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Princeton Press on Einstein
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Einstein Papers Project: Boston University
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Einstein's Birthday Celebration
Cal Tech's Einstein Picture Archives
Einstein Mathematics History
"Auf die Riemann-Metrik und den Fernparallelismus gegründete einheitliche Feldtheorie" (His Unified Field Theory)
The Most Links: Albert Einstein On-line
Einstein's Letter To Roosevelt 8/2/39
Another Web Version of the Letter to FDR
A Biographical Einstein Page
Einstein On Relativity
Einstein On Science And Religion
Jesse Ralston's Einstein Home Page
A Group Photo
Books By Einstein Available From Amazon Books
Gravity Probe: Stanford Relativity Test
Einstein Web Ring
Einstein has a place in Achievement :)
Harry Flower Einstein Medals Collection

Miscellaneous Information:
My Favorite Books on Einstein are:
"Einstein: The Life And Times" By Ronald W. Clark
"Einstein: A life" by Denis Bryan

Many Einstein quotes are found on the above sites! Below are some favorites of mine:

"I Never Think Of The Future, It Comes Soon Enough."

"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not
certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, 
and I'm not sure about the former."

" I don't know what weapons the 3rd World War will be fought  with, 
but the 4th WW will be fought with stones and arrows."

BTW "Yoda" seems to resemble Einstein: Wizened looking!! See my Jedi Master Pages :)
"Egads, What have I Done??" He may have thought here! Some Nuclear Weapons Links

Einstein had a great mathematical mind, due to a 15% larger Parietal Lobe.  
Find out where that is on the Brain Atlas!!

Einstein is a "Person of the Century"!    Cover
Other Pics  of Einstein from the Internet!
Silly names for molecules - Funny toon too :)
Einstein in Wax

Talk about a Special Book!  Barnes and Noble offers the following Original:
"Albert Einstein, Philosopher, Scientist"
By Einstein, Albert 
// At; There are 2 copies of this title. 1 - 2 are displayed below.
Condition: 1949 First Edition Original brown buckram, slipcase (minor wear). Fine. 
Their Price: $5,400.00 !!!!  One of 760 copies signed by Einstein and further 
inscribed by the editor, Schlipp. This important volume contains twenty-five essays on Einstein 
by philosophers and  scientists including six Nobel Laureates. The volume also includes Einstein's
"Autobiographical  Notes," an essay in response to the articles, and a bibliography of Einstein's works. 
SIGNED BY ALBERT EINSTEIN!!!!!! Format: First Edition
         A Very Expensive ($24,000!!) Einstein Collector Item: A Post card (Text Description)

Nightscribe Special Message in Graphics:
Einstein's Equation of the Millenium needs to be used for peaceful purposes only!

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