration than before. Yoda sits on the ground below the young
warrior.  On the other side of the clearing, two equipment cases slowly rise into the air.
Nearby Artoo watches, humming to himself, when suddenly he, too, rises into the air.
His little legs kick desperately and his head turns frantically, looking for help.

YODA:                   Concentrate... feel the Force flow. Yes. Good. Calm, yes. Through the
                               Force, things you will see. Other places. The future... the past. Old
                               friends long gone.

Luke (suddenly becomes distressed). Han! Leia! (two packing boxes and Artoo fall to the
ground with a crash, then Luke himself tumbles over.

YODA:                   (shaking his head) Hmm. Control, control. You must learn control.
LUKE:                    I saw... I saw a city in the clouds.
YODA:                   Mmm. Friends you have there.
LUKE:                   They were in pain.
YODA:                   Is the future you see.
LUKE:                    Future? Will they die? (Closes his eyes and lowers his head).
YODA:                   Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.
LUKE:                   I've got to go to them.
YODA:                   Decide you must how to serve them best. If you leave now, help them
                               you could.   But you would destroy all for which they have fought and

Luke (is stopped cold by Yoda's words. Gloom shrouds him as he nods his head sadly..)


Luke, under the bright lights of the fighter, loads a heavy case into the belly of the ship.
Artoo sits on top of the X-wing, settling down into his cubbyhole.

YODA:                    (stands nearby on a log). Luke! You must complete the training.
LUKE:                     I can't keep the vision out of my head. They're my friends. I've got to
                                  help them.
YODA:                    You must not go!
LUKE:                     But Han and Leia will die if I don't.
BEN'S VOICE:       You don't know that.

Luke looks toward the voice in amazement. Ben has materialized as a real, slightly
shimmering image near Yoda. The power of his presence stops Luke.

BEN:                        Even Yoda cannot see their fate.
LUKE:                      But I can help them! I feel the Force!
BEN:                        But you cannot control it. This is a dangerous time for you, when you
                                 will be tempted by the dark side of the Force.
YODA:                     Yes, yes. To Obi-Wan you listen. The cave. Remember your failure
                                 at the cave!
LUKE:                      But I've learned so much since then. Master Yoda, I promise to return
                                   and finish what I've begun. You have my word.
BEN:                          It is you and your abilities the Emperor wants. that is why your friends
                                    are made to suffer.
LUKE:                       And that is why I have to go.
BEN:                          Luke, I don't want to lose you to the Emperor the way I lost Vader.
LUKE:                        You won't.
YODA:                       Stopped they must be. On this all depends. Only a fully trained Jedi
                                  Knight with the Force as his ally will conquer Vader and his Emperor.
                                  If you end your training now, if you choose the quick and easy path,
                                  as Vader did, an agent of evil you will become.
BEN:                        Patience.
LUKE:                      And sacrifice Han and Leia?
YODA:                      If you honor what they fight for ... yes!

Luke (is in great anguish. He struggles with the dilemma, a battle raging in his mind).

BEN:                         If you choose to face Vader, you will do it alone. I cannot interfere.
LUKE:                      I understand. (he moves to his X-wing) Artoo, fire up the converters.
                                 Artoo (whistles a happy reply).
BEN:                         Luke, don't give in to hate - that leads to the dark side.

Luke (nods and climbs into his ship.

YODA:                      Strong is Vader. Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.
LUKE:                       I will. And I'll return. I promise. (closes the cockpit.

Ben and Yoda stand watching as the roar of the engines and the wind engulf them.

YODA:                      (sighs) Told you, I did. Reckless is he. Now matters are worse.
BEN:                         That boy is our last hope.
YODA:                      (looks up) No. There is another..


Luke's tiny X-wing rockets away from the green planet of Dagobah and off into space.. 

III.  Yoda's Return of the Jedi Script

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Luke is at the controls, with Artoo attached behind him outside the canopy. Luke speaks
into his comlink to the others, in the MILLENNIUM FALCON.

LUKE:                      I'll meet you back at the fleet.
LEIA:                       (over comlink) Hurry. The Alliance should be assembled by now.
LUKE:                     I will.
HAN:                       (over comlink) Hey, Luke, thanks. Thanks for comin' after me.
                                  Now I owe you one.

A message from Artoo appears on the small monitor screen in front of Luke. He smiles
at the monitor and speaks to Artoo, as he pulls a black glove on to cover his wounded
mechanical hand.

