"Concert of the Century" CD
Released 1-4-2010


CD cover art shown above. 
Design and production by Gothic Records. 
Product Code: G-49270

Date of concert: Sept 27, 2008

Artists: (See cover)

Tracklist of Released Selections (*)
(by Composer and Works title):

1.  Cortege et Litanie (Opus 19, No. 2 )-  Marcel Dupre.

2.  Symphonie Concertante - in 4 movements- Joseph Jongen:
I. Allegro: Molto moderato
II. Divertimento: Molto Vivo
III. Lento Misterioso-Appassionato Tempo I
IV. Toccata (Moto Perpetuo): Allegro Moderato.

3.  (Encore): 
 Pomp and Circumstance - Sir Edward Elgar.
(Military March in D Major -opus 39, No. 1)









(*) Note, for the interest of historical accuracy: 
The Philadelphia Orchestra did not release all of the selections played.
The unreleased items were:
JS Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (The concert opening selection);
Howard Shore:  Fanfare  (Commissioned by Macy's for 150th anniversary celebration);
Mildred J. Hill:  Happy Birthday (The Finale Encore selection).
Despite this, the final released CD is fantastic, and you need to
get it NOW!!



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