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There's A Doctor For Any Specialty You Need!
Certified Doctor Resources Database
What Specialities Are Certified by ABMS?
Who's "Board Certified" In Medical Specialties?

 Visit Dr.Koop's Community!
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 On Line Health Insurance!
e-Health Insurance.com

Procreative Medicine Developments
Viagra Talk: Dr Moderated Chat On The Latest Impotency Drug
Viagra Pharmaceutical Description by Pfizer
HIV: Latest Developments, Research, General Info
(Yes, Anyone Can get it, Not Just Gays, Ask a Dentist Whose Patient Got it)

Inappropriate Behavior Consequences Med Dept:
Well, If You Got This Condition, Or Are Curious, Here's One Link On AIDS!
Here is Another AIDS Site Called "The Body" ..Very Informative

Obstetrics/Gynecology/Women's Health
GYN 101
Ob Gyn Net For Women Only!
JAMA Women's Health Information Center
Women With Disabilities

Special Fields Of Human Services
American Society Of Suicidology
Compassionate Friend for the Bereaved
Clinical Trial Listings

Don't count these out!
Disability INFO resources

BME Site (Phew)

Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

Hearing Loss Solution if Hearing Aids are not an option:
Learn to Speak with your Hands

A Well Done Nursing Web by Anneliese
Don't Get This Frustrated!! :)
For Tobacco Issues, Click Here
Chicken Soup For The Soul
(This Is Good "Medicine" for you too!)
Bad Bug Book: What's On That Coffee Cup??
A Heart Surgeon In Politics Today: Meet Bill Frist
I don't know This guy But I think He's been on line too long!

Pathology Practice Dept: Not for the Squeamish!!
Perform an Autopsy Over The Web!

Abortionology: A specialty detested by Pro-Lifers!
Abortionists and Their Accomplices

Arthritis Network