Food and Cooking Resources

World's Healthiest Foods
World's Healthiest Foods

"Chef Colleges":  Premier Institutes with Culinary Degrees
Culinary Institute of America

Some Culinary Web Stopovers :)
Star Chefs Main Menu: Great Cooking Info!
Chef Talk: Food lover's links to professional chefs
Culinary Network
Coffee Science
Star Chefs
All Recipes
World Wide Recipes
Recipe Top 10
Cyber Home Chef
Busy Cooks
Organic Gardening at Home
Yum Yum
Fannie Merritt Farmer Cookbook
Digital Chef
Butlers Professional Advice
U Cook: Ultimate Cookbook
Inquisitive Cook
Gourmet Spot
French Kiss Cuisine
Messy Gourmet? Yup!!
Soup recipes online!
SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (36,429 of them!!)
Gourmet Recipes for the Culinarily Challenged!
Eating Safely: National Food Safety Database
Top Secret Recipes On The Web
Queen Can-IVore
Cooking Light
Sauce Cafe Magazine
Cake Recipes
What's For Dinner??
BH&G Grilling Guide
My Cookbook: Personal Web Cookbooks
Grandma's Kitchen
Some Chinese Food Resources
RiceWeb: International "All Things Rice"
I grew up with Cheerios, did you?
I go Krogering, doesn't everyone?
General Mills the maker of Amrican Cereal for years
Betty Crocker: Baker's choice for years
Farmer's Market Online
Potato Help and Lore
Potato News!
Kentucky Fried Chicken Copycat Recipes
White House Recipes: Is this all they eat??
Back of the Box Recipes
Better Homes and Garden's Celebratory Cuisine
Recipe Search
High Voltage Cooking
Wolfgang Puck Recipes
Food TV: Learn from the Chefs
Chunky Soup

Gluttony Day (Formerly Thanksgiving Day)
Eat Turkey

Can't Decide?
Get your Random Generated menu
Get a Personalized Meal Plan
Minute Meals Menus
Generate a Shopping List!!
Picky Eater Problem Solver
Price Grabber

On the Road looking?
Road Food

Exotic Food Menus from Overseas
Asia Recipe

For Those who prefer the Butler
The International Guild Of Professional Butlers

On Waiters
Waiters' World

For those with Fast Food Tendencies
Mc Spotlight might cure you of a Mac Attack :)
Snack Bandit

For Those Needing a Restaurant Rating
Zagat Survey

For those needing a Reservation!
Open Table
Savvy Diner

All Herbs
Herb Med

Sweet Ideas & Practical Solution
Gimme Candy
Eating Candy and other things carry a price if you don't pay attention to de-TAIL hehe :)

Gallery of Regrettable Food
Burritology Resources
Dilberito Foodfest
Kiddie Cereal Rating Web
U and UR Toaster Museum
Twinkies Project
Travelling beans
Bizarre Things Made in the Kitchen
Jet Powered Beer Cooler

My Favorite Food Supplier:

Have a Party!

Food Safety is a Must!
Periodic Table of Condiments that go bad
Food Safety - a Government t site

Alcoholic Food 
Real Beer
Beer Site
For those who Test and Taste Wine
Wine Files

Chocoholic Food
Chocolate Science

Gluttonus Maximus-
NINE Pound Burger!!!

Fast Food that had staying power:
KFC!  Here are notes on how it started

Government Advice:
USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

The Most Famous Hot Dog Truck:
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!
The 1936 original by Carl G. Mayer
Promotional Materials in 2000!  

(I just happened to catch a sight of the wienermobile at Bassett's IGA during their visit 
10-4-00 in Oak Harbor Ohio!!; then it was driven the same day to Port Clinton, Ohio!)
Pics are posted of my visit around and inside the vehicle!  And just think, they used to say
"Computer Wienies" never had fun!!

Very Interesting Bakery Super Project!
Super? Yes! However, it's not a bird, nor a plane, nor a train, nor a speeding bullet,
nor is it something leaping over buildings with a single bound...(in other words, nor is it Superman!)
What is it then?  It is a SuperProject, baking muffins around the globe in a
sailboat!!  Check out:  the Sea Muffin project!!!

The VERY BEST Soup Cracker I've Enjoyed!
O-T-C-Trenton Oyster and Soup Crackers

For Chili Cook-off Championships:
International Chili Society