The Wannabes had better beware of the SEALs they imitate !!!!!
Look Out!! The Real SEALs are finding them out !!!
No Fake / Phony SEALs Can Hide !!!
They Are 100% Verifiable Now!!!

Phony SEALs?? Fake SEALs??  Wannabe SEALs?? 
Different names, yet the same kind of "animal"!!!   
Yes, they are out there..these kind of Faux SEALs exist!!
They are pretenders who claim they have seen Vietnam UDT/SEAL action, 
Top Secret / Covert action, and /or even antiterrorist RED CELL, and/or 
SEAL Team 6 missions "they can't disclose" and any other heroic (hah!) 
SPECWAR Team action(s)!!  Mostly, you can recognize them: they wear 
SEAL/UDT patches, Trident Insignias, Black Berets, Cammo's, even they 
go so far as to carry or possess Naval Weapons!  They talk big! 
There are other "signs": 
They don't have a clue as to WHAT their BUDS/UDTR Class Number was, 
WHO their swim buddy was, WHO their BUDS/UDTR Training Master Chief 
was, or even who their Unit commanding officer was, during "their" alleged 
completion of BUDS or UDTR classes!    Why?? 
Because they NEVER WERE a SEAL or UDT Man in the first place!!  
Unfortunately, there are plenty of these Phonies!!  
And Believe This, Folks:  SEALs are having their honor stolen!
Thousands are uncovered every year by NSWA Authenticators!!!

REAL SEALs know how to Check Them Out!!! 
Caution: You must be serious when approaching people who are very very
busy tracking down and busting these Fake Warriors!!  Please don't waste their
time by just asking them "Hey, is this guy a SEAL?". They need specifics on how
the fakes are making their claim (listing publications, speeches, news articles, 
making employment background stories on their Alleged SEAL/UDT Service, etc!)
The NSWA Authentication Team uses a secure database containing the names of 
individuals who REALLY graduated from NDCU training, UDT Training, or
SEAL training!! There is no such thing as a SEAL who took secret BUDS training,
or who didn't have to go to BUDS to be a SEAL!!  All REAL SEALs graduated from
Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUDS) Training!  (And all REAL UDT frogmen
graduated from Underwater Demolition Team Replacement (UDTR) Training!  The
Full fledged SEALs and UDT frogmen also completed the very rigorous final Training
for Qualifying for their UDT/SEAL Team unit assignment, this training including Jump
School, Ranger School,  and the SERES survival training school, etc!). 
NOTE:  Per NSW 21 concepts, new SEALs must also pass SQT after BUD/S,
to EARN the right to wear a Gold Trident pin.

Remember Always: The Trident HAS TO BE EARNED to be WORN !!!   
There are absolutely No EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED !!!!  
There are absolutely No SHORT CUTS to being a SEAL or UDT frogman !!

Links on Wannabe Information:
Below are listed the sites that the REAL SEALs posted on What 
Phony/Fake SEALs Are, Who they Are, and how to basically recognize 
them, and finally, how to report them to get "Found Out"!!

Authentication Process is Easy!
Navy SEAL Verification from Extreme SEAL Experience owner Senior Chief (retired) Don Shipley

SPEC OPS COM Hunting the Wannabes

Military Times Hall of Valor (Find who really earned medals for meritorious, valorous service)

Other Related Sites on Wannabees:
Jug Burkett's Site on his Stolen Valor Book
Marine Scout Sniper Wannabe's Site (With Contact E-mails!)

Phonies and Wannabe's Epidemic  (Pow/MIA site)
Medal of Honor IMPOSTER Guide!
Tracking Down False MOH Heroes
Lie Detector article from POWNET
SEAL of Disapproval from Free Republic

Fake Warriors Project!
Check out their MUST-See VIDEO!

Another very well made video on the same topic!

SPECIAL Books Indeed:

Stolen Valor-One of the very FIRST books out on military
phony warriors (i.e. Wannabes!)
by Jug Burkett

No Guts No Glory: Unmasking Navy SEAL Imposters   
My review of this book! 

Fake Warriors book, in 2nd Edition: Get it NOW!
Includes Web Appendices Here.
My review of this book!

Restoring Valor
One couple's mission to expose fraudulent war heroes
and protect America's Military awards system!
By Doug and Pam Sterner

Some "Miscellaneous" Resources:
See if your Vietnam Vet is on the Memorial Wall;!

I found these ID's you can buy from the NIC Law Enforcement Supply:
Fake SEAL ID Cards Make ME Sick
Fake SEAL Challenge Coins also Make ME Sick

Be Creative: 
An Instant Phony SEAL City Warning Sign :)

Got a SEAL Teamer with a bike who has a son with an Attitude?? 
An Option: Enlist him as a Wannabe Hunter!!

The Law is NOT on the side of the Wannabe!
Laws on Wannabe Issues
Laws on Military Record Forgery from POW/MIA Web

CON Man plays a SEAL officer in one of many scams.  A pathological liar!!
(Link is within the POW Network group of Websites)

CINC of US Wannabe
Kerry isn't playing SEAL but he faked his DD214!!!!!!!!!!!!
Says he got a V device with a Silver Star.
Also got out of Vnam with 3 fake Purple Hearts applying for them with superficial cuts and
was hit by friendly fire.  He will be "UNFIT for command"!!! (See new book by that title)
Check out the "Stolen Honor Documentary!!  He also exercised betrayal!!

On the "Unusual" side, Meet the Grim Reaper who is seen relaxing between missions!

Disclaimer:  I find Wannabe Sites, I link to them, but I am NOT responsible for their content!  
                        I also am NOT a SEAL,   yet I can show you great links for SEAL sites