Navy: America Defense at Sea
This page links to resources which best represent our Navy Sea Defenses.  
They consist of many Units which coordinate together to comprise elements
of sea warfare operations.  Ships of all descriptions are deployed at sea to
defend our interests, be they local or international. They include the carrier
groups (including tactical air support), fleets, squadrons, and support units.
For this page, the Nuclear Powered Navy is of primary emphasis, both
carrier and submarine groups are listed.

Special Naval Warfare is conducted globally by the fighting units known
as SEALs (Sea Air, And Land), and they Are the Unconventional Elite
Warriors and First behind enemy  lines! 

Nuclear Navy
The Father of Nuclear Navy:  Adm Hyman G. Rickover

Nuclear Carriers: Our Largest Ships-of-War!
Providing Air Support Anywhere!
Enterprise Class Carriers
CVN65 Enterprise
Nimitz Class Carriers
CVN68 Chester Nimitz
CVN69 Dwight Eisenhower
CVN70 Carl Vinson
CVN71 Theodore Roosevelt
CVN72 Abraham Lincoln
CVN73 George Washington
CVN74 John C Stennis
CVN75 Harry S Truman
CVN76: Ronald Reagan

Newport News Shipbuilding: The Carrier Maker
The World Carrier List

Undersea Weapons:
Nuclear Submarines!
NUWC: Our Silent But Deadly Sentinels Undersea!
Official Naval Submarine Links: Com Sub Navy

Submarine Sailor
Ron Martini's Navy Submarine World Network
SeaLion: Sturgeon Submarine Journal
NAVSEA: Naval Sea Systems Command
Neal Stevens Deep Domain
Submarine Simulation Reviews
Jane's      688I Hunter/Killer Is A HOT NukeSub Sim!
SeaWolf: The Next Generation Of Hunter/Killer (Attack) Nuclear Subs
Kings Bay Nuclear Submarine Base; Trident D-5 Armed :)

For Submarine Vets:
USSVI: United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated
Peoria Base, for US Sub Veterans, LCDR Phil Phillips, base Commander

Tracking Your Navy Buddies by e-mail :)
Navy FAQ on Locating e-mail of sailors

Tracking the CPO's:

Check out Goat Locker!!   and Goat Locker's CPO Page!
Command Master Chief Greg Peterman's MMCM(SS) Duty Station

Naval and Military Sounds

From the Goatlocker
WWW Virtual Library Naval and Maritime Links

A Non-Nuclear WW2 WarHorse is going home!
SS New Jersey Battleship Home Page

Mariner's Credo:
A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
- English proverb

Warships Resource:
DANFS: American Naval Fighting Ships

Special Naval Air Power Demonstration Team:
Blue Angels

Naval Terms/Acronyms
Naval History (April 1949) WWII Abbreviations List

Russian Nuclear Powered Navy and other Nuclear "Intel"
Bellona: Norway News

Going VERY Deep!
NR1 and Trieste Bathyscaph story: Project Engineer Mort Hans

Victim of Clinton's Budget for the Military