From the Heart of a Joyous Child, by Donna MacDermott

"Dear Mommy and Daddy,
       I write this letter to you in hopes that you will consider
your approach to parenting me before I arrive.   I am a
joyous child.   I thrive on love and respect, order and
consistency.   When I arrive, I will seem very small to you.
Even though I don't look like an adult, please understand
that I am a human being.

       Even though I will not speak words to you, I will know
you with my heart.  I will feel all your feelings, absorb your
thoughts.  I will come to know you more than you may
know yourself. Do not be misled by my silence. I am open,
growing and learning more rapidly than you can imagine.

     I will make imprints of all that I see, so please give
me beauty to rest my eyes upon. I will record all that I
hear, so please give me sweet music and language that tells
me how much I am loved. Give me silence to rest my ears.
I will absorb all that I feel, so please wrap our life in love.

     I am waiting patiently to be with you.  I am so happy to
have the opportunity to be alive.   Maybe when you see me you
will remember how precious life is too!

      From Your joyous child"

Credits:  This created by Donna McDermott.
I received it Via anonymous email
                         The material was extracted from a
                         newsletter "Chicken Soup for the Soul".

                          I thank the sender!!

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