Confidential Cover Letter
        You want words? Here are a lot to simply say "Keep Off"!!!
   "Notice: This is an "EYES ONLY" Document!!"


Any isolated incidences of disclosure or collective occasions of perusal, reproduction,
distribution, oral transfer/promulgation, or any likewise alternative comunicative media
implemented upon any portion of the information contained herein shall NOT be in any
way tolerated or countenanced to the least extent; any such occurances - either by careless or deliberate disclosure- shall result necessarily, nonequivocally, summarily, and absolutely, in immediate, significant, and singularly negative expressions - and implementation thereof - of consequentially punitive feedback and retribution; which shall as a minimun include, but not be limited to, extensive traumatic alterations to extremely specific, sensitive, vital, vulnerable, and (previously) well-defended psychological, and /or physiological target points and/or regions and focal points belonging exclusively to, or being fully and/or partially proprietary to, the offending individual(s) thereunto appertaining; with or without municipal, civil, state, appellate, or federal jurisprudence processes leading to conviction.  This document which serves as the Notice of Confidentiality affixed to the material requiring non-disclosure is
signed, sealed, and forever inseparably"siezed" in delivery with referenced protected
document(s), and /or property/properties with the utmost validity and verity; thus
rendering the aforesaid retribution as Enforceable under the maximum extent within the applicable international unlimited jurisdiction of legal authority; the violators who disclose information within this document/property package which disclosure is fully described as cited above, shall consider this instrumentational Notice as forever irrevocable in purpose, content, and implementing scope.

Notice of Confidentiality executed and signed for Transmittal:
By The Document Package Owner: ______________________(L.S.)  Dated:_________.
By The Document Package Courier:______________________(L.S.) Dated:_________.

Notice of Acceptance and Receipt of Confidentiality Package:
By The Document Package Receipt Courier:________________(L.S.) Dated:________.

Receipt of Confidentiality Package:
By the Document Package Authorized Consignee:____________(L.S.) Dated:________.

                          DANGER!!! WARNING!!!! READ and HEED!!!!

If this Document Package is opened during transmittal, it is considered unauthorized
disclosure automatically!  In such cases, an encoded (fully encrypted) program will
execute in a miniature microprocessor Enforcement Initiator Device, within the
Document Package Container Control Component, which will immediately cause
the document to be forever protected from further disclosure, via the complete
obliteration of the document to an non-recoverable configuration, and the violator(s)
who opened the package prior to its receipt by the authorized Consignee will likewise
be rendered incapable of further disclosure of this package (or any future packages)
by a proprietary Terminating Enforcement Device whose operation shall never be
made reversable without the appropriate implementation of the applicable decryption
decoding interface execution sequence code (possessed by the Authorized Consignee).
As a result of the proprietary enforcement devices being made operational from improper
disclosure, there will be no detectable traces of the Document Package, its containment
package, or the violator(s) after complete execution of the microprocessor command
sequence codes inherent within the Disclosure Sanction Package.  A duplicate copy
of this Document Package is available in an undisclosed isolated location to prevent
the intentional or accidential disclosure event from permanently destroying the Document
Package without the owner's consent (for example the disclosure event might be made
to occur as a way to sabotage the transfer with the express intent to prevent the Consignee
from receiving this Document Package). 

          Additional Notice of Required Security Clearance
To transfer this Document package, a minimum clearance of "Above Top Secret"
(ATS) SHALL shall be possessed by the transfer agents, the courier, and the Authorized
Consignee. Said clearance SHALL, as a minimum, exceed United States "Q" Clearance
or International Government And/Or Ultimate Diplomatic Immunity (UDI) level. This
requirement is a security featured protocol to prevent officials within ANY jurisdiction,
Government, Agency, Embassy, or international Diplomatic Entity from exercising any
Intervention Process  to result in any restraint, interference, delay, or cessation of the
Document Package Transfer process.  In brief, this Document Package carries with
it a level of Unique Solitary Jurisdiction!  Incidentally, the Document Package has
an internal proprietary device to detect individuals with less than the required security
clearance aforecited, and likewise execute the Disclosure Sanction sequence!