'NightScribe' Dressed Up!


Taken on a windy day:

Dress-up Specifications:
    Suit:  Franco Tassi
   Shirt: Modena (Should have had sleeves shortened 1", though!)
     Tie: Privado
    Hat: Fidora, by Stetson
Shoes: Who Cares, by Walmart!
Tailor:  Diamond Brothers, Sandusky, 2006

Advice:  You don't wear this except on formal occasions, and: Never Never EVER wear such attire in
                      any place/establishment known/found to be attended by, Members and Associates of CN,
                       (Cosa Nostra, AKA, "Our Thing")  if you lack Italian/Sicilian parental geneaology!! 
                      (For instance, "The NightScribe" is Scotch/English!).


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