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American Bar Association IPL Site
AIPLA: American Intellectual Property Law Association
Against Intellectual Property (Dissent Resources)
World Intellectual Property Organization
Authors Registry
CyberSpace Law Center
European Patent Office
FPLC Intellectual Property Mall
Free Advice Law Server on Copyright Law
IBM Intellectual Property Network
Intellectual Property Law Gateway to Resources
Media Web Copyright Resources on the Internet
Intellectual Property Law Web Server
Internet Law Library
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Kuester Law Resources
Larry Sahr's Shortcuts to the best IPL Resources
National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations
SIIA: (was SPA) Software Information Industry Association
U.S. Copyright Office
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Virtual WW Law Library (Look for the IPL link)
World Intellectual Property Organization
Copyright Gulag
Graphics Guild Copyright page

E-Commerce Law Resources
Steptoe and Johnson "Law and the Net"

General Copyright Issues
U.S. Copyright Office
Copyright FAQ by Terrence Carroll
Penalties of Infringement (18USC2319)
Copyright Website by Benedict O'Mahoney
IP Law Primer for Web Developers
Music de-Copyrighting Experts at CDFreaks

Example of a psychologist website "busted" for violating copyrights and trademarks!

Copyright Briefly Explained by Brad Templeton:
"10 Myths about Copyright Explained"
"Brief Explanation of Copyright"
"Linking Rights"
"Radical Theory of Property"

Fair Use of Copyrighted Material:
CETUS site on "Fair Use of Copyrighted Works"

Trademarks FAQ
Basic Trademark Facts
Trademark Registration and Processing is Very Expensive!