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A Court Elected the U. S. "Precedent"!
George W. Bush got sworn in by the Supreme Court Chief Justice on January 20, 2001.
What's neatly "Ironic" is that the Supreme Court itself decided 5-4, this bitterly fought 
Court Battle Marathon on Dec 12, 2000 and said (Case 00-949) that what Florida
Democrats did with their liberal recount criteria was an "equal protection violation",
thus unconstitutional. So the leader of the US Supreme Court by law had to be the one 
to swear in a president He Helped elect for the 1st time. Accordingly
we swore in a "Precedent President" LOL

Here's The Democratic Party Official Seal
Will the Election 2000 Farce lead to this??
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My First Presidentiary

Uncanny Similarity!!  Cast Mr Sam Shepard as Lawyer David Boise in Bush v Gore, if they ever make a docu-drama!!
Here's a page to show you how much they look alike!