America Never Forgets: 9/11/2001

America was hit by Terrorism; the World needs to stay United in the cause to defeat Terrorism!
Why Did it Happen? 
Why Didn't God do something to stop it?? Here are some GOOD Answers!

In recovery and rescue, the Firemen and Police are Valiant :)
A Wonderful page, "The Fireman's Prayer"
Photo Quilt
In Tribute and Remembrance
Another good tribute site
WWT Graphic
Ground Zero Spirit
The Picture of the Year by Thomas E. Franklin
Spread Good Will
Snopes Rumor Control: These folks find the Hoaxes
911 Call to God
WTC Structural Demolition Debate by Jerry Russell, PhD in "9-11 Strike Page

WTC Tribute of Light

WTC NY and NJ Port Authority Travelling Memorial

The Only Authorized source of FDNY logo attire and products:
FDNY Fire Zone

Special Beanie Dalmation Commemorating 9/11