Here's a Frequently Asked Question: Basically, what is the Rickover Effect?

Here is the answer according to Admiral James D. Wadkins (USN (Ret):

"Thousands of people in America today think differently, because they brushed the
coattails of this one man.  Each one of them, because of this man, was pushed a little
bit harder, made to think a little bit deeper, forced to develop a little bit better sense
of responsibility to improve society as a whole. The cadre of people so affected still
range from a lonely seaman to a president of the United States, including their wives,
husbands, and children.  They continue to affect how this country feels, acts, and
thinks.  This is the Rickover Effect that Ted Rockwell has so ably brought out
in this book" -

"Even while we are not perfect, we can sure strive to be better, work harder, and
achieve some useful purpose in life.  That's what he did. That's what most of all his
students continue to do. And that's what the Rickover Effect is all about" 

Above "answer" was drawn from the forward in
"The Rickover Effect" book shown above.