Nuclear Energy And Power Industry Links
Keeping Time With Nuclear!
NIST F1: 1 sec in 20 million years accuracy!!   NIST HQ

Reactors Glow in The Dark!
Cherenkov Effect in a Nuclear Reactor
Todd's Atomic Page = THE Site For "Everything Nuclear" in Technology!

Good Sites From Joe Gonyeau The "Nuke Tour Guide":
Virtual Nuclear Tourist Website

Nuclear Power Industry Links:
World Nuclear Association Nuclear Industry WWW Sites
WWW Virtual Library: Nuclear Engineering
The Safe Energy Nuke Page
US Department Of Energy: DOE
NMC Nuclear Facts Industry Links

NUS Free Profile of Commercial Nuclear Power Plants (Link to Pdf file)
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select "Save Link as" to download this file to a chosen directory on your PC! 
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Most Powerful Laser System: 500 Terawatts!  National Ignition Facility

NucNet: The World's Nuclear News Agency
Nuclear Power Energy for Today and Tomorrow
International Nuclear Safety Center Database
Waste Link: Guide to Radwaste on the Net
Nuclear Radiation And Its Biological Effects
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
American Nuclear Society ANSWER Page
European Nuclear Society
International Atomic Energy Agency
One Nuclear Place
World Atom IAEA
Nuclear Theory at McMaster College
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Electric Power Research Institute(EPRI)
Electric Utility WWW Resource List
Nuclear Science

First Energy  has 1 FENOC plant awaiting exit from NRC's IMC0350 oversight process:  Davis-Besse

Other Societies Supporting The Nuclear Professional:
ASME American Society Of Mechanical Engineers
IEEE Institute Of Electronic & Electrical Engineers
ISA Instrument Society Of America
AWS American Welding Society
Be A Certified Plant Engineer
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials:   Sample Specs

Major A&E Vendors With Nuclear Support:
Bechtel Group
General Physics Corp.
Babcock & Wilcox
McDermott Energy Services
Framatome Technologies
Westinghouse Industries and Technology Group
General Electric Company plc in U.K.
Not To Be Confused With GE In The US!!
GE Corporation U.S.
GE Global Operation and Maintenance Services
GE Power Systems
Buy & Sell Power Plant Assets Here!
Altran Corporation: Engineering, Materials and Management Consultants

Nuclear Engineering / Contract Manpower Services:
Contact For I&C/InfoTech/Y2K Nuke Plant Upgrade Work

Nuclear Test Labs
Sandia National Laboratories
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Redstone Missile R,D&Engineering Center
Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
Three Labs Using One Super Computer!!
The ASCI Red TFLOPS Supercomputer

Work Safely !!
The "Big Brother" of Safety: OSHA
OSH Net: Occupational Safety Resources

Note: First Energy Site will be relinked once back in service.

Electric Propulsion And Plasma Research
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Princeton Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Lab
Plasma On The Net: Major Links!
References In Plasma Science and Technology

Plasma Formulary:
The NRL Plasma Formulary has been the Reference of
plasma physicists for the past 20 years. It is an eclectic
compilation of mathematical and scientific formulas, and
contains physical parameters pertinent to a variety of
plasma regimes, ranging from laboratory devices to
astrophysical objects. The Place To Get it:
NRL Plasma Formulary Download Site

Alternate Energy Sources Web:
Bright Spark

Keeping an Eye on Cogeneration Projects:
Western Turbine Users Incorporated
About GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plants

Other Cogeneration Link Sites:
Cogeneration Virtual Library
Midwest Cogeneration Association Links Page
Cogeneration Buyers Guide

Find Electric Investor Owned Utilities With:
The Utility Connection!

Energy Markets: The current wave in Deregulation
Energy Guide
North American Energy Reliability Council
Electric Energy Restructuring
National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association
Rural Electric Cooperatives Everywhere
Energy Financial Times
Cooperative Information Superhighway
Energy Information by the DOE
Road towards Restructuring

Nuclear Humor, Misc. Dept:
You Might Be A Nuclear Engineer If   ;)
Control The Nuclear Plant Demo

Murphy's Law is Alive and Well.. Beware!
Here are some resources with most of the "Murphy's Laws"
Murphy's Law HQ
"Ultimate Collection" of Murphy's Laws

Radiologically focused?
Radiation/Radiation Contamination

Brief Timeline of Nuclear Power

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