Companies and research sites where radioactive and
toxic materials might have been processed secretly

This is a list of more than 550 sites where the Department of Energy either knows work was performed
for the nuclear weapons program or where questions have been raised about whether such work was
done.  At some of these sites, past investigations have concluded that no radioactive material was handled.
At other sites, past investigations have concluded that weapons work was not done.

However, there are questions about whether the conclusions reached at some sites during previous
investigations are accurate. DOE is reexamining records at many sites. Officials also say they are developing
a plan to address worker safety and environmental questions at many of the sites.

As it becomes available, more information will be posted on a public database that Energy Secretary Bill
Richardson has ordered be created on the DOE's Web site: The DOE provided no information
about Oklahoma and Vermont. The list was obtained by USA TODAY too late Wednesday to allow time to
alphabetize it by location. Sites are presented in the order they appear on the DOE's list:

Tennessee Valley Authority,
Muscle Shoals
Alabama Oralmince Works,
Sylacauga Southern Research Institute,

Amchitka Island Test Center

Monument Valley Mill
Tuba City Mill and AEC Ore Buying Station
University of Arizona, Tucson
Cameron StationGlobe (Cutter) AEC Ore Buying Station


Mare Island Navy Yard
Northrap Aircraft , Hawthorne
Shannon Luminous Metals, Hollywood
Stanford University, Microwave Laboratory
University of California, Davis
Arthur D. Little, San Francisco
Dow Chemical, Walnut Creek
University of California-Berkeley (Gilman Hall)
California Institute of Technology Lab. For Energy Related-Health Research, Davis
Univ. of California-Berkeley
Naval Ordnance Test Station, lnyorkend/China Lake
North American Aviation, Downey
Electro Circuits, Pasadena
Santa Susana Field Lab, Canoga Park
Burris Park Field Station, Kingsburg
Hunter Douglas Aluminum Division of Bridgeport Brass, Riverside
Stauffer Metals, Richmond
General Electric, San Jose

American Smelting and Refining, Grand Junction
Bureau of Mines, Denver
Climax Uranium, Grand Junction
Denver Equipment
Durango Mill
Gunnison Mill
Maybell Mill
Naurita Mill
Project Rio Blanco
Project Rulison, Garfield County
Rifle Mill
Colorado School of Mines, Golden
Uravan Mill
Loma Mill
Gateway Mill
Vanadium Mill
Rocky Mountain Research, Denver
Hendricks Mill
Slick Rock
Marion Mill Site, Boulder
Colonial Uranium
Shattuck Chemical, Denver
Coors Porcelain, Golden
University of Denver Research Institute

Metals Selling, Putnam
New England Lime, Canaan
Olin Matheson, New Haven
Anaconda, Watebury
Seymour SpecialtyWire
Combustion Engineering, Windsor
Pratt & Whitney CANEL Facility, Middletown
Yale Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator
Bridgeport Brass Havens Lab
Sperry Products, Branbury
New Canaan
Nelco Metals, Canaan
Fenn Machinery, Hartford
Wesleyan University, Middletown
American Cyanamid, Stamford
Dorr, Stamford
American Chain and Cable, Bridgeport

Naval Gun Factory and Bureau of Ordnance
National Bureau of Standards,Van Ness
Naval Research Laboratory

Allied Chemical and Dye, North Claymont

University of Miami
U. S. Steel, USS Agrichemical Div., Ridgewood
International Minerals and Chemical, Mulberry
C. F. Industries, Bartow
W. R. Grace Co., Agricultural Chemical Div., Ridgewood
Gardinier, Tampa
Conserv, Nichols
General Electric, St. Petersburg
Humphreys Gold, Jacksonville
University of Florida, Gainesville



