Caution !!!
Possible Internet Addiction Syndrome
may follow your visit to cyberspace!!!

Before checking out all my links, you are
encouraged to check these sites out:

Internet Addiction Disorder and the I-A-S-G
Internet Addiction Association
Center for Online Addiction  Sections of the Center
Internet Stress Survey

Music Therapy resources for the Medically or Psychologically Addicted
Internet Addiction Clinic
Internet Addiction: One's Life Afterward
Computer and Cyberspace Addiction
Psychosocial Parameters Of Internet  Addiction
10 Symptoms Of Internet Addiction
12 Steps for Internet Addiction Recovery
Yahoo Links for Internet Addiction
Some Net Addiction Signs from Diamond_Mask! LOL

The NightScribe is a member of the WA :-)

Here's an Addiction Example from a Friend in SPECWAR,
Erasmo "Doc" Riojas, SEAL Team 2 Corpsman