A Tiny Hand hangs on to the hand of hope!

Pictured: Samuel Armas (Tiny hand), Surgeon: Joseph P. Bruner
One of the most remarkable photos EVER taken in Medicine!!
Source: Irish Independent Newspaper

This fetus required an operation on its spine at age 21 weeks, but the Medical Team had
to perform this operation with the baby still in the womb!  The Uterus was temporarily
removed by C-Section from the mother to gain access to the fetus.  Once the incision
opened, a little hand popped out of the tiny uterine incision.  The surgeon then gently
picked up the hand, and let it be photographed! The operation was completed, and the
baby born Dec 1999. 

Some opponents of abortion have claimed that the baby reached through the womb
and grabbed the doctor's hand.   Not true, Dr. Bruner says. Samuel and his mother, 
Julie, were under anesthesia and could not move.

Pro-Abortionists can no longer say a fetus isn't life!  

To the Abortionist, I say: "One must Look at this picture again; before one dares
to take another Unfinished Life that God started!  The life one takes could very well
have been grown up and may have been trained to be a Doctor of the future who 
will solve medical mysteries or this little life taken were allowed instead to live, 
this little life may have been able to one day cure you at a time no other Doctor 
could handle your case!  Putting this directly in perspective (look at the picture
one more time):   If one takes a life from a womb, one takes away the future
of an individual, one steals a Soul and Spirit made from God;  in Abortion,  
one kills, yes, in Abortion..one commits... MURDER!!!"

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