Lommon Mill

Allied Chemical, Metropolis
ElMCO, Palatine
Granite City Army Depot
Hydroblast, Chicago
Midwest Manufacturing, Galesbury
Morse Chemical, Chicago
Sciaky Brothers, Chicago
Swenson Evaporator
Wycoff Drawn Steel, Chicago
Billings Hospital, Small Animal Facility, Chicago
GSA 39TH Street Warehouse, Chicago
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Palos Park Forest Preserve Site, Chicago
National Guard Armory, Chicago
University of Chicago
Olin Mathieson, Joliet
Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago
Rock Island Arsenal
Lindsay Light and Chemical, w. Chicago
Quality Hardware and Machine, Chicago
W. E. Pratt Manufacturing, Joliet
Crane, Chicago
Heavy Minerals, Chicago
International Register, Chicago
Fansteel Metallurgical, N. Chicago
Armour Research Foundation, Chicago
International Mineral & Chemical, Chicago
Kaiser Aluminum, Dalton
Precision Extrusion, Bensinville
Great Lakes Carbon, Chicago
Podbeliniac, Chicago
Swenson Evaporator
American Machine and Metals, E. Moline
Vapofier, Blue Island
Spectrulite Consortium, Madison
R. Krasburg and Sons, Chicago
Granite City Steel, Granite City
ERA Tool and Engineering, Chicago
Max Zuckerman & Sons, Chicago
C-B Tool Products, Chicago
Kankakee Ordnance Plant, Kankakee
Allied Chemical, Metropolis

University of Notre Dame, South Bend
Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply, Ft. Wayne
Purdue University Van der Graaf Lab, Ames
Wabash River Ordnance Works, Terra Haute
Standard Oil of Indiana, Whiting
Indiana Steel Products, Valparaiso
University of Indiana. Bloomington
General Electric Plant, Shelbyville
Washrite, Indianapolis
American Bearing, Indianapolis

Iowa State University, Ames Lab.
Burlington Ordnance Plant, Burlington
Ames Laboratory Research Reactor Facility, Ames
Titus Metals, Waterloo
Bendix Aviation, Pioneer Div., Davenport

Spencer Chemical Jayhawks Works, Pittsburg

Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Paducah



Bendix Frieze Div., Baltimore
Glann L. Martin, Middle River
Naval Ordance Lab, Silver Spring
Public Health Service, NIH, Bethesda
W.R. Grace, Curtis Bay
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Armco-Rustless Iron & Steel, Baltimore
Max Zuckerman & Sons, Baltimore
Maryland Disposal site, location unknown

E.B. Badger, Boston
Edgerton Germeshausen & Gierr, Boston
Englehard Industries, Plainville
Manufacturing Labs, Boston
TracerLab, Boston
Tufts College, Medford
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
Watertown Arsenal, Watertown
Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center, Winchester
Ventron, Beverly
Harvard University Electron Accelerator, Cambridge
Shpack Landfill, Norton
Woburn Landfill, Woburn
ChapmanValve Manufacturing, Indian Orchard
Nuclear Metals, Cambridge
National Research, Boston
TracerLab, Boston
Norton, Worcester
American Forash & Chemical, West Hanover
Fenwal, Ashland
Heald Machine, Worcester
La Pointe Machine and Tool, Hudson
C. G. Sargent & Sons, Graniteville
Reed Rolled Thread, Worcester
NRC Equipment, Newton
New England Materials Laboratory, Medford
Metals and Controls, Attleboro

AMEX Specialty, Coldwater
DOW-Detroit Edison Project
Naval Ordnance Plant, Centerline
General Motors, Adrian
Westinghouse Naval Ordnance, Detroit
Velsicol Chemical, St. Louis
Revere Copper and Brass, Detroit
Wolverine Tube Division, Detroit
Dow Chemical, Midland
General Motors Plant, Flint
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Gerity-Michigan, Adrian
Detrex, Detroit
Oliver, Battle Creek
Carboloy, Detroit
Baker-Perkins, Saginaw
Mitts & Merrel, Saginaw
Star Cutter, Farmington
Extruded Metals, Grand Rapids
4400 Piehl Rd, Ottawa Lake

Twin Cites Ammunition Plant, New Brighton
Elk River Reactor, Elk River

Tatum Dome Test Site, Hattiesburg

Spencer Chemical, Kansas City
St. Louis University
United Nuclear, Hematite
St. Louis Airport Storage site
St. Louis Downtown site
Weldon Spring Chemical, St. Charles
Latty Avenue, St. Louis
West Lake Landfill, Bridgeton
Bendix Aviation, Kansas City
Washington University, St. Louis
Petrolite, St. Louis
Medart, St. Louis
Roger Iron, Joplin
Tyson Valley Powder Farm, St. Louis

