This Includes Not Only Racing But Also Other Vehicle Related Links!

First, The Fastest Land Speeder Ever:
Thrust SCC conquered The Sound Barrier On Land!! 766MPH!!

What's next:   Bloodhound SSC will attempt 1000 MPH on a wheeled rocket jet, using approx 135000 HP!!

NHRA: / National Dragster Mag:  For Those With The Need For SPEED    Another good mag: Drag Racer
Some non-national-record top stats!!
Quickest Top Fuel Run Ever (not a record)
4.420 Sec.        (Doug Kalitta 5/23/2004)
Fastest Top Fuel Run Ever (not a record)
337.58 MPH  (Tony Schumaker 8/13/2005)
Quickest side-by-side Top Fuel pass ever (on 9/30/06 Saturday Round 3 Qualifiers!):
Gary Schumacher:        4.440 ET!!!
Doug Kalitta:                  4.488 ET!!! 
Quickest side-by-side Fuel Funny Car pass ever (on 11/12/06, Final Round, Final Season Race!!!):
Jack Beckman:             4.662 ET !!!
John Force:                    4.697 ET !!!

Hear some NHRA Thunder!!

Nitromethane MSDS

Could this be a future AAFD Configuration?
AAFD Tandem Driven Rig


Racing Associations
Staging Light: List of Racing Resources


The Moller M400 Car of the Future Goes 350+ MPH!
Uses VTOL Technology: "Up, and Away"


Figure your horsepower here!

X-Car: Sports Prototype Racing PC Simulation!
Exotic Cars and More
Lamborghini Diablo 6.0: 575 HP,7100 RPM, V12!
Supercars Past and Present
Mercedes CLK-GTR: Only $$1.7 Million, 25 Made, 200 on the list to get it!
Operation Lifesaver!!!! Stay Off The RR Tracks!!!!
International Hot Rod Association (IHRA)
Go Racing! Get your Auto Racing News here!
ESPN Sportszone Auto Racing
On Lap Across America Race: Good Cause
Indy Car Links From Firestone's Site
Racing Schools Directory
The Drag Racing List
Drag Racing Weekly
Car and Driver

Driver Safety
AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety
Drive Safer America Site
NTSB: National Transportation Safety Board
Insurance Institute For Highway Safety
Road Rage Survival Program: A service from Nissan
Above Average Driver: No Road Rage
Dr Driving on Road Rage    Road Rage alt Page
CrashTest.Com: Check your car for crash safety ratings!
AAA Main Site
Wireless Communications in Autos safety report
An example of Road Rage gone bad!!!
Car Safety Org

Big Daddy Don Garlits Section
An Exciting Big Daddy Burnout Photo
Don Garlits Museum Official WWW Site

Other Racer Sites
Internet Racers' Supply
The Psychology of Drag Racing-Michael Beard
Staging Light Engine Builders Links
250 MPH Car Souper-Upper: John Lingenfelter (Latest: The 580 HP Viper!!)

Fuel Prices are the thing today to concern us, so I present to you a
site I found on fuel conservation ratings:
Fuel Economy Site

Vanity License Plates and Their Meaning
AutoOn-Ramp Car Forum
Cars And Culture
The Answer Man!
The Performance Professor
Everything Automotive!
Car Magazines From NBAF
Petersen Publishing: The Maker Of "Hot Rod" Magazine!
AutoWeb: New And Used Car "Find It" Site
AAAA Hot Rods & Street Rods
Hot Rods World Wide!
Muscle Car Page Straight Scoop!
Car Geek Gallery
Sports Information Services
Car Parts Emporium: JEGS

Super Elite Cars :)
Rolls/Bentley Web:
Lamborghini's Go Fast, No Bull!! :)
Supercars Page!!
Pick one out and take it for a Spin!!
Assuming, Of Course, you Are Indeed
Prepared for the Sticker Shock!

Not So Fast Cars Section
The Used Car Buyer's Manual Site!
Car Handbook: Know Before You Go Auto Buying Tips!!
Edmund's Vehicle Pricing!
Kelly's Blue Book Pricing Guide
Tire Rack: Order any tire you want!
Consumer Reports: Bumper to Bumper
Consumer reports: Auto Hub
Cars. Com: New/ Used Prices, Model Reports!
Car Talk: My Favorite Radio Consultancy: Humor & Advice!
Car Point: Make a Web Page for your own car!
Car Price.Com
Microsoft's Car Point: Buy On Line Site
Autopedia Lemon Laws Information
Autopedia: Information for Autos
Extraordinary Locksmith A Fellow "Nukeman" At My Plant :)
CJ's Scale Model Modeling
Trolley Treasures
Bob Stormer's Lawn Race Cafe: Racing Mowers!
Harley Home
Classic/Vintage T-Birds  :)
Shorty's LowRiderz Collection (I selected Java)
Air Transporation / Travel Links
General Motors
UAW: The Membership Making The Cars :)
Some Humor on Auto Safety
Worst Car Awards delivered by "Car Talk"

Car Sound System Sites

Cars Bought on Line!
GM Buy Power

Avoid Dealer and Shop Scams!!
Car Buying Tips!
Auto Site Maintenance and Repair Web Garage!
Car Club: Claims to be a money-saver
Get the Prices at NADA!

Auto Funnies Photos!
My Driving Dream
Driver of the Year??

Road Racing Comics
Race Warrior

Mower Power
Mower Racing