Tandem Driven AAFD
Was Tested as an April Fool 99 Special!

AAFDtandemdrivensm.jpg (19508 bytes)

Image Copyrighted by NHRA's Jim Billups.
Permission to post here was granted on 4-2-99. Thanks Jim!

Nice Try NHRA!!

If implemented, this would be a challenge to maintain
the 325+ MPH runs with an extra man on board!!  The
boys in the Pits may have a few more tricks up their sleeve,
to keep the equipment not only safe with this gear,
but ready to be competitive with the state of the art AA/FD
set-up combinations currently being run today :)
Wish them luck using the TEAM concept!

To the Sponsors of the Sport :)
Anything to make us safer in this sport is well
worth the effort, and should be supported!

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