Montana State University, Bozeman

Hallam Nuclear Power Facility, Hallam

University of Nevada, Reno
Central Nevada Test Site
Shoal Test Site, Fallon
Nellis Air Force Base
Nuclear Rocket Development Station
U. S. Bureau of Mines, Reno Station
Titanium Metals, Henderson

R. Brew, Concord

International Pulverizing, Morristown
I. T. Baker Chemical, Phillipsburg.
Metals Disintegrating, Verona
Princeton Univcrsity, Princeton
Vitro Corp. of America, West Orange
Westinghouse Electric, Bloomfield
Middlesex Sampling Plant, Middlesex
Middlesex Municipal Landfill Site, Middlesex
DuPont, Deepwater
Kellex/Pierpont, Jersey City
Princeton University, Princeton
U. S. Radium Maywood Site
Tube Reducing, Wallington
Chemical Construction, Linden
Baker and Williams, Newark
New Brunswick Lab, New Brunswick
Navy Ammunition Depot, Earle
Wayne site, Wayne
International Nickel Bayonne Laboratories
Standard Oil Development Co. of NJ, Linden
Heyden Chemical, Princeton
Wykoff Steel, Newark
Bloomfield Tool, Bloomfield
DuPont, Dyeworks, Carney's Point
U. S. Pipe and Foundry, Burlington
Alcoa, Garwood
Fairmont Chemical, Newark
Colonial Chemical, Engelwood
Harrison Manufacturing, Rahway
Pfaltz and Bauer, Richfield
United Lead, Middlesex
Eclipse-Pioneer, Tetterboro
Picatinny Arsenal, Dover
Raritan Arsenal
Bowen Lab, North Branch
New York Shipbudding, Camden
Bakelite, Bound Brook
Callite Tungsten, Union City
New Jersey Disposal Site

Ambrosia Lake Mill, Ambrosia Lake
Blue Water AEC Ore Buying Station, Blue Water
Naval Office at the Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Shiprock AEC Ore Buying Station, Shiprock
Bayo Canyon, Los Alamos
Los Alamos Underground MED Pipelines, Los Alamos
Acid/Pueblo Canyon, Los Alamos
Chupadera Mesa, White Sands
ACF Industries, Albuquerque
LASL Tract, Los Alamos
LASL Parcels, Los Alamos
LASL Pipeline facility, Los Alamos
LASL Tracks Eastern Area, Los Alamos
LASL Tracks Eastern Area No. 3, Los Alamos
TA-1-Manhattan Lab, Los Alamos
Project Gnome Site, Carlsbad
Jackpile, Paquate
Project Gas Buggy
Church Rock
Mariano Lake
Trinity Test Site, White Sands
Grants AEC Ore Buying Station, Grants

