My Dad's World War 2 Photograph Collection
This site section was developed to portray some of my Dad's excellent World
World 2 photography collection which documents some of the things he did
as a Photographers Mate. The collection represents scenes that he and the
fellow photographers had the opportunity to photograph as they served in
the US Navy during WW2, in Japan, in Hawaii, and on the USS Ancon.
The collection:
Top Brass / Official/ Top Leadership Photos
Navy Ships Photos
Aerial/Recon Photos-Japan Bomb Damage
Airplanes of the Navy/Air Force Photos
Photos of Various Japanese People
Photos "Starring" My Dad
Mountains of Japan: Aerial Shots
Miscellaneous Images From Japan

A Special Website I made for my Father on a Memorial Day:
Check out  The USS Ancon History and Highlights


All rights including permission to copy and/or publish material in this
World War pictorial website are the exclusive property of my Dad,
Richard F Young,Sr.  effective immediately.  I created this site for him,
and it is only fair that I reserve his personal rights re the use of this
material for other webs, be they commercial or otherwise.  For Images
whose origin is "Photographer Unknown", this claim does not apply.


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