Medical Resources For Children
American Academy Of Pediatrics
CDC Infants And Children Health Page
Kids Health.Org
Neonatology On The Web
Baby Center: Everything Here :-)
Pediatric Neurosurgery
American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Pediatric Database!
Rare Genetic Disease Internet Gateway
Genetic Research links
Child and Family Statistics Government Site
Medicating Kids PBS program
Band Aids and Blackboards

Pre-Pediatric Web
Creating Families Inc: Surrogacy & Egg Donation Center !
Embryonic Images

Proof that there is life in the womb!  
This is for abortionists that think life only starts at birth!
A 21 week old FETUS grabs the surgeon's hand!!

Parental Health & Concerns
Dad's Page For Baby Care
The Stork Site: Support For New Parents!
These People Help The Momma's!!
Childbirth Resources
First Nine Months: The Story of Human Creation
Sleep Problems in Children:  from the AAP
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Older Adopted Child
Marriages should be healthy for raising Children

Family Support
Family Cares for families, parents, and children
Parents of Murdered Children
Tough Love: "Talking with Kids"
Discipline on line: Family Net Contracts
BabyStory: Not quite medical, but a place to do an online diary of parenthood :)
Futures4 Kids
Kids Health
Child and Family Web from Tufts University
UNICEF: Say Yes for Children
Child Development Info
Parenthood Com

Multiple Births / Support
Chukwu Octuplets (12-8-98 for #A; 12-20-98 for #B-H)
McCaughey Septuplets (11-19-97)
Twins And Multiple Birth Association  (TAMBA)
Parents of Twins/ Multiples
Nat'l Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs(NOMOTC)

Talk From the Womb
From the heart of a Joyous Child

A Bad Thing to catch in school! Here's a Resource! : National Pediculosis Association

Trouble Having a Child? 
American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Special touching Web!
Brianna, a child with Medical Problems, discusses them beautifully :)

Oldest Pediatrician in the U.S.
102 Yr Old Dr Leila Denmark M.D.

Small People
Primordial Dwarfism Resource

Humor:  Bad Day at the Crib: Some babies don't care how bad your day was!

Focus Adolescent Services