Bluegrass Banjo



Stelling Staghorn Peghead!

Banjos Are Usually Fancy!
Peghead & Fingerboard Patterns can be Unusually Intricate! 
The most Valuable Banjo's Are Pre-WW2 Vintage, Due to 
The pre-1941 Gibson Series of Mastertone Banjos are reputed
based on their "fetch value" in the marketplace, to have the Greatest 
Tone (A sharp cutting bark sound) and are growing in value! 
Look what Stradivarius Violin Did in 200 yrs! Imagine what 
a PreWar Flathead will be appraised for many years from now!

Very Intricate Inlay Jobs:
On the Turtle Hill website is found a Super Example of Mother-Of-Pearl Inlay work, done by Larry Sifel. 
It is not for sale!   

Bob Flesher makes and sells very intricate banjos!

Vintage Banjo Collections:
Great info is available on PreWar banjos!

A Pre-War banjo collection of Michael Shames
Bill's Banjo's Vintage Banjo Collections

Who Played Bluegrass Banjo Best?
Earl Scruggs :)  Here are songs and instrumental Tracks and Titles  that the 
Flatt and Scruggs / Foggy Mountain Boys combo produced 1948-1969!

Earl Scruggs is standing in Back Row; 2nd from right!
He was The Greatest 3-finger Picker, ever, of the Bluegrass 5-String Banjo!
He played Banjo & Guitar with the the Foggy Mountain Boys!!
He set THE Standard by which Bluegrass Banjo is supposed to be played!!
(They' broke the mold' after Earl Scruggs was Born)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown, a 1949 Mercury records recording, used in the chase / getaway scenes in Bonnie and Clyde!

These Guys Traveled with the sponsorship of Martha White Flour!
Earl even had his own Biscuit Recipe!

Earl Eugene Scruggs
Rest in Peace!

January 6, 1924 - March 28, 2012, age 88.

The banjo Earl played since 1949: Mastertone Granada  S/N 9584-3

Somebody, please!!!!
Write a great history-biography on Earl Scruggs!!!

Obituaries-Bios of Earl Scruggs:
NY Times

LA Times
UK Guardian
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The next "Earl Scruggs"?
Great question!

Maybe Johnny Mazzone of the "Sleepy Man Banjo Boys"

Or Marteka and William Lake (Banjo and guitar team) will develop into a "Flatt and Scruggs"
type partnership, playing and recording "Old School Bluegrass"

Tribute Page for Flatt and Scruggs

Earl's Biography
Earl's Official Website
Earl's memory preserved: Earl Scruggs Center

Banjo Hangout- Find expert opinion there on "anything banjo"!
Gibson Banjo Construction Evolution by Roger Siminoff
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The Banjo Conservatory by Paul Hawthorne

Great way for banjos to "sound" powerful like Pre-War:
Get a Tony Pass thin skirt Lost Timbre rim installed!
Stelling uses them in all of his new banjos!

Places to get Original Pre War Gibson Mastertone Banjos?
Try Jim Mills Prewar Banjos first; then:
Mandolin Brothers Vintage & New Dealer: or
Elderly Instruments

My choice of Banjo, although not yet vintage, is Stelling;
however;  a Prewar 1927 Bela Voce Gibson banjo, IF you can get one,
is fantastic as well, especially when a conversion 5 string neck is installed on it!

I recently did get a special upgrade done on my Gibson Banjo copy, and it really sounds
"pre-war" great!!  - Huber_Truetone_Potted_Gibson_RB4 replica banjo_with_Frank Neat_Neck
is really competing with my Stelling Staghorn for best tone, note separation, and powerful volume!!

Here is an old time style studio picture of a Stelling Staghorn Banjo with its owner.

Supplier / Builder Pages:
Elderly Instruments
Deering Banjo Co.

Huber Banjos
Sullivan Banjos
D.P. Hopkins Banjos
LouZee Banjos - VERY unique and powerful product of the Hopkins Team!
Cox Banjos - including their great resonators!
Stelling Banjo Works: THE Best Banjo Made Today!(IMHO)
Bill Keith D-Tuners
Beacon Banjo Co.  (Bill Keith's Company that makes Keith-Scruggs style tuners)
First Quality Music

Turtle Hill Banjo
Morgan Music
Folk of the Wood
Stewart MacDonald
Janet Davis Banjo Store
Get the Paul Hopkins Tone rings at Nashville Plating Service

Flatt & Scruggs-Foggy Mountain Boys!
Worth yet another Look!!!:

Earl Was Born To Pick Banjo!
All The Great Pickers Copy His Style,
But Extremely Few play Earl's "Picking" style close to Perfectly!

Banjo Lesson Software
Banjo Tutor

Banjo Setup Webs

My first Gibson was not PreWar, but sounded great anyway!
(RB800 Gold Plated 1975 Gibson Mastertone Banjo)

My second "Gibson" - facsimile RB4 with Mahogany finish.
built in 1977 at Rockmart, Georgia.  I still own it but it is getting
attention at an undisclosed master banjo shop : - )