LUKE:                      That's right, Artoo. We're going to the Dagobah system. I have a
                                 promise to keep... to an old friend.


Once again, Artoo finds himself waiting around in the damp environs of the swamp planet,
and he's none too happy about it. He beeps disconsolately to himself and turns to look at
Yoda's cottage. Warm yellow light escapes the oddly shaped windows to fight the gloom.


The tip of a walking stick taps hesitantly across the earthen floor of the cottage. Our view
travels up the stick to the small green hand that clutches it, and then to the familiar face of
YODA, THE JEDI MASTER. His manner is frail, and his voice, though cheerful, seems weaker.

YODA:                       Hmm. That face you make. Look I so old to young eyes?

(Luke is sitting in a corner of the cramped space and, indeed, his look has been woeful.
Caught, he tries to hide it.

LUKE:                        No... of course not.
YODA:                       (tickled, chuckles) I do, yes, I do! Sick have I become. Old and weak.
                                   (Points a crooked finger) When nine hundred years old you reach,
                                    look as good you will not. Hmm? (Yoda chuckles at this, coughs,
                                   and hobbles over toward his bed.) Soon,  will I rest. Yes, forever
                                   sleep. Earned it, I have. (Yoda sits himself on his bed, with great
LUKE:                        Master Yoda, you can't die.
YODA:                       Strong am I with the Force... but not that strong! Twilight is upon me
                                    and soon night must fall. That is the way of things ... the way of the
LUKE:                       But I need your help. I've come back to complete the training.
YODA:                       No more training do you require. Already know you that which
                                   you need. (Yoda sighs, and lies back on his bed.)
LUKE:                        Then I am a Jedi?
YODA:                       (shakes his head) Ohhh. Not yet. One thing remains: Vader. You
                                   must confront Vader.  Then, only then, a Jedi will you be.
                                  And confront him you will.

Luke in agony, is silent for a long moment, screwing up his courage.
Finally he is able to ask.

LUKE:                         Master Yoda... is Darth Vader my father?

Yoda's eyes are full of weariness and compassion. An odd, sad smile creases his face.
He turns painfully on his side, away from Luke.

YODA:                         Mmm... rest I need. Yes... rest.
LUKE:                         (Luke watches him, each moment an eternity). Yoda, I must know.
YODA:                         Your father he is.
LUKE:                         (Reacts as if cut).
YODA:                         Told you, did he?
LUKE:                          Yes.
YODA:                         (new look of concern crosses Yoda's face. He closes his eyes).
                                     Unexpected this is, and unfortunate...
LUKE:                          Unfortunate that I know the truth?
YODA:                         (Yoda opens his eyes again and studies the youth. then gathers
                                     all his strength) No. Unfortunate that you rushed to face him...
                                     that incomplete was your training. Not ready for the burden were you.
LUKE:                         Well, I'm sorry.
YODA:                         Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware.
                                     Anger, fear, aggression.  The dark side are they. Once you start
                                     down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
                                     (He beckons the young Jedi closer to him). Luke...Luke...Do not...
                                     Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor, or suffer your
                                     father's fate, you will. Luke, when gone am I (cough), the last of the
                                     Jedi will you be. Luke, the Force runs strong in your family.
                                     Pass on what you have learned, (with great effort).
                                     There   is...another...Sky...Sky...walker.

Yoda catches his breath. A shiver runs through the ancient green creature, and he dies.
Luke stares at his dead master as he disappears in front of his eyes.


Luke wanders back to where his ship is sitting. Artoo beeps a greeting, but is ignored by his
depressed master. Luke kneels down, begins to help Artoo with the ship, then stops and
shakes his head dejectedly. 

LUKE:                           I can't do it, Artoo. I can't go on alone.
BEN:                             Yoda will always be with you.

Luke looks up to see the shimmering image of BEN KENOBI.

LUKE:                           Obi-Wan! Why didn't you tell me?

The ghost of Ben Kenobi approaches him through the swamp.

LUKE:                           You told me Vader betrayed and murdered my father.
BEN:                              You father was seduced by the dark side of the Force. He ceased
                                       to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. When that
                                       happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed.
                                       So what I have told you was true... from a certain point of view.
LUKE:                            (turning away, derisive) A certain point of view!
BEN:                              Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to
                                       depend greatly on our own point of view.

Luke is unresponsive. Ben studies him in silence for a moment.

