Physician’s Prayer
By HAS 2002, on the wall at the Toledo Endocrine and Diabetes Center


Thank you, O Lord,   

for the privilege of being a physician, for letting me serve as your instrument in ministering to the sick and afflicted. 

May I always treat with reverence the human life, which You have brought into being.


Keep me constantly alert to see that the sacred right to live is never violated for even the least individual.

Deepen my Love for People, so that I will always give of myself gladly and generously to those stricken with illness and suffering.

Help me to listen patiently, diagnose carefully, prescribe conscientiously, and follow through faithfully.


Teach me to blend gentleness with skill, to be a physician with a heart, as well as a mind.


Let me be calm without being cold, patient without overconfidence, to tell the truth, without being blunt.


May I be prompt to relieve, quick to hold out the hand of honest hope.


Inspire me to show always a special tenderness for the forgotten, for those who are broken in spirit, as well as in body.


Grant that I may continually bring to my work the same soothing compassion which You so generously and graciously displayed
centuries ago in healing the sick during Your Son’s ministry while on Earth.

And Finally, O Divine Physician, through my service to the sick; (and Firstly, through my faith in the work of Your Son Jesus on the cross
to save the spiritually lost, and His resurrection by Your Divine Power); may I humbly merit the heavenly reward which You promised in those thrilling words:
”Come,  ye blessed of my Father, posses ye  the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world”.  (Matthew 25:74).

In the Precious and Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ Your Son, I humbly pray.