African Metals, New York
Al-Tech Specialty Steel, Dunkirk
American Railway Express Office, New York
Bell Telephone Labs, New York
BoyceThompson Institute for Plant Research, Yonkers
Canadian Radium and Uranium, New York
Carnegie Institute of Washington (Dept of Genetics), Cold Spring Harbor
Colorado Fuel and Iron, Watervliet
Eastman Kodak Laboratory, Rochester
Enterprise Metal Products,
Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn
Fordham University, New York
Frederick Flader, Tonawanda
Long Island College of Medicine, New York
Lucius Pitkin, New York
Memorial Hospital, New York
National Research, New York
Pier 38, New York
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
Pyroferric, New York
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York
Union Mines Development, New York
Utica St. Warehouse, Buffalo
Al-Tech Specialty Steel, Watervliet
Bethlehem Steel, Lackawana
Columbia University, New York
Electromet, Niagara
Hooker Chemical, Niagara Falls
Colonie Site
Sylvania Corning Nuclear, Bayside
Linde Air Products Divisin, Tonawanda
Seaway Industrial Park, Tonawanda
Ashland Oil, Tonawanda
Seneca Army Depot, Romulus
Simonds Saw and Steel, Lockport
ACF Industries, Buffalo
Brookhaven National Lab buildings, New York
DuPont, Watervliet
Knolls Atomic Power Lab of General Electric, Schenectady
Niagara Fall Storage site, Lewiston
Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Troy
Sylvania-Corning Plant, Hicksville
University of Rochester Medical Lab
West Milton Reactor site, Schenectady
Staten Island Warehouse, New York
West Valley Demonstration Project
Love Canal, Niagara Falls
Federal Repository, Elmira
American Machine and Foundry, Brooklyn
Tonawanda Office, Export. Import, Niagara Falls
Cornell University Medical College, Ithica
Syracuse University
Wolff-Alport , Brooklyn
Carborundum, Buffalo Ave. Plant, Niagara Falls
Nuclear Development Corp. Of America, White Plains
Hana-Newer, New York
Crucible Steel Co. of America, Syracuse
Sirnmons Machine and Tool, Albany
Naval Supply Depot, Scotia
Ledoux , New York
International Rare Metals Refinery, Mt. Kisko
Utica Drop Forge & Tool
Curtis Wright Metals Processing Div., Buffalo
Titanium Alloy Mfg, Niagara Falls
Ferro Metal & Chemical, New York
Kennecott Copper, New York
Belmont Smelting & Refining Works, Brooklyn
Pfaltz & Bauer, New York
Charles Handy, New York
B. L. Lernke, New York
National Carbon, New York
Markite, New York
New York University, New York
Sacandaga, Glenville
Niagara Smelting
Ithaca Gun
B & L Steel, Buffalo
Gteason Works, Rochester
Bufiovak, Buffalo
Radiation Applications, New York
American Machine and Foundry, New York
Radium Chemical, New York
Baker & Williams Warehouses, New York
Carbonneau Site, Malta
American Machine and Foundry, Buffalo
Wilson Warehouse, Buffalo
Linde Air Products, Buffalo
Phohl Brothers Landfill, Tonawanda

North Carolina State University, Raleigh

Belfield Mill
Bowman Mill

Case School of Applied Science, Ohio State University, Columbus
Cyrus Foote Mineral, Cambridge
Fosdick Machine Shop, Oxford
NationalACME Machine, Cleveland
Ohio Stale University, Columbus
Ohmart, Cinncinnati
University of Cincinnati
Wright Air Development Center, Dayton
Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus
Brush Beryllium, Cleveland
DuPont, Grasselli Plant, Cleveland
Harshaw Chemical, Cleveland
Horizons, Cleveland
Air Force Plant 36, Evandale
Dayton Plants No.1 and 3
Piqua Nuclear Power Facility, Piqua
Brush Beryllium, Elmore
RMI Extrusion, Ashtabula
OARDC, Wooster
Feed Materials Production Center, Fernald
Cooper Metallurgical Associates, Cleveland
Tech-Art, Milford
Battelle Columbus Labs, Columbus
Baker Brothers, Toledo
McKinney Tool and Mfg., Cleveland
Luckey Site
MOUND plant, Miamisburg
National Smelting & Refining, Cleveland
Magnus Brass, Cincinnati
Alba Craft, Oxford
Associate Aircraft Tool and Mfg., Fairfield
Lodge and Shipley, Cincinnati
Cincinnati Milling Machine, Cincinnati
B&T Metals, Columbus
Herring-Hall Marvin Safe, Hamilton
Etna Machine, Toledo
Clifton Products, Painesville
Monsanto Chemical, Dayton
General Electric, Cincinnati
Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Copper Weld Steel, Warren
Osborne, Cleveland
Clevite, Cleveland
American Steel Foundries, Cincinnati
Gruen Watch, Norwood
R. W, Leblond Machine Tool, Cincinnati
Duhnis Chemical , Cincinnati
John Van Range, Cincinnati
Queen City Barrel,Cincinnati
Tocco Induction Heating Div., Cleveland
Ajax Magnathermic, Youngstown
Process Research, Cincinnati
Matlon Engineer Depot, Marion
Motch & Merryweather, Cleveland
Brush Beryllium, Lorain
Duriron , Dayton
CharlesTaylor and Sons, Cincinnati
Robbins & Myers , Springfield

