Terrorism in the future is expected to get worse as the technology and the resources 
of Third World"  countries become more sophisticated.  Computers may soon be the 
weapon of choice among terrorist states.  Our military will no longer then be measured 
by the "Battle Order" listing of Group and Unit assets and personnel, but by how well 
they have prepared for cyber terrorism; assault by computers and other highly technical 
means. Simply guns and ammo alone will be ineffectual against this kind of war. 

SEAL TEAM SIX and RED CELL were set up for this work by former CNO Admiral, 
Thomas Hayward; former Deputy CNO for Plans and Policy, Vice Admiral James A.
"Ace" Lyons; and ST6's Founding father, CO CMDR Richard Marcinko. Later, those 
elite commando units were reduced to a lower degree of readiness after Rick Marcinko 
was run out of the Navy and jailed for various Alleged Indiscretions.  I hope they have 
some unit out there that Can and WILL DO the job when called for.  Delta Force failed 
in the mission to extract Americans from Iran, an ugly reminder that Murphy Law hangs 
tough and will capitalize when least expected. I wish the Deploying Teams luck if they are 
ever deployed for action again!  
As for Terrorism in its present state:
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Origins of Terrorism

Arabs invented terrorism, and all "Islamic Fundamentals" are by definition, terrorists.
Terrorism starts with the Koran (Qur'an). (Read the spoils of war section!) The Islamics   believe it. They train for it ,
they plan for it, and they  practice it continually.  They are willing to die for their efforts, making them all the more dangerous and
untrustworthy to deal with.  They pick the "Infidels" who they want to terrorize.  Israel, and/or  the West who supported Israel
in this century.  The first of the nation of Islam was Ishmael son of Hagar the handmaiden of Abraham. The legitimate heir of the
nation of Israel was Isaac. This split of the legit and illegit sons eventually became the start of millenniums of hate and terrorism
against the nation of Israel by the Arabs who believe and practice Islam.   The Bible of Christianity characterized the nation of Ishmael
(Arabs) as being wild, and striving against mankind, as Ishmael was prophesied to be as such in Genesis 16:12. ( KJV)

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(Running out of Time he is!)