Book Review: Fake Warriors Second Edition
By Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer

A review by "Nightscribe"

This book is exactly the Textbook that America needs on how to identify, expose, and punish people who pose as heroes, called Fake Warriors.

Contents synopsis:

Chapters 1-6 cover details of the Fake Warrior epidemic in this country, plus
provides all the tools used by "phony busters" to identify, and expose the
fake warriors:

Chapter 1 discusses why are there fake warriors in this land.

Chapter 2 discusses who are the fake warriors.

Chapter 3 discusses what harm the fake warriors cause.

Chapter 4 discusses how fake warriors get away with their crimes.

Chapter 5 discusses the methods available for identification and exposure of the fake warriors.

Chapter 6 discusses how the fake warriors can be punished.

Note: The punishing part became difficult when the US Supreme Court this year ruled the
         Stolen Valor Act of 2005 unconstitutional!  Basically, the Supreme Court decided it
         is OK to verbally lie in public about military service, and OK to "self-decorate" verbally
         with unearned medals and false credentials (Such as Purple Heart injuries from military
         service and false POW status).   The case was US vs Alvarez. The case of the prosecutors
         was weak because of the speech protection of the First Amendment included protecting the
         deplorable lies of the Fake Warriors!

Chapter 7 discusses the legal problems of the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 and its demise as a
direct result of the Supreme Court review of the US v Alvarez case.

Chapter 8 discusses the US v. Alvarez Supreme Court ruling specifically and completely; plus it contains
the Opinion of the Supreme Court, and the joiner/dissenter opinions.

Chapter 9 discusses the remedy needed for correcting the defeat of the Stolen Valor Act.
The solution involves a proposed new law called the The Fake Warrior Act of 2012 which enhances the
legal code to form a constitutional repair of the struck down code, by removing the speech protection
weakness and by adding specific "holdings" as an ANCHOR to the legislation,. to clearly delineate
the INTENT of the legislation, which the previous law did not address.

It is left up to the readers across the land to help out with making the law right, by getting your elected
representatives in Congress of the USA (And the States!) to sponsor and pursue the enactment of this
VERY important legislative correction; I.E. The Fake Warrior Act of 2012.

There are great tools to assist the reader, both in reading the book, and for applying what was learned afterwards!

1. A fantastic and detailed footnotes section, where 465 notes provide sourcing and explanatory
    discussion clarifying and sometimes amplifying the text.

2. An Appendices Section, in which there are seven (7) great tools/resources, which are all posted online
    at a link listed on an Appendices Index page.

There is certainly much material provided in this edition to help all readers in understanding, and better yet,
knowing HOW to deal with the problem of fake warriors! Now, a reader can directly participate in research of suspected
fake warriors themselves using the resources provided in this book.

The authors are expert lawyers, including Henry Mark Holzer, who is a constitutional law professor emeritus.
They teamed together with collaborative experts who actively provided key input on various topics.
These were people in Veteran's organizations such as POW Net, and "Phony Buster" groups, among others. 

The book thus became a very high quality resource for the reader to gain significant understanding of the problems caused by "Fake Warriors", Wannabees, Imposters (etc), and for empowering the reader to proceed in a forward direction as the mission progresses, by effectively identifying, exposing, and ultimately, punishing these Fake Warriors!

Advice of this reviewer:

Get this book, read it cover-to cover, check out the appendices, then get in touch with your elected officials
to propose The Fake Warrior Act of 2012 in Congress! THEN begin 'hunting' Fake Warriors, using the excellent "Toolkit" resources that this book provides. 

Unfortunately there are countless thousand of these fake Warriors everywhere.
We've got the goal of shutting down the fake Warriors, stripping them of their ill gotten gains,
such as stolen veteran's benefits, and clearing off the fake medals from their masquerading uniforms!
We definitely need the passage of The Fake Warrior Act of 2012 to get this job DONE RIGHT!

The Toolbox we need, Fake Warriors, Second Edition, is here now!!!

What are we waiting for???!!!

We have work to do!!!

I strongly recommend this magnificent book which exceeds my expectations!!

Reviewed by "Nightscribe" 9-4-2012



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