Dr. Ronan Tynan
Member of "The 3 Irish Tenors"
Ronan Tynan showed his world the kind of No QUIT Attitude that has been found in BUD/S graduates!!
Check out this Biographical Data from CDIreland.com:

"His story is an example of dogged perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. "

"Tenor Ronan Tynan hails from Kilkenny.  Ronan, a twin, whose brother died at the age of 11 months, 
was afflicted with lower leg problems in his early years until after an accident at the age of 20, the 
decision was made to amputate both of his lower limbs.  While this would be enough to wreck most 
people’s lives, it created in Ronan a tremendous desire to prove himself.  Within 12 months he began
winning medals at disabled games meetings and between 1981 and 1984 he amassed 18 gold medals
and 14 world records at such international meetings. He then went on to become the first disabled 
person to be admitted in to the National College Of Physical Education in Limerick followed by 
training in medicine in Trinity College, Dublin, leading to his current position as a Medical Practitioner
in Kilkenny specialising in Sports Injuries. When he turned 30 he started taking voice lessons and
again his natural talent shone through. In 1992 he won the John McCormack Cup for Tenor Voice
which helped lead to master classes with the famous Italian tenor Ugo Benelli in Genoa. 
His rapid rise to prominence led to Sony Music Ireland offering him a recording deal and now his
debut album "My Life Belongs To You" is a Top 10 hit in Ireland.  On Tuesday, October 13th, 1999, 
he took part in the 3 Irish Tenors Concert in the RDS in Dublin."

"Though hampered by disability early in life, the remarkable story of Ronan Tynan is an inspiration to all.
Few artists are so worthy of the success they receive.  Ronan is one who deserves all this and more."

Nightscribe Comments: 

"Absolutely, Ronan Tynan provided a terrific example of the extraordinary courage that a human
is capable of, when the combined contributions of natural ability, and a Never Say Never persistence
happen to work in tandem!  Whether Ronan sings or not, I salute his achievements as noted in the 
biographical sketch above.  And yes, "The Town I loved So Well" brought tears to my eyes.
He sung it with every fiber of emotion and skill he had,  you MUST hear this song as it was sung by
Ronan Tynan!"   Here is another Tribute page with more comments from his debut album!

His Autobiography is due to be published Feb 2001:
"Stages: From an Irish Village to the Concert Halls of the World,
My Life as a Tenor"

CD's that Ronan Tynan may be heard on:

"The Irish Tenors" From the PBS Live Performance Produced by POINT Entertainment Ltd.
Available from Amazon.com.  The Reviews for this are excellent!

"The Irish Tenors Home for Christmas" Mastertone; ASIN: B00001XDRK.  
Available from Amazon.Com.  The Reviews for this are excellent!

"My Life Belongs to You" Sony Music RTECD216  I have this, it is stunningly wonderful singing!

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