BEN:                               I don't blame you for being angry. If I was wrong in what I did,
                                        it certainly wouldn't have been for the first time. You see,
                                        what happened to your father was my fault.  Ben pauses sadly.
BEN:                               Anakin was a good friend.

Luke turns with interest at this. As Ben speaks, Luke settles on a stump, mesmerized.
Artoo comes over to offer his comforting presence.

BEN:                                When I first knew him, your father was already a great pilot.
                                         But I was amazed how strongly the Force was with him. I took
                                         it upon myself to train him as a Jedi. I thought that I could instruct
                                         him just as well as Yoda. I was wrong. My pride has had terrible
                                         consequences for the galaxy.

Luke is entranced.

LUKE:                             There's still good in him.
BEN:                                I also thought he could be turned back to the good side. It couldn't
                                         be done. He is more machine now than man. Twisted and evil.
LUKE:                             I can't do it, Ben.
BEN:                               You cannot escape your destiny.
LUKE:                             I tried to stop him once. I couldn't do it.
BEN:                               Vader humbled you when first you met him, Luke...but that
                                         experience was part of your training.  It taught you, among other
                                         things, the value of patience. Had you not been so impatient to
                                         defeat Vader then, you could have finished your training here
                                         with Yoda.
                                         You would have been prepared.
LUKE:                              But I had to help my friends.
BEN:                                (grinning at Luke's indignation) And did you help them? It was they
                                         who had to save you. You achieved little by rushing back
                                         prematurely, I fear.
LUKE:                              (with sadness) I found out Darth Vader was my father.
BEN:                                To be a Jedi, Luke, you must confront and then go beyond the dark
                                         side - the side your father couldn't get past. Impatience is the
                                         easiest door - for you, like your father. Only, your father was
                                         seduced by what he found on the other side of the door, and you
                                         have held firm. You're no longer so reckless now, Luke.
                                         You are strong and patient. And now, you must face
                                          Darth Vader again!
LUKE:                              I can't kill my own father.
BEN:                                 Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope.
LUKE:                               Yoda spoke of another.
BEN:                                 The other he spoke of is your twin sister.
LUKE:                               But I have no sister.
BEN:                                 Hmm. To protect you both from the Emperor, you were hidden
                                           from your father when you were born.  The Emperor knew, as
                                           I did, if Anakin were to have any offspring, they would be a
                                           threat to him.  That is the reason why your sister remains
                                           safely anonymous.
LUKE:                               Leia! Leia's my sister.
BEN:                                  Your insight serves you well. Bury your feelings deep down, Luke.
                                          They do you credit.  But they could be made to serve the Emperor.

Luke looks into the distance, trying to comprehend all this.

BEN:                                (continuing his narrative) When your father left, he didn't know
                                          your mother was pregnant. Your mother and I knew he would
                                          find out eventually, but we wanted to keep you both as safe as
                                          possible, for as long as possible. So I took you to live with my
                                          brother Owen on Tatooine... and your mother took Leia to live
                                          as the daughter of Senator Organa, on Alderaan.

Luke turns, and settles near Ben to hear the tale.

BEN:                                   (attempting to give solace with his words) The Organa household
                                            was high-born and politically quite powerful in that system. Leia
                                            became a princess by virtue of lineage... no one knew she'd been
                                            adopted, of course. But it was a title without real power, since
                                            Alderaan had long been a democracy. Even so, the family
                                            continued to be politically powerful, and Leia, following in her
                                            foster father's path, became a senator as well. That's not all she
                                            became, of course...she became the leader of her cell in the
                                            Alliance against the corrupt Empire. And because she had
                                            diplomatic immunity, she was a vital link for getting information
                                            to the Rebel cause. That's what she was doing when her path
                                            crossed yours... for her foster parents had always told her to
                                            contact me on Tatooine, if her troubles became desperate.

Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.

LUKE:                                But you can't let her get involved now, Ben. Vader will destroy
BEN:                                   She hasn't been trained in the ways of the Jedi the way you have,
                                            Luke ... but the Force is strong with her, as it is with all of your
                                            family. There is no avoiding the battle. You must face and
                                            destroy Vader!


Rebels and Ewoks join together in dancing and celebration. The original group of
adventurers watch from the sidelines. Only Luke seems distracted, alone in their midsts,
his thoughts elsewhere. He looks off to the side and sees three shimmering, smiling figures
at the edge of the shadows:   Ben Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker.

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