Corpsmen: Military Healers!

Call them "Doc's", Doctors, Corpsmen; or Navy Medics!  Was Hippocrates a Greek
Corpsman???  Basically it's the same Job!!  Their chief responsibility is to take good
medical care of the men within the units to whom they are assigned; and .. in dire
emergencies.. they'll have to work fast or get shot up themselves by the enemy!
They are involved with any first aid / medical concerns, and providing the treatment! 
They do things like patching up, healing up, immunizing, and then returning the men
they cared for to fighting trim ASAP, so that they can continue on against the enemy! 

Here are some choice Corpsmen Websites: Not all are about things Corpsman, they just
happen to be posted by Corpsmen.  Their unit branch affiliations are provided if known.

Navy Corpsman HST Home Page: (Several Corpsmen and branches here!)
Virtual Naval Hospital
Naval School of Health Sciences
Erasmo "Doc" Riojas: (SEAL Corpsman, attached to ST2 in the jungles of Vietnam)
Doc Faville (USN)   Corpsman Poetry!
Donald M. "Skip" Gibson: (Marine Corpsman)
Doc Lerp's Links (Marine Corpsman)
Ron "Doc" Ferrill : Fleet Marine Force Corpsman
Navy Corpsman During Wartime  by Antonio Palacios, USMC PhM3/c
Corpsmen who were awarded Medal of Honor
Corpsman Up!  on the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps  The Caduceus!
Robert W. Cooper, Marine Corpsman: The Aid Station!
Charles David Bunner   Corpsmen and Medics

There are others: the above is a start!