Anti Spam Resources
(SPAM = UCE: Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail)
SPAM is Simply The Junk Mail Of CyberSpace

Stop Junk E-Mail

Created By: John C Rivard

Anti-Spam Tools:
Spam Cop Network
Junk Busters
New E-Mail Anti-Spam Legislation: HR 718 & S.630
Spam Buster
Spam Killer
E-Mail Cloak

Mail Filtration Service:

Others Tried and True:
Unsolicited E-mail cases: John Marshall Law School
Big Brother Gov site on Consumer Fraud
Junk Busters Links!
Choose Your Mail: Spam Recycling
Karen's Koncepts: Anti Telemarketing/Anti-Spam!
Get Spamicide! Spam Hater!
A Whois Tool For Validating Domains
Fight Spam! Promote Responsible Net Commerce
Deadbolt! From E-Scrub Technologies
StopSpam Org
Junk E-Mail Info
From State of Washington Consumer Protection From Spam
C/Net Special Article: Can Anyone Stop Spam?
SpammerSlammer E-Mail Client
Get That Spammer! Tools to Help Out!
Get Globally Removed From Bulk Mail!!
PCMag's Internet ToolBox On Fighting Junk E-Mail!
FREE: Forum For Responsible And Ethical E-mail
Anti-Spam How To!
Play Defense! First Get Briefed On Reading E-Mail Headers!
Anti-Spam Letters
JunkEmail: Mark Welch's Anti Spammer site
The Anti-Spam Project: Blackmailer
Broadcast Fax and Junk E-Mail Is Illegal
US News & World Report Special On Junk Mail
Anti-Spam Intelligence Center
Stop Junk E-mail Site
MIDS No Spam Site
Netizens Against Gratuitous Spamming
Join CAUCE Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Existing and Emerging Laws on Junk E-mail
Ohio Revised Code On Unauthorized Computer Communications
UUNET's Page: Before The Cancelbots and Other Actions Are Done
The Lucent Personalized Web Assistant
Anonymizer: Stay Private
ZDNet's AntiSpam Selections
When In Doubt, Help yourself!
CPSR's Anti-Spam Page
You Got Mail! Funny one!!
E-Mail Hoax Page
Bell South's Neighborhood Watch against Telephone Fraud
Scambuster (SCAM is bad too, rhymes with SPAM)

Electronic Chain Letters are SPAM!
(E-mails "asking" to be forwarded)
Chain Letters and Ponzi Forwards


Can't stop a friend who forwards too much,
and need an anonymous tip sent? THEN:

How to locate an E-Mail Client:
Free E-Mail Address Directory

Want to Stop the Marketers?
Try Opting Out!!!!

Are you getting Hoaxed?
Get the Facts from "Dr D. Bunk"! 

Spam as encryption