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8th Grade was tough once! Try Salina School back in 1895!!

Some of the best things we learn is from doing it ourselves! How about
Writing our own Books??  Here's a good free (so Far) Download:
Free Homestead Web Interface host your book,  in minutes!

Students need an atmosphere free of distraction:
No Bullies! Support to deal with it!
Take Action Against Bullying: How To Site
And for later--Protection against Work Place Bullying
Check out these Questions to Ask your School Administrator!

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Financial Aid 101 Course
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Student loans were a Farce, was a moneymaking machine!

No link; just paste to browser, Still a good source of info:

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Math Help Professor
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Old An Abacus is one of the oldest devices for Math
World's Smallest Abacus!
Abacus Tech: The Art Of Using Beads In Calculating!

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Schwab Foundation Support Site For Children with Learning Differences
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Useful for proofreading
Common Errors in English!

OK, We have a Banned Words List!
Lake Superior State University's Banned Words List

Got A Term Paper To Do? Other Written Work To Undertake?
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The Glorious Art of Rodin
Arguments and Persuasion in Writing
All Readers: Find Reviews Give Reviews Book Search
Gateway to Educational Materials
The Berlin Wall Homepage
Classic Bookshelf
Karnak Library
Find the textbooks at ""
A Cool Typing Experiment from MIT!
Dictionary of Units of Measure
Early Oxford Manuscripts
USPS Letter Collection
Here's The Site  for Getting Ready For the Boards :)
Blake Digital Text Project
Ask The MIT Globe!!
Get "This is True" weekly!
Ask The Curious Cat: Dr. Universe!" Informative!
National Academy Reading Room: Read on line books here!
Learn Character, Which Does Count!
Country Studies: Library Of Congress Resource
Whole Pop Magazine: Pop Culture Ed
Made In America Pictorial Historic American Buildings
College Is Possible!
Noesis: Philosophical Research On Line
The Best Humanities on the Web
Core Values: Ethics Education!
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American Memory Library Of Congress
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Did You Know (Spelled differently at the site)
National Science Foundation
YES Mag: Canada's Science Magazine For Kids
Mathematical Quotations Server
Global Learn Day II
Letters to the Future
DO-IT: Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking And Technology
The "Last Word" From The New Scientist Magazine
Test Thyself On Line (K-12 Assessments): Online EduTest
ACT: Getting Ready
Project Equinox: 250 Poets Working For Peace
National Spelling Bee
CNN's Java Word Search Game
Acrophobia Netgames!
A Word With You
Those Were The Days: A Page Telling You What Happened :)
Test Book Prices Comparison
Edu Web : Knowledge adventures
Info Please

Eclectic Free Learning sites:
MIT Free Open Courseware-1800+ lectures with downloadable course materials!

Khan Academy-NEW & Free!

Geo Explorer

Master Wordsmith Professor
Robert Beard of Bucknell University:
A Glossary of Literary Terms
A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Dealing with Words From Diverse Languages!!
Human Languages Page

The Most Quoted Man In 1800's:
Samuel Johnson: Sound Bite Page has 500 Quotes!

Watch for Cliches avoid their use; here is a site:
Cliche Finder

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All the Tests Including IQ & EQ!!!
Learn speech tips at Toastmasters
Fun Trivia
Quia Learning Activities
Travel With the U.K. Professor
US Dept of Educational Technology
Crack Those Books!!
Integrating The Internet With The Curriculum
Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology
A Web Of On-Line Grammars
Good Quotes from Good people
Linguistic Fun
Afterthoughts: Reflections-Various Topics Weekly
About The United Nations
United Nations Cyber School Bus
Medieval Studies: The Labyrinth
Aesop's Fables Online Collection
Storytelling Is A Special Art Form That Can Be Educational Too :)
US History Archive Of Diplomacy And Foreign Policy
This Day In History: The Movie Channel Special
Hidden America: Places Not Oft Travelled
History Net
Encyclopedia Of Women's History
A Manuscript Web
Books On Line: Free!
Eldritch Press: Free Books On Line!
Barns & Noble
Book Budget Books With Acses!
How Much Is Other Currency Vs US $$? Cool!!
Home Schooling: An Option!
Xlibris: be an author!!
Audible Yeats
Net Surf Quizzes
Tower of Pisa: Every Detail on Images!
Hemingway Bio
State Schools Quality Counts 2000: Ratings of Institutions
Fact Monster
Readers Digest
Sotheby's Antique Resources
For those wanting to do something books do not teach!

