Skyscraper Resources
I've been up the World Trade Center, the SEARS tower, and
the Empire State Building a long time ago, using elevators of course!
Here are some interesting sites on these Architectural Behemoths!


The next world record-breaker being built: Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: 1000 meter!!

Skyscraper City page has good artist conceptions on Kingdom Towers.

Nalyd's Skyscraper Page  
"World's Tallest" Diagram
The Sky Scrapers, including Architect listings
High Rise Pages' Tallest Structures: Great Debate here!
Digital Archive of 20th Century American Skyscrapers
Sears Tower
NYC Skyscrapers
Great Buildings Collection
Scott Murphy is a Skyscraper Photographer
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
When you must bring down a skyscraper, go with CDI!

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