The Christian's Alphabet!


A lot of people have created alphabets for making their points,  in doing so,
they have also created a new glossary in the process.  Some do this poetically,
making the piece even more interesting.  After a friend sent me one called the
Geriatric Alphabet,  I decided to try to build my 'own' alphabet! 
The result is not poetic, but it does bring forward the purpose of the
Christian's Work as the Christian continues to live in this world
'on borrowed time’;  you'll soon see what I mean.


You may find your own inspiration and do your own alphabet!  I  encourage

you to make an attempt, if you are the type who likes to communicate in

writing!   I found the experience quite thrilling.  Especially since the topics

within are of the greatest importance: the need for Christians to share their

faith, and rescue the perishing, as the Great Commission stated in the Bible

is not just for Pastors or career Evangelists, it is for ALL who have grown as

Christian Believers, and are living for the Lord after FIRST having been

"rescued" THEMSELVES through the process of Salvation. 


The Christian's Alphabet


The following is my suggestion for an Alphabet for the BELIEVER, who will

one day be perfected!!  It’s no secret to the TRUE believers of Jesus, that

their bodies will be changed in a twinkling of an eye, when Jesus calls His

people home.  Hallelujah!!!!!


Of course, after that, the "Geriatric Alphabet" will be retired for good!!!!


A =  “ALWAYS"  –('even to the end of the world').   Jesus promised to be

         there for His Believers, eternally!!!!!!!   Matthew 28:20.


B = “BE still and know that I am God”..  He is our savior, our anchor!!!! 
        Psalms 46:10.    The second word we can use for the "B" is the
        BIBLE, God's Holy Inspired Word.  From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21,
        The Christian's Bible contains a total of 66 Books, comprising about 32,000 verses!


C = CHRIST JESUS, of course!!!!!!   The 'New Covenant' references are
       many, from Matthew through Revelation!


D = DIED (What Jesus did once and for ALL of man, if only they would
                accept HIS Word and Lordship !!!)   Romans 5: 8.   


E = ETERNAL (Believers and spiritually dead will ALL face ETERNITY,  and
       there is a difference- in the 'PERMANENT housing arrangements': 


       1.   Those who are SAVED believers of Jesus face Eternity in Heaven with Jesus
              and the other believers who will be there too!!   GLORY!!!!! 
              Romans 6:23,   2 Corinthians 5:1,   John 14: 2, 3.


       2.    On 'other side' of the ‘eternal housing deal’,  the unconverted Sinner gets
              ETERNITY too!!  But in this case, there will be eternal separation from God. 

              And with that,  there is a lousy 'housing accommodations package' – fire

              that cannot be quenched,  memories of lost opportunities to be saved,

              And – this one is a real bad one, too: a worm that dieth NOT.  

              Matthew 9: 43-48;   Luke 16:26


       3.    There is a solution in avoiding being placed into the "undesirable

               eternal housing accommodation":


               Upon hearing the Gospel of Jesus, and upon being shown the

               Romans Road of Realization that they are sinners who need to be saved;

               THEN they are at the Crossroads of decision, and it is THEIRS to make!!! 

               Thank Jesus that HIS SAVED believers will NOT face this second part of the

               ‘Eternal Housing Package”.   John 3: 15, 16.  


F = FAITH (Yes that is what BELIEVERS have), in JESUS our Saviour!!!
      NOTE:  James 2:19 explains that faith alone [the devils also believe in

      One God and tremble!] doesn't create the NEW life of a true believer;

      works of goodness in one's daily walk  will follow true belief, and serves

      to reinforce that belief;  linking faith with works.   The true believer

      shows faith BY those works.


G = GRACE - the key ingredient of the Salvation Plan brought to save Man
       from His inherited SIN. His Grace gave us the Opportunity to be SAVED.

       Romans 6: 14   He did NOT have to offer it, yet He DID !!!!!!  Praise the

       Almighty JESUS!!!!!!  Yes there is room for one more ‘G’ in this list…

       G L O R Y !!!!!!  1 Timothy 1:11.


H = HOME -  For the Believers, it is Heaven; for the unbelievers, it is Hell.
       See 'ETERNAL' above for references.


I = I (AM).   In Genesis, God told MOSES who He was. Jesus later said it the
      same but a little different, I.E., “I AM the way!!!!” AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Exodus 3: 14,   John 14: 6.


J = JESUS (Of Course!!!!!!!) The Author and Finisher of our Faith, The
      SAVIOUR of TRUE Believers - KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS!
      References appear all over in the 'New Covenant'
      (New Testament); from Matthew through Revelation!!!


K = KINGDOM (of God, Of Course!!!!!!!!!!) SEEK it FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       Matthew 6: 33


L = LIFE (Eternal) !!!!!!!!!!! Given to JESUS' TRUE Believer, it is paid in FULL
       with the Blood of JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!    Matthew 6:28,   Hebrews 9:22.


M = Mount of Olives, the Place Jesus will stand upon in absolute Victory
       with His Saints, the Believers in Christ!!   Zechariah 14: 4.


N = NEVER (as in JESUS’ Promise to NEVER forsake us NOR leave us) !!!!!!
       Hebrews 13: 5.


