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Cardiac Health Web
American Heart Association
AHA's Circulation Journal
AHA's "Take Wellness To Heart" for Women"
American College of Cardiology
Cardiac Glossary including Perfusion terms
AMSECT: American Society for Extra Corporeal Technology
Vee-Tac's Cardiac Chambers: Created by a true Cyber Nurse :)
Merck Manual Heart Disease Page
Med Net's Cardiology Database
Heart Disease Risk Calculator
Cardiomyopathy Indications
CNN Heart News
National Cholesterol Education Program
Doctor's Guide To Elevated Cholesterol & Resources
Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology
National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute
Heart & Vascular Institute
Coronary Risk Factors
Sulzer Recommended Cardiac Links
Heart Information Network
Human Heart: A Living Pump
American Thoracic Society
BCM Department of Surgery: Dr Michael DeBakey's HQ
Texas Heart Institute
Take  a Heart Tour!!
American Lung Association
Lipitor! Blood Pressure Medicine:)
National Stroke Association
Hypertension Network
Journey Of Hearts Healing Place
NYU Cardiovascular Surgery Dept Page
Barrow Neurological Institute-The Pioneers of Cardiac Standstill
An Example Case of Cardiac Standstill
Cardiac Injury Scale
During an attack, if you are alone, buy some time for your heart this way!!

SELF-CPR: When you are alone.

Arrythmia Interpretation Webs:

   A Normal Pattern:
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Atlases: EKG, Heart Murmurs, Echocardiograms
EKG Atlas
Normal EKG Trace
12 Lead E C G Library Home Page
Arrythmias Explained! Cardiology
Dysrhythmia Patterns
EKG Homepage With Tutorial Download!

Surgery Operative Fields are safer and healthier!
Here are the resources. Doctors in surgery need to check these out!
Laporoscopy.Com saphenous vein harvest procedure faster!

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