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Please Visit These Links! Let The Native Americans, from
Their Own Websites, Speak to You With Their Stories,
Arts, Crafts, and Celebrations! Learn Of Their Culture!

Native American / Aboriginal Star Knowledge (Astronomy)!

The Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Reservation Eastern Band Home Page!
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Official site
History Of The Cherokee: Comprehesive!
The Cherokee Links Page
"Cherokee History" Genealogy Page
"Cherokee"'s Home Page
Rich-Heape Native American Film Company
Swifteagle: Many Quality Links & Nice Script on Page!
Wolfsong's Site: Graphic Beauty!
Raven's Tsalagi (Cherokee) Site
Alihelisdi's (NE Alabama Cherokee) Home Page
Pretty Moon's HomePage (NE Alabama Cherokee)
Sheowolf's Native American Wolf Pages
SheoWolf's Page For Lovers: Fabulous!!
SheoWolf's Designs For The Web
The Longhouse: Spirit Woman's Teachings
The Reservation
The Cherokee Messenger: Various Articles
TwoWolf's Den
United Keetoowah Band Cherokee Nation
Freeware Cherokee Font Page
Snow Princess' Forest

Sam Silverhawk's Native American Graphics

Some Nice Sites By Phil Konstantin:
His Home Page: CHP & Cherokee Registry Info
This Week In American Indian History
Sites With Lots Of Links
Tribal Names And Their Meanings
Indian Moons, Days, And Other Calendar Stuff
Quite The Couple:) Coyote Thunder And His Links!
Morning Dove

Other Native American Links:

Jordan S. Dill Webs:
Native Tribes of the United States and Canada
First Nations Histories
AIM Links

Lisa Mitten Webs:
Native American Nations

Tribal Colleges and Education
Native American Languages
Native American Organizations
Native American Pow-Wows and Festivals
Native American Businesses
General Indian Oriented Home Webs
Native American Media and Entertainment Resources
The Mascot Issues

American West Web:
Native Americans

Native American History Class Projects
Documentary editing projects developed
in collaboration between students in
Prof. Peter Wood's Native American History class
and The Digital Scriptorium.

There is a Federal Law For Petitioning in 25CFR:

This Has 200 Links All Topics Native American!
Tecumseh: Biography of a Shawnee Chief and Brave Leader
Listening to the Spirit
American Indian Library Association Sites
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Columbia University Native American History Tribes
Mister G's American Indian Link Exchange
Yahoo's List Of Native American Sites! Lots of Links!!
Native American Indian: 300 Links! Art! Culture!
American Indian Who's Hot
Native American Genealogy
Native American Heritage
Sacred Sites Of Peace And Power
Keneu Wahonomin
Federally Recognized tribes
Coeur d'Alene Nation in Idaho
Charles Littleleaf: "Whispers Of Earth Medicine": Piegan Blackfeet Flute
The Seminole TribeOf Florida & Chief Jim Billie's Site
Native Tech!! Disconnecting Primitive Connotations!!
Russell Means: Lakota Freedom Spokesman
Lakota Morning Prayer
Western Native American History: A Long Lesson!
Red Heart's Native American Home Page
Native American Resources
Native America On The Radio! AIROS
Native American Music Web Index
Stroud Flutes   Mystic Double Flute
The Native Web: A Gold Star Site
High Eagle Native American Flute Musician
The First Peoples Of North America: Good Links!
Stone E's Web Lodge: Crafts, Lore Of Native Americans
Spirit Of The Wolf: With 1854 Manifest of Chief Seattle
Native American Treaties: Univ of Colorado in Boulder
Cloud Dancer: An Apache Site
Tracker Inc: Tom Brown (Trainee of Apache "Stalking Wolf") Trains SEALs Too!
Brooke Medicine Eagle: Earth Wisdom Teacher
Lodge of Ani-yunwiya
United Tribe Of Shawnee Indians
Unalachtigo History in NJ
North Carolina Tribes
Legislation Impact on Native Americans
Chief Seattle On The Internet Links
Native American Books: Categorized
New Mexico Native American Museum
Links To Aboriginal Resources
Native American Who's Hot
Rick's Indian Stuff : Modern Style
Beaded Web: Native Spirituality
Animal Spirit Energies
Quality Art by Shoshone-Bannocks
Gift Of A Dreamcatcher!
Cheveyo's Native American Web Chat
Native American Ten Commandments
Choctaw Native American Geneaology Links
Four Winds Trading
Vintage Native American Songs: 20 CD Set
Native American Photography: E.S. Curtis
Native American Tribes Links

Pow Wow's: The Places / The Schedules!
Pow-Wow Resources Using Infind site!
Pow Wow Trail
Gathering of Nations

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Buffalo Horse Trading Company: Builder
Power of Drums: Article

Native American Web Ring Links:
White Buffalo Web Ring
Many Feathers Web Ring


The Race Is for The Swift!! They're Off!!!!

Thanks goes to Swifteagle, "The WagonTrain", and "Dream Artists"
for their Assistance in my developing this Native American Page :-)

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