O = OMISSION, a dangerous SIN.. We must pray and should ask ourselves:
       Are WE following JESUS’ WILL today?????,  (If NOT, we are committing
       a SIN of Omission)!!!!!   Matthew 23:23.


P = PRAYER..the means to communicate DIRECTLY with JESUS that He
       taught us to do. It does CHANGE THINGS that ‘AREN’T RIGHT’ in our
       lives as well as others for whom we pray!!!!!!!!!!!!  One can learn MUCH
       from a study on DYNAMIC PRAYER called “And The House Was
       Shaken”: During a typical POWER HOUR of PRAYER the early church


      1. Put FOCUS on GOD.     Acts 4: 23-31,  Nehemiah 9: 1-38.


      2. Responded to GOD’s presence from the heart.  Jeremiah 29:13.


      3. Were in ONE accord.  Acts 1:14, Acts 4:24.


      4. Worshipped God.   John 4:20-24,  Mark 7:6-9.


      5. Sought FIRST HIS KINGDOM.    Matthew 6:33,   I Kings 8:58.


      6. Presented their petitions humbly and With FERVENT Earnestness!!
          First, for others, then for themselves.   Phillipians 2: 4.


       By the way, you can find the book and the complete teaching on the
       DYNAMIC prayer meeting from the website of LifeWay Bible Solutions!


Q = QUEST For God’s WILL in our lives. The only quest that is worthwhile in
       JESUS’ Kingdom..  He set the standard when he told his parents that He
       must be about HIS Father’s Business !!!!!    Luke 2:49,  Ephesians 5:17. 


R = Righteousness (JESUS is RIGHTEOUS, and We can only be that by HIS
       Grace, We become JUSTIFIED as Righteous ONLY BY Our TRUE and
       TOTAL FAITH in HIM.     Romans 3:24.


S = SALVATION (Oh yeah, that is obvious too!!!)  Many Many references are
       in the Word of God on SALVATION;  that’s the main theme of God’s will:
       to bring ALL to Repentance!!   Matthew 9:13,  II Peter 3:9.


       The Other ‘S’ choices can be SIN or SAVIOR. (They sure are CHOICES,
        aren’t they??)   Joshua 24:15.


T = TRUTH (one of the things JESUS is 100%- He said: “I AM the way, the
       TRUTH and the LIFE”)   John 14:6.     On the other hand, Satan is the
       father of Liars.  A 100% LIAR.   John 8:44.


U = UPPER Room (The place of the LORD’s Supper, where JESUS shared the
       VERY First Communion of His CHURCH!! He said:


      “This (bread) is my body, broken for you..EAT, this do in remembrance

       of ME!” then: “This (CUP) is my blood, which was shed for you, DRINK!  

       This do, in remembrance of ME”      Matthew 26:17-28,   Mark 14:12-26,
       Luke 22:7-23,   John 13:1-30.


V = VICTORY in JESUS The only outcome possible for TRUE Believers who
       REPENT of their SINS, ask JESUS into their Hearts as LORD and
       SAVIOR.  The Victory OVER SIN will be final, after Satan and all his evil
       throng are cast into the Lake of Fire. But Early Victory is our escaping
       HELL, by GETTING SAVED, which legally in God’s Law (NOT Man’s)
       reverses our ‘Death Sentence!!!!     1 Corinthians 15:54-57.

       To those NOT YET converted to Christianity I say:   Hey don’t WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!
       You can DIE soon, a heartbeat away it can be!!   You MUST Do it ASAP
       while you have the opportunity.   RIGHT NOW!!!!”   2 Corinthians 6:2,
       Ephesians 5:16.


W = WASHED in His Blood… The ULTIMATE Sacrifice for each of us; and the

        ONLY Way to Heaven.. We MUST be WASHED by the BLOOD of the Lamb
        of God to be SAVED …to be REDEEMED..  Revelation 7:14

        Praise the LORD He Completed HIS Mission, the work is totally DONE,
        now it is UP to HIS believers to tell the LOST, and it is up to the unbeliever
        after being told the TRUTH of ALL TRUTH make a choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


X = the letter that to MODERN LOST People, replaced Christ in Christmas,

       such as the term X-Mas. Even Catholics know, there is no MAS(S)

       if there is NO CHRIST!!!  JESUS CHRIST is the cornerstone that those
       "X-ers" rejected:  Matthew 21:42,    Mark 12:10,  Hebrews 11:10.


Y = YES, the only answer we should Give to JESUS when we are asked to

       do something He WILLs for US!!!    We should answer HIS calling!!!
       John 10:3,   Acts 2:39,  Ephesians 5:17.


Z = ZEST, (FOR LIVING) as in LIVING FOR JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it can

       mean ZEST for reaching the Lost Souls we must rescue from perishing

       in our RACE of FAITH for JESUS as we live on Earth..while there is still time to

       live it before JESUS returns.   1 Corinthians 9:24,  John 8:44,  Hebrews 12: 1.
       He who winneth souls is WISE!!!   Proverbs 11:30.  Time on Earth as we know it
       will one day run out!    Revelations 10:6.


IF the above doesn’t get Believers excited, then their EXCITER is BROKE!!!


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