"SEAL JAVA Webs" by Nightscribe: 
First up! First SEAL giving a peptalk to his men at ST2!
The Original ST2 would look like this dressed up!
BUDS Can be Very Muddy Indeed: They all have to work as a TEAM!!
BUDS at SEA: Truly said, "The Only Easy Day was Yesterday!"
The Trident is NOT For Wannabes!!!!!!!!
SEALs Inserted, Locked, Loaded, and GOOD to GO!!
SEALs on a Patrol Boat in Transit!
Two Seals in the jungle, on a mission!!
A SEAL cleared to leave the water and start hunting!
SEAL up to his nose in water-based readiness!
"Demo Dick" Marcinko as he would look in dark waters in enemy territory!
"Demo Dick" Marcinko  Relaxing with his Sea Daddies!!
"Demo Dick" Welcoming the unscheduled "casual" visitor to Rogue Manor!
Class 23, the UDT Starting Place for QMCS James "Patches" Watson!
Hoot Andrews and Friend
Ty Zellers with Grim Reaper taking it easy!
UDT-11 On their Boat, on the Beach, at the Ready!
SEALs on a Calendar!
"Doc" Riojas in two places at the same time :)
"Doc" Riojas diving into the water!
"Doc" Riojas' "Jaws Feeder Business"
Mark V in Action
Navy SEAL Eagle Emblem Landing in Dark Waters!
Let Loose the Frog of War!
Let Loose the Frog Man-o-War!
John Carl Roat the Diving Pro!  "Be Ready for Anything!"
Son of SEAL has an attitude !!!

Credits:  Photos of SEAL TEAMs and the Team boats were used, with permission granted,
               from Master Chief James "Hoot" Andrews, U.S.N.(Ret).  Photos regarding the 
               "First SEAL" and "Sea Daddies" used, with permission granted, from LCDR 
               Roy H. Boehm, U.S.N. (*Ret).    Photos regarding "Doc" Riojas were used, with
               permission granted, from HCCS (Corpsman Senior Chief) Erasmo "Doc" Riojas.  
               Thanks, Roy, Hoot, and Doc!

All the "Lake Effect Java" magic was done with "Lake Applet" Java scripting Code that its
author Dave Griffiths wrote!  Here is the obligatory credit button Dave wants on all sites using his code:)

I hope you enjoyed these "Lake Applet" versions of what are already great Pictures.
It looked like a neat idea to try to animate them!

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