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This article is straight at you from the Heart of a True American Patriot!!

"In my fifty-five plus years I have heard the phrase, 'The American Dream' more times
than I could count. Many times a politician or an ad will tell me just what I need to fulfill,
"The American Dream," and it always gives me a good chuckle.  We often forget how 
good we have it and why.

The dream rests on two documents that our Founding Fathers, people no better or worse
than you or I, had the courage to bind us to: The Declaration of Independence; and The
Constitution of the United States of America and its first ten amendments, The Bill of 
Rights.  Both of these documents base their authority on the consent of the people 
who are granted their rights by God.

The American Dream is that we will learn to live to those wondrous documents. Most 
of our social problems today stem from setting that high standard, and then not living 
up to it. Whole segments of our people are not allowed those God given rights of life, 
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I will admit we are doing better, but it has taken over two hundred years for us just to 
accept the proposition that these GOD given rights, on which our nation is based, 
belong to each Individual Person, whether we like them or not.

The rest of the world has watched us become the driving force for the whole human 
race. They know freeing the individual and making the government serve at the 
consent of the governed has established us as the world's leader. Look around my 
friends; the rest of the world is catching up. We can only continue to lead if we bind 
ourselves together as a people rather than selfish, get what you can, segments.

Our Constitution starts with the famous words, "WE the People." Let us never forget 
that in those words is implied, We the People, get the government we deserve. After
all, the politicians we love to castigate are nothing more than a reflection of ourselves.
Now, two hundred twenty years into our history, the first lesson we should have learned
is; that smelly stuff which comes out of all of us and makes plants grow does roll up hill. 
We just need to do the very hard work of bending over, putting our hands in it, and rolling
it to the top of the hill.  Our government can make all the laws it wants and if " We the 
People" do not believe, that law will do nothing but divide us.

We must understand that the very base of our nation is the existence of GOD. Without
that GOD, we have no phrase reading, "That all men are created equal; that they are 
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, 
liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted
among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed", and we have no 
United States of America.

We cannot expect man's law to solve our moral problems. Our Creator asks us to come
in faith, not in chains. The truth is we demand too much of others, and not enough of 
ourselves. The only way our nation will fulfill "The American Dream" is to protect those 
other peoples' rights whether we like them or not. "WE the People" cannot expect 
someone else to make us do the right thing: it has to be done in our homes, places of 
worship, communities and business. America's children quickly acquire our national 
hypocrisy, and we should not wonder why they are killing themselves and each other at 
an ever-increasing rate.

If the religious people among us want to point a finger at one group for our national
back-sliding on morals, look in the mirror and point. We can only win by example in our
homes, schools, Mosque, Churches, Synagogues and Temples, not by law. When I see
our religious leaders walking arm in arm, in all segments of our communities, setting 
the example for all of us in service,  I will know we have learned our lesson.

I'm going to ask some WHYS, you explain the reasons.

1) Why do all those huge beautiful buildings we build to pray in, most of them with
     immaculate kitchens, remain empty and locked most of the time?

2) Why are we not helping all the single mothers and their children who need us so badly?

3) Why are our religious leaders spending so much money on politics?

4) Why do we demand so little of our Religious leaders?

5) Why do our religious leaders demand so little of us?

I believe there is no law any government can enact that will affect me one iota when 
I face my maker. What rewards I may receive after this life will come from my battles 
with myself, not the battles I have with others. Neither GOD nor government will
give us The American Dream. Only "We the People" can make it happen!

I Trust in GOD

and "We the People"

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The Above Written from his Patriot Heart and Soul by:

John Carl Roat
US Navy SEAL /Class 29 BUD/S


Message from the Webmaster

Thank you John!!! 
It's very assuring from my corner to know that someone cares that much about our 
country, and has a pretty good perspective on how our Country became free, and 
how it became complacent, and how our leaders have grown to accept lower standards.  

God Help us!



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