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When it's time to can smooth the way for loved ones.
When it's time to "check out" from life on earth,  arrangements must be made.  It's one of the two certainties 
of life here, "death" and taxes".  Sometimes the death comes as a surprise.  In preparation for this occurrence, 
the arrangements for funeral and mortuary concerns can be made in advance.  This is recommended,  because 
such planning minimizes the stressful impact on  surviving family members.  Here are a few resources 
 dealing with this important aspect of estate planning regarding Mortuary Sciences and the Direction of Funerals.  
Visiting these websites, one may become familiar with what is available for these type of services.

NFDA: National Funeral Directors Association
International Cemetary and Funeral Association
Arrange on Line
Heavenly Door
Hospice Foundation of America