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Veterans View
U.S. Dept Of Veteran's Affairs
Disabled American Veterans
Cold War Certificate Can be Issued if you Qualify!
American Legion
From the Other Side: Reflections
Aftermath: When the Boys Came Home
A Wonderful Letter: On Clarence Richmond WW 1 Hero
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall Page
Vietnam Veterans of America
Joe Moore, USMC, VN Mem Wall Page
Gulf War Veteran Resource Page
Stars and Stripes E-Zine for Veterans Affairs
Hanoi Jane: Anathema and Pariah to the Vietnam Veteran!

Jobs for Veterans!
Career Info at
Corps Careers
Military Headhunter
Military Green to Corporate Gray: Gateway to jobs at Military-Friendly Companies
Federal MIA/POW Gateway

A note on Acceptance of the Disabled Veteran:
A veteran might return home with missing parts.  
Please Show Compassion and respect! Accept your
vet home for WHO he/she is, NOT for his /her appearance!!

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