Lakeview Mill
Oregon Metallurgical, Albany
Wah Chang, Albany
Albany Research Center, Albany

American Chain and Cable, Wilkes-Barre
Bartol Research Foundation, Swathmore
Hygrade Sylvania
Meill & Worthington, Hatboro
Paul & Beekmarn, Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
University of Pittsburgh
Teledyne-Columbia-Summerville, Pittsburgh
Rohm & Haas, Philadelphia
Superior Steel, Carnegie
Westinghouse Atomic Power Dev, Forest Hills
Canonsburg Industrial Park
PennCentral Transportation, Blairsville
Aliquippa Forge
Philadelphia Navy Yard
Carnegie-Mellon Cyclotron Facility, Saxonburg
Westinghouse Astronuclear, Cheswick
C. A..Schnorr, Springdale
Carpenter Steel , Reading
Shippingport Atomic Power Station
Try Street Terminal, Pittsburgh
Vanadium Corp. of America, Bridgeville
Westinghouse Atomic Power Div., Homestead
Jeasop Steel, Washington
Babcox & Wilcox, Beaver Falls
Heppanstall, Pittsburgh
Penn Salt, Chestnut Hill
Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia
Aeroprojects, West Chester
Alcoa, New Kensington
Summerill Tubing, Bridgeport
Koppers, Pittsburgh
Philadelphia Naval Yard
Foote Mineral, Philadelphia
Roberts & Manders, Hatboro
Sharpies, Philadelphia
Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator, Philadelphia
Brown Instrument Div.
Birdsboro Steel & Foundry, Birdsboro
Pennsylvania Ordnance Works, Williamsport
Palmerton Ore Buying Site
Landis Machine Tool, Waynesboro
U. S. Steel National Tube Div., McKeesport
Bureau of Mines, Bruceton
Curtis-Wright, Quehanno
Beryllium, Reading
Catalytic, Philadelphia
Nuclear Materials and Equipment, Apollo
Chambersburg Engineering
Pennsylvania Disposal Site
Westinghouse Electric, East Pittsburgh
Babcox & Wilcox, Parks Township

Brown University
C. L Hayes, Inc.

Savannah Rivet Swamp

Edgemom Mill

Parcel 228
Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Tennessee Eastman Corp.
Vitro Corp. of America
W. R. Grace
Clinton Laboratories
Knoxville Iron Co.
Clarksville Foundry & Machine Co.
Elza Gate Warehouse
Union Carbide and Carbon Corp.

Pasadena Chemical Corp., Pilot Plant
Texas City Chemicals, Inc.
Paritex Sewage Reservoir
Falls City Uranium Mill
Kearns City
Three Rivers
Sutton, Steele and Steele Co.

Green River Mill
Mexican Hat AEC Ore Buying
Salt Lake City Mill
Salt Lake City AEC Ore Buying Station
U. S. Bureau of Mines
University of Utah
Monticello Ore Buying Station and Mill
White Canyon AEC Ore Buying Station
Matysville AEC Ore Buying Station
Moab AEC Ore Buying Station

Naval Proving Ground
Reactor Site - Fort Belvoir
Mobil Oil Corp.
Babcock & Wilcox Co
University of Virginia
Reynolds Metals Co.
Norfolk Naval Station
American Machine and Foundry Co.

Globe Steel Tubes
Tranes Co.
University of Washington
Hartford Engineer Works

Reduction Pilot Plant
Amax Corp.
Morgantown Ordnance Works
Food Machinery and Chemical Corp.

Allis-Chalmers Co
Research Products Corp
Milwaukee Airport

Converse County Mill
Crooks Gap AEC Ore Buying Station
Riverton AEC Ore Buying Station
Rivenon Mill
Shirley Basin AEC Ore Buying Station
Lost Creek

Boiling Water Nuclear Facility
Superheat Reactor

Queen City Barrel Co.
Transcontinental Machine and Tool Co.
Bistro Manufacturing Co.
Layton Brothers Drum
Cania Laboratories
Alimous Process, Inc.
Midland Machine Co.
Metcut Research Site
Vulcan Tool Co.

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