Nightscribe Is Thankful!
Some Thankful Thoughts I'm Sharing For The Cyber Community!

My Top Ten Items:

1. Clinton Isn't Up For Re-Election!! 

2. We Have Food On The Table, Or Can Get Access To Same.
    Sometimes, too much access, LOL!!

3. There Is Money We Can Make In America. Found any loose??

4. My Mother & Father Are The Best Parents!

5. We Have Elections, And The Next One Is Our Chance To Get Who We Want!

6. We Have Freedom Of Religion!!

7. We Have The Best Medical Care In The World!  

8. We Have Christmas Just Ahead Of Us!

9. We Have Children That We Can Love, Cherish, Protect, And Train For The Future!

10. We Have A Real God To Seek; And We Have A Risen Jesus As Our Saviour!

Other More Personal Things I'm Thankful For:

1. My Wife (We're married for 24 years+) who loves me despite my many faults,
    not the least of which are my webological and cyberlogical adventures; That's a lot 
    to put up with!! ;-)   I am also thankful for my love for her.  (I perhaps could express 
    it better by NOT being on line..I'm "hooked" on the cyberdrug called the Internet!)
    the jury is out on this for now..

2. My Cyberfriends, they all know who they are, I'm protecting their Identity ;-)

3. My Machine, upgraded several times, always fighting it's tenant, Win98-2 O/S!

4. My job: I don't glow in the dark, that's something really to be thankful for :-)

5. My Boss: A strong mind, and a gentle heart, a devoted family man! How many
    people out there can say that about his boss??

6. My Family Here: two tall healthy sons, one in the military :)

7. My Family Far Away: I have e-mail contact with all of the members of my own
    family, and all of them have web pages, I love them! In addition to that, we
    were a fabulous group back then, and travelled to many places.

8. My Memories: Related to the above, I have many of them, I could write a Tome
    if I cared to write them all down.  Web pages are not to be used for that,
    takes up too much bandwidth, so suffice it to just mention that I am full of
    great memories.

9. My Neighborhood: I live in a very quiet community, nobody causing trouble
    or crime..<so far> peace in your life environment is something that is priceless!

10. My Future: I have thanks in my heart for having had the technical training
      and experience to ensure my professional relationship will continue to exist
      with Any employer in need of my skills,   dedication,  flexibility to change,
      and ultimate commitment to their success!  I am thankful I have not lost the
      spirit and spark of humanly summonable energy that has kept me going
                                               ...And Speaking of the Future here:
      I am very thankful for the heritage yet to come from The Book Of Revelation,
      which covers the eternal future of Mankind,  for both believer and unbeliever!
      I believe! Not a question of IF, but When!

Some Hopeful Non-Gluttonous Musings From The Nightscribe:

      I hope and trust that every member of the Cyber Community is likewise
      thankful for the positive things they find in their lives and memories, and
      are likewise willing to share it  online, be it a web page or a posting, or a
      chatted sentiment!!

      May the only flames we get today are those burning in the hearts of  caring
      souls who devote much of their energies to the cause(s) of improving the
      world in which we are compelled by circumstance and fate to live in.

   It is my prayer for America that It stands Tall over Terrorism, and never allows
it to spread its totally inexcusable evil over our land. It is also my prayer that
Americans choose their leaders more responsibly in future elections. Our lives
and freedom depend on not controversy, scandal, and hypocrisy; but the devotion
to the proper strong leadership of America that it must have to survive in an ever
more unstable world "geopolitiscape"! Even in the world of national leadership,
"Good Help Is Hard To Find!"

   Have a Great Perpetual Thanksgiving, All of you who are thankful. For those
who aren't thankful, think again! There must be something you can be thankful
for!  Even The "Good Book" (another resource ignored by people in power today)
says "In everything give thanks"! At the very least you have a connection to the net
if you saw my site and this page! :-)

I am also thankful for people who open their homes to the poor for a meal and a
hug like a Woman Featured on "USA Today", God Bless Her!!!!

Some Musings of Thankfulness From A Great Cyberfriend who Must Remain Nameless:

       "I am thankful that I don't live in China, wasn't sold into child labor or
prostitution, can speak out on anything that I disagree with and not risk prison,
can travel freely, can read anything I choose, can believe and profess my
beliefs, can see, hear, walk, talk, and move all parts of body. I have mountains to
look at each day, many more sunny days than cloudy, a green thumb, a love of
people, and I surely must have a guardian angel...."

Touching, Isn't It?  You can surely think of some :)  

Thanksgiving has now yielded to the advance of the 2000 calendar, It is my
lingering hope that we remember what we have in our lives and substance, and
live always to improve our lot, and be ever grateful for our good fortunes,
whose "blessings" we have counted on Thanksgiving Day.  And surely we should
strive to "add" to the fortunes of others by being a brother or sister to a needy
person, being good citizens in our communities, and being with our families
instead of dividing them with our tendencies for selfish pursuits..