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W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
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Got the World's Smallest Webserver?? Wearable in the pocket????
International Website Awards
Devhead from ZDNET
Jakob Nielsen's Useit.com Website
WEbLab: Pioneering!
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The Web Founder And Inventor: Tim Berners-Lee
HTML 4.0 Specification
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WEB Writers Internet Writing Journal
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Cutting edge Adobe Built site: Defy the Rules
All about your own website: A Tutoring Resource

Protect your Websites!
Beware of Web Spiders

XML! (Extensible Mark-up Language)
Coming Soon To A Web Page Of "Tomorrow";
*eXtensible Mark-up Language". Here's Some Sites:
XML Exchange: Creating/Sharing Document Type Definitions
What The?XML!
W3C XML Signature-WG
 XML Digital Signatures Forum
Voice XML Cafe con Leche
Voice XML Forum
XNS Implementation and XML Interfaces Whitepapers

ECML! (Electronic Commerce Modeling Language)
ECML Specs

Judging awards of the Web:
Ars Digita

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)
SMIL Specification

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Save some money on Corporate Website Development!
Go Modular with it!

Internet's Large Resources For Webmasters:
Website Journal
Really Big.com
Here's The ?XML FAQ:
Webmaster Resources Com
Federal Webmaster's Forum
Tom's OPEN FAQ's
World Wide Web Consortium
Elated Web Toolbox
Web Standards Org
Power Toys From Microsoft: Memphis Tools Preview
Active-X Developer's Site
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1Cool Button Tool
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Emblaze Webcharger Graphics Compression: Make Your pages load faster!
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Professional Development Resource
Hot Dog Professional Editor
Sausage Com's Island :)
Typical Page Design Instructions: IES Server
National Association Of Webmasters Mentoring
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IDG: Gigantic Web / News Interface
Promote Your Site
Free CyberCities Web Space!
Tech Know: Cyberliteracy For "Kids"
Design Your Own Website: Yvon's Way
Phillip and Alex's guide to Web Publishing
CIO Web Business
A Great Place To Get "Killer" WebTools!
CAST Bobby: A Web Page Analyzing Tool On Line
Family Central: Get your Family A Home In Cyberspace!
C/Net's Web Builder Page
My ISP's Webmaster Page of Tools
Brent's Visual Basic Web Directory
Kiddie Web: Think Quest Library
One List Mailing List Management Service
Imaging For Internet: E-Commerce
JPEG or Gif?
Common Sense Economic Website Advice!
Look Out For Those Web Cookies!
How to Set up a Password lock on your site
World Wide Webs: Cool Development Vendor Site :)
Fine Tune your Commercial E-Site with Keynote Data & Diagnostics
Site Inspector Checks For Mistakes
XENU's Link Sleuth Web LInks Checking Software
Tracker's List Of Free Link Checking Software
Daily Diffs Free Website Changes Tracker
Web Gen Database Interface by Matisse Net
Kira's Web Toolbox
Net Freebies
Web Lab: Web Projects Bringing People and Ideas together
Site Point

Web Templates
Lenny's Web Templates
Beginners' Home Page Starter
Template How-To at the Web Diner
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Template HTML Tutorial
Web Page Templates by Dean Rehberger
Web Quest Templates
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Faculty Web Page Templates by Waubonsee Community College
ArtsIt Get-Together-Web Templates
Jet Link Web Templates
Air Force Military Chaplain Web template (Example)
Scouting Web Templates
Web Templates for Access and Cold Fusion
Indigo Storm Designs Web Templates
Informu Free Web Templates
Free Blank Site Web Templates
Web Redirect Sample HTML Code

Content Translation Services for Global Net Outreach
Forrester for Technology Change Analysis
Berlitz for Language Instruction
Foreign Exchange Translation Services
Internet Translation Technologies of SYSTRAN

Speed Up Your Site Download Time!
Gif Wizard.Com
Website Garage
Net Mechanic

Spiffing Up Your Website!
Recipe for a Successful Website

Java: Lively Webcoding & Tools
The True Source of Java Technology: Sun Microsystems'Java
Kimera Java Class Web Based Disassembler
oSam deClassify Java Class Disassembler
Animator (Sun Java) Applet
Anfy Java Applets Packages
A Site that protects itself using JAVA
My ISP Webmaster
Developers Partnership Inc. // Applications developer
Make Money by Associating
The Web Host Guild: Is your Web Provider certified??
Cross-Training for Web Teams
Java Boutique by Internet.com
Richard Smith's Advanced Web Programming
Website Abstraction Free Applets
Java Gadgets and Gizmos

Script Providers Plus!!!
Script Search    Script Search Applets
Code Archives
Java Shareware
DHTML Scripting by Dynamic Drive

CGI Resource Index, also by Matt Wright, Scriptological Wonder of the World!

Plankowner / "Da MAN" / Inventer of the World Wide Web:
Tim Berners-Lee   His Glossary

Web Storage and File Sharing:
Web Punch Networks
BullWhip Extranet
My Docs Online
SIC Manual (Standard Industrial Classification "SICbase")

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Sites featuring Webs that don't get there in the Quality Department

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No Modern Web Avoids The Construction Phases :)
Don't Become a Member Of The Loser Site Web Ring!
Web Pages That "Suck"-A primer in what not to do ;)
Don't Like a Website?? Get it Shredded!!!!!
Netstudio Mud Brick Web Awards
Worst of the Web
Blacklisted Webs!!!
Internet Losers
Eric Raymond's HTML Hell Web Critique

Freebie Web Space: Yeah..ads & pop-ups...but free...
Fortune City
Amazon Virtual Free Home Pages

If the best Web Man isn't available, here's a pro commercial website maker, among others:)
Image Cafe

To Make Money on the web, make sure you can collect the SSL way!
Secure Sockets Layer protocol info

Free Logo Text Services

Webs Preserved for History
Internet Archives

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