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First SEAL Roy Boehm
April 9, 1924 - Dec 30, 2008

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LtC Roy Boehm was the First XO SEA(L) Daddy in ST2.
(Was the first to command ST2 until John Callahan reported into ST2)

First SEAL Philosophy on Rewards
Roy with Wife
Roy Boehm the Pilot!!
Roy's Hard Hitting Biography FIRST SEAL



                                                                                  A Quote from Roy on his later years:
                                                  "I guess we are all going slowly through the completion of our tour of duty, ie: death.
                                                  I look at death as a new adventure with a don't sweat it attitude.
                                                  Any foot prints you may have accidentally made, will be washed away with the next wave.
                                                   Life is loaned to you, live it, love it, for the joy of what you love, and whom you love.
                                                   Leave your ego, status, and possessions hanging on the worlds quarter deck because
                                                   you are going out with what you came here with; hopefully it will be a positive memory to a few.
                                                   In the mean time if you don't use what you got you will lose what you got."

                                                                       Another quote from Roy Boehm, as part of an autograph:
                                                                  "Freedom is a fragile flower, it must be protected and cared for”

                                                                                                  (signed by Roy Boehm)

                                                                                                     May he rest in peace. 

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