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Kiddo's Dance Ranch
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Collective Thoughts from Fleetwood

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Pop Ups R Us

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HDY Inc (My Sister's Biz Page)
Reese And Young Genealogy Page (My Sister's)Another One She Has :-)
Jonathan R. Reese's UDel Page (My Nephew's)   For  The  Discriminating  CyberContacts :-)
Some Friends Meet At Rotary :)
Find some Roots :)
A Memory Maker who went Home: My Grandmother's Eulogy     Grammy's Virtual Memorial Page


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De BossWebber

A Cyber Phreaker I Met When He Toured In 1997:
Capt Crunch's Home in Cyberspace (Author of "Easy Writer" )
Claudia RN (Project Facilitation her Forte, is Crunch's PR manager)

Other Friends' Cyberplaces:
If You Would Like To Look At Reviews Of Great Coffee, Try This :)
Mike Widner's Home Page: A Fellow DB Nuker into "Ham Radio"
Granny's Other Place

Friends Keep In Touch!!!
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Keep Track of Birthdays!

If you must pass on a hint to one having bad habits:
Gentle Hints services

Show Appreciation for your Friends and Loved Ones!!!!!
e certainly need to share while among the make and be lasting
memories for members of our next generation, and; by and through sharing
and living closer, to make happy and worthwhile the lives of people who are
making memories for us!!

Sample this: "A Final Goodbye"
One of my "Best Friends" honored in a web memorial :)

Refuges of the Medieval Mind:

Friends 911 and A-Z
Toolkit for Friends' Relationships

Secret Society of Happy People
(Go there or let Your Friends be a resource for happiness)

Acquaintance of mine who does Java:

Hey Friends, Remember this?

Here's a quote to "Live By":