Genetic Prejudice: A FUTURE HORROR Unfolding !!
Now that the Human Genome Project is successfully mapping the human blueprint called the genome, 
the next milestone in genetics will be what is done with the information extracted!  Here are some thoughts 
I have, including some linked resources below on The future Exclusion Tool: Genetic Prejudice!

Genetics is a maturing science. For example, the Human genome project has finished mapping the 
human genome!  I think it is reaching the time when industries in the fields of genetic engineering 
and molecular biology will "link-up" to the huge opportunities for reviewing the results and 
consequences of the research as it unfolds.  To implement what I call a new "wrinkle to the concept 
of Natural Selection":

My number one concern is the need for privacy of our individual genome maps.  Secretly, hospitals 
are going to "serve" their insurers in order to qualify for benefits.  By taking a genome portrait on 
blood tests from now on!! From the samples drawn,  insurer medical genetics assessor teams can 
consequently predict, upon analysis of one's "genome map", one's disease history probability!  
This can easily  be assessed from the defects found in the DNA coding, all will be easy now with 
computers that are programmed to read the DNA templates and list the defect combinations. 
Then, the insurers might not cover the conditions once they developed because they technically
have established capability for prediction and thus classify the conditions found in the DNA structure 
as "pre-existing conditions"!! Scary!! 

This is my prophecy:
"Big Brother" and Medical Insurance will unite and gain "control" of medical costs by use of exclusionary 
screening through implementation of genome research testing and deploying the exclusionary techniques 
in the Real World.  Heaven help us if we lose out on getting medical coverage just because we carry "damaged goods".

Maybe we better start a legal field of Genetic Medical Exclusion Liability Litigation, so we can force medical benefits 
to be paid to fix the problems that the "damaged goods" can cause genetically. How can we do that? Preventative 
Genetic Therapy!! By the time insurance companies know how to exclude genetic damage, the field of genetics 
will hopefully be mature enough to splice and/or cut out improperly assembled  or defective DNA substrings 
that must be corrected to make us better by preventing the disease that would have occurred if the conditions 
were not corrected. The plus side of genetic research is the resultant scientific development being advanced 
to the point of being capable of ascertaining the techniques to repair gene defects as a preventative tool for 
practical disease cure by prevention!  And when the "aging hormone" is genetically slowed by manipulation 
of genetic coding, we would then be able to live MUCH longer.  (Of course, this creates consequences of population 

Gee- I might "have something" to base a book on, more horrible than anything Steven King or Robin Cook 
could conjure up. Because it is reality disguised as a novel! I am thinking of calling it "Genetic Prejudice"!!!!  - 
a non fiction narrative very scary to contemplate. It would start as a novel and will build to a crescendo, as it unleashes
a hammer drill of horrible facts that will deeply penetrate the mind of the reader.  It is bad enough to conceive of 
genetic prejudice even from a fictional basis!  Imagine dear reader: What do you think of all this?  Just picture a 
story of a human generation unable to get medical or life insurance because of a "pre-existing condition" identified 
during a routine blood examination!!  Heaven Help Us!

Another scary concept is military organizations constructing "custom made" viruses for affecting only "targeted" 
individuals or groups having a certain genetic pattern vulnerable to genetically engineered viruses!  This can also
go outside the borders when you think of "third world" terrorist - engineers!

Locate and contact your "local" remedy for Medical Insurance and Corporate HR Screening: 
I call this professional a Genetic Exclusion Litigation Attorney! 
(You have been warned of the need; so Read and Beware!)

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