Prodigy Processing
Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Pioneers In Online Education:
The Florida High School Project!!
I know That :)) - Very Interesting Layout
Connecting Teachers with their Students :)
Find Tutorials!
Learning On Line University
Scholastic Network
The 100 Most Wired Colleges
Pleasant Grove Elementary School: A Good Example
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Biography Web
Jerry Taylor: Technology Integration teacher
Digital Education Network
Kaplan Edge Newsletter
Visual Physics Page
Princeton Review
The Electric Library
Research Paper Site!
Internet Public Library; Ask An E-Mail Question Offer
Investment Simulator!! Learn Safely How To Invest!
Benjamin Franklin Documentary Website
CIA's World Fact Book
Find A Place At Mapquest
Biggest House!!Biltmore Estate
Source of 11,000 FREE Cyber-Newsletters
Homework Helper
How Things Work: From A Physics Professor
Biography Watch
American Mensa
International Mensa
Applying For Colleges Just Got Easy!! No Excuses , Now!!
CLEP: College Level Education Program
California Virtual University: Get "Degreed Education"
"College Acceptance Letter Stress"
Kaplan's Cure For Back-To-School Blues
Duke University Digital Scriptorium
Ohio State
Kaplan's "The Verge": What's After Graduation??
University Of California UC News Wire
PBS Teacher Source
Electric Soup: Hunterdon Literary E-Zine
Find K-12 Info At The American School Directory
Free School Test Stats: Who's The Best In Your Area? John Updike Wants You To Write Story Segment!
Super Kids Parents And Teacher's Software Guide
Informed Parent Resource
Too Cool For Grownups
Tools For Teachers On Line
Distance Learning Resources Site
Education World's Internet Primer
Score Study Guides 9-12
Kimmy Smith's Home Page: Bell City HS
University City InfoWeb Project
Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids
Digital Education Network! School On The Net!
The Family Channel!
History Channel
Screen It: Movie Reviewing Tool For Parents!
Family Education Network: Support For Your Community!
Tech Corps: Volunteered Excellence In Support!
Interactive Edu. Learnware: Science Software!
LucidCafe: Of Coffee Lore..And Much More!
How Things Work: A Physics Teacher Explains
Book Notes: Authors Discussion on Books & Ideas
Entelechy Library Resources
American Library Association
On Line School Yard
Ancient Sites!
National Geographic's Site
Museum Of London
National Museum Of Art
Musee Guide to Museums
NCES: National Center For Educational Statistics
Get Your American History Here" Words & Deeds!!"
NY Public Library Exhibits
CyberLatin History Academy
High Priority Location & Its Lore! Cyber Kitchen!
Betty Crocker Page
Riddle Du Jour: Mind Checker! Prizes too!
Hongkong Back to China: Turnover
G7 Summit in Denver Colorado
Plastic Princess Page
Insider's Guide To Locating Vacation Sites
Ocean98: Oceangoing and Virtual Expeditions
Water Science For Schools, a USGS Special!
Cyborg 101: Controversial Academic Rescue System
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History House: Find all sorts of Historical Stuff :)
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Magic Show!
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Whitney Museum Of American Art
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Jaspar's Origami Menagerie
The Garden Of Origami
Sand Castle Central
A Smart Page! A Wired Colorado University!
The Summit of the Eight and World Affairs Project
Global Schoolhouse: A Connected Learning Environment
General Delivery University Diploma Mill
Resources for Parents and Children
Child-Friendly Search Engines!
Live Manuals
Mrs Dingman's Third Grade

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Book Monitor
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Internet Public Library Youth Division
Bartleby Shakespeare Complete

Poetry Activated
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When Education Fails
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Dealing with Bullies

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IQ test: Self Discovery Workshop

College Project of "Studs Terkelistic" Pursuits
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