Stop Arson using Registration!
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Subject: New Registration Requirements Suggestion!

I am writing to ask your help convincing our lawmakers to pass reasonable, common-sense laws
to halt a grave and deadly threat to our communities and our children. There is a sinister threat
under our very noses but most of us, the lucky ones, never even notice.

FIRE! Just look at the headlines! Wildfires, and local fires, in our communities!!
These are only the latest examples of the cost of fire violence to our society. Every year, 750
children (0-14) are incinerated, hundreds of thousand of acres of pristine forest land are destroyed
and hundreds of homes burn down to their very foundations.  We HAVE to do something!
I call for these sensible laws:

Registration for matches, lighters or any other fire producing agent and licensing for operation
of any fire producing product. We register cars, why not cigarette lighters? Each year, thousands
of houses burn down and nearly half a million people die. This licensing and registration program
could easily stop the slaughter.

Confiscate all unregistered matches and lighters. This is key to the success of this common sense
legislation. Literally millions of matches and hundreds of thousands of unregistered lighters will be
on the street just to tempt children and unlicensed owners to illegally operate these dangerous tools.

Close the "Got a light?" loophole. Every year thousands of people ask others "got a light?". Any one
in these unlicensed firebugs can then discard their lit cigarettes in the forests, killing our children and
burning our homes. Anyone in possession of fire or smoldering materials, such as a cigarette or cigar,
that cannot prove the incineration was started with a registered fire producing material and/or can not
produce a license for operation of these registered fire producing agents should be guilty of a felony
punishable by one to five years in prison. This loophole must be closed at once! Close it with the clang
of a jailhouse door.

Strict background checks and licensing of lighter, match and incendiary device dealers.

Ban high-capacity match boxes. Matches are still being sold in boxes of 250. Who could ever needs to
start that many fires? I call for the immediate ban of sale and possession of high-capacity matchboxes.
Ban Bic lighters. They can last for months and still burn bright!!!! No more than six matches per box.
Each lighter must be equipped with a "Smart" flint wheel that will only allow it to ignite six times at which
time the licensed individual will be required to renew his license, then purchase and register a new match
box or have his lighter recharged and re-registered for another six lights.

Strict background checks should be run on each license holder and a three day cooling off period required
before the matches/lighter/incendiary material can be